Nostradamus and His Predictions About Obama and 2012

I’d like to talk about something that interest me a lot, if you wouldn’t mind listening to me for a second. I’m not sure if you readers know about this, but there was a man called Nostradamus who lived in the 16th century. He was a prophet, and was able to, in some peoples’ points of view, predict the future. Some people today do not believe in his predictions at all. Many think that what he wrote was interpreted in so many different ways that it was not until afterward that others deemed him worthy of predicting certain events.

Personally, I have decided that there is quite a bit of truth in Nostradamus’s predictions. I suppose I am the type of person who believes in this sort of stuff easily, but I think that there is enough evidence to prove that what he said was true. While some say that his predictions are just coincidences, I feel that there are too many predictions and at too exact a time that it could just be mere ‘chance’. How would one explain the fact that he has made over at least twenty- five correct predictions, often with accurate explanations, while including correct years, dates, and (on a few occasions), times?

Nostradamus also included detailed drawings along with some of these predictions. When he predicted 9/11, he drew a depiction of two towers next to one another. These towers were of an equal width and height. In the same image, an object (many believe it resembles a plane) flew in their direction. At the top, he labeled his drawing “The New City”. Ring a bell, anyone? New York!

Some people go as far as to say that Nostradamus predicted the Kennedy shootings, the rise of the Nazi’s (with Hitler as their leader), World War I and II, and the French Revolution. Many believe that he has also predicted much more, but these are just some of the ideas that he is most well known for.

The main thing I wanted to write about was Nostradamus’s prediction for the upcoming presidential elections in November. Some think that he clearly stated that Obama will win, (something that seems more likely because Hilary is now out of the race), and he has also said less than pleasant things about what will happen once Obama actually becomes president. Apparently, Obama will come into contact with an anti-Christ, somehow plunging us all into war. If this is going to happen, I am not looking forward to it.

Lastly, one thing that I almost live in fear of (sad, I know), is that fact that Nostradamus predicted that the world will end in 2012. It’s supposed to end in around December, if I remember correctly. For this particular prophesy, it isn’t just Nostradamus who foresees this as happening- in fact, all of the Mayan and Aztec calendars end in this year too. It is somewhat frightening, to say the least.

Well, I sure hope I didn’t scare you too much. If you were interested in this, though, go ahead and research it! You will find many sites that are doubting Nostradamus, but there are also some that believe in what he has to say.

P.S. I wrote this exact post last year and am adding to it now. Since then, I have received many comments and remarks both about it and about world issues. While I think it’s great that people are taking an interest in important issues and have found somewhere to discuss them, I have been completely appalled by the racial comments (and rude comments) that I have seen. If you don’t agree with this post, that is fine and I respect that. But I ask you to please stop the racial comments because they are unnecessary and distasteful.

Thank you very much.


680 thoughts on “Nostradamus and His Predictions About Obama and 2012

  1. The Mayan Calender ends on or around December 21, 2012.

    The US elections of course that year for President will be in November 2012. But if Obama is defeated in 2012 he is still US President until the 20th of January 2013.

    So, if Obama did lose that year by Mid December it would be really sinking in that his world is caving in upon him.

    And we all know what Jim Jones did when his world started caving in upon him. And he didn’t have control of America’s nuclear weapons.

    It does seem like a lot of the puzzle pieces from all over are just falling into place.

      1. it is bad know i know that but things might get better and obama is trying hard but cant get really anything done so i think that we just have to be faithful and hopeful of the future

      2. I don’t believe in a lot of things Nostradamus has predicted. I believe in God and am 100% sure this is the new era of a beginning not the end. Nostradamus was a satanist people!! I know for a fact, it said on National Geographic and plenty of other true documentaries. Who really even knows if the world is gonna end in 2012? The ONLY ONE WHO KNOWS IS GOD. If any of you guys wanna be saved, READ THE BIBLE.

      3. My theory on this that the world will end as we now it. People will have to change there lifestyle on just about everything. People will have to start reliying on family and friends to come together and help each other survive.

      4. It could just be that they didn’t forsee the need to continue the calendar so far into the future at the time…

      5. The ppl who say only god knows makes me laugh. There is no god, you’ve been brainwashed to believe in something as real as the tooth fairy.

        If the world ends in 2012 then so what, that’s what we get for not taking care of the planet. We ruined it, and we have to be prepared for what’s gonna happen

      6. nostradomas was not a satanist you moron thats like saying you believe in god. there is no god. all religion is, is a way for to give the people hope, and something to believe in. if there was a god would he have let people molest kids, no, would he have let kids in other countries stave to death, no. come on people use your heads the only thing that can help you is you not some imaginary friend!!! duh

      7. i hope the world doesnt end iam only 11 years old iam scared i cryed when i read thid 😦 ppplllleeeeeaaaasssseee god dont let it end in 2012 pray every day and night he will comfart u and help u pleas do it for me and all the other people who r as terrified as me am sooo scared thank you for reading this and take my advice..kk :):(

      8. You people r freaking idiots. GOD help all of u. President Obama is a real man, with compassion and intelligence. It is sad that some of u folks are misguided assholes with no brains. You people sound like anti-human, anti-Christ monsters

      9. Every second it is the end of the world for millions of people world wide as it is also the beginning for so many others. Change is the penultimate harbinger within ones life. I believe you are right, and yes we shall rightfully know fear to be overcome, it is the love within that gives strength to enable one to endure this. That has never changed. We shall be asked to see life colors unknown to us before. Love conquers all and unites us as one in Christ, not one to fear rather to love beyond this mortal self?

    1. Well im finding it non-believing.
      in 2012 the world with not end,
      the entire earth with everyone on it will not die.
      In 2012 there is a prediction that a solar flare a huge one will come close to earth, but has not been said to destroy the earth.

      In 2012 i believe thesolar flare will not kill earth, it will destory all satelites and we will have no electronics, that means no computers, no cell phones. itll be just like the old days shall i say.

      So what sould we do. well if we want electronics and stuff like that have other satelites ready to be launed back out into space when that happens 🙂 it will solve that problem

      And what i think is that the world will END as in everything dead earth and people on earth will be in or around the year 3377

      1. You cant predict a solar flare, and you certainly cant predict which direction it comes from, solar flares are caused by the suns magnetism, and a solar flare is a large burst of radiation from the surface of the sun basically being twisted in earths magnetic field. Radiation is light, and light travels at the speed of 186,000 miles per second, and we would know about a solar flare only a few minutes after it happened, not before.

      2. only problem what about the power grids knocked out in the norther hemisphere? what about our nuclear power plants that will melt down. what about the 2 thousand nuclear weapons left live with no guidence?

      3. Do u want the contact information for some mental help, you and the rest of the misguided anti-human assholes on this site needs some serious help. You are a freak, and hope u, or the rest of you sick fools don’t have any children, because if u do we are in some serious shlt, for real

      4. Like all the end of the world prophecy it will end up being a failure and a great disappointment for those advocating the aforementioned,the time the day no one knows except God you little gods know nothing you sound like those folks in ancient time who where asserting that the earth is flat!

      5. Like all the end of the world prophecy it will end up being a failure and a great disappointment for those advocating the aforementioned,the time the day no one knows except God you little gods know nothing you sound like those folks in ancient time who were asserting that the earth is flat!

      1. No. ppl/ r Just Stubborn Nd Dont want 2 Belive In Wat Nostradamus Is Sayin’. But Nostradamus Iz right. But Not ALL Of Hiz Prediction Wer Accurate So We Still DOnt Kno Weather The World Is Gonna End. But I Do Kno tht He got Visions. We Do Yu think He got them? Were Else But Satan Himself!! Nostradamus Waz Possed At times. I Kno tht god Wuld NVR Tell Som1 Wen The WORLD IZ GONNA END. Nostradamus Saw Visions But Probably He Forgot Some? Dude Wat Nostradamus HAz Predicted Iz TRUE. but They MAY ND MAY Not B So Accurate Lik thoze CORRECt25 Prediction HE Did.:D

      2. He really doesn’t. They arent predicting the exact moment of a solar flare. They’re just saying that from what they’ve collected in their databases, it tends to happen every (x) amount of years, and in 2012 its supposed to happen according to their pattern. It’s not exactly the 21 of december, just in the year which is a pretty long amount of time for something to happen.

    2. The great empire will be torn from limb,
      The all-powerful one for more than four hundred years:
      Great power given to the dark one from slaves come,
      The Aryana will not be satisfied thereby

      Thats what was said. ‘The great empire’ i am assuming is suppose to be the U.S. and ‘great power given to the dark one’ would be Obama becoming president. AND I KNOW hes not 100% black but he does fit the quote hes pretty black. I would guess 100% if i didnt know. And i guess when he mentions slaves i think we all know our history.
      I dont really know this for a fact obviously, but i wish the U.S. was smart enough to judge by what the president can offer then what he/maybe she looks like. And i dont think obama fit that quota. I know for a fact that a big majority of ppl only liked him cause of his skin color. At my school every even said that. But i am sure a lot of ppl didnt like him cause of his skin color too.

      1. 2012, if palin wins, it will be the beginning of something catastrophic. It will not be the end of the world but the beginning of the end. Obama being Pres. now is what sets the stage for Sarah. The “Aryan” race is upset of having a black Pres. “the dark one”, and will elect his oppososite 2012, a “white woman”, Sarah Palin. 2012 will not be the end of the world, but will be the beginning of the catastrophic end of the world, if Nostradamus prophecy is fulfilled.

      2. dark as in evil dummie lol ! just ignorant !
        ppl who believe in this dude r dumb , to put it plain & simple does the world end on December 31st every year or do we begin a new one ????

    3. He said the world was going to end in 3377 not 2012. Thats when the Mayan calander ends. Maybe they got tired of writing their calender out. Would you want to continue that?

    4. Tell me is the mayan calender does it really have the right date for the end of the world. My bible tells me that the son of man know the day nor the son of man cometh even the angels doesn’t know, so is Nostradamus spectulatin, does he have the right information from God himself.

      1. i want to say i really don’t think the worlds going to end in 2012 because god said that no man shall know when its going to happen and if you guys don’t believe in god then your in for one hell of a ride

      2. He doesn’t have word from god. The bible says anyone who does what Nostradamus did will go to hell. Now, go read the bible.

      3. and saying the world is going to end in 2012 b/c the mayan calendar said so is rediculous…what if the zgdga tribe wrote a calendar and just randomly stopped on april 11, 2013 that doesnt mean the worlds gonna end

    5. So I just want to say for the record that I am not racist lol but I would like to bring something to peoples attention. Nostradomus mention their would be three antichrists. Now most people say that Napolean and hitler where the first two. With this pattern I believe the leader of china would be the third. Since nostradomus did mention an army of two million which is about the size of the chinese army. The largest military force known to man. When they decide to take over its going to be pretty bad. Now on the note of Obama. What if theoretically speaking Rosa parks was the first anti christ, martin luther king was the second, and bam now our great leader Obama. MIND BLowing. Again for the recod I neither disputer nor endorse these ideas.

      1. i love reading all these things this is what i know to be fact with or with god with whom i trust and love there is enough to worry about today with out stressing about tomorrow i dont if every one can read and i hope so god dose let children suffer at the hands of men WE DO god did not molest or rape WE DO there is enough food to go around WE HOARD IT not god
        and will the earth end NO even after he come it changes that is stop lisnting to people and read meditate and the truth will come to all how seek but for some this is all to hard.
        do i believe in Nostradamus will he has got some things write and somethings wrong will the earth end in 2012 if it time it will but to be honest we all die and should not be something to be scared of with or with out good
        we all do it and it is very natural so live well do un to others how you would like to be treated what a lovely saying regardless on were it comes from
        But i will leave with this I look around and see the gums on the river banks and the flow of the water the green grass and see a perfect creation one that
        that can only come from creation and how great it is

    6. Look up Walid Shoebat on youtube. He is a palistinian terrorist that converted to Christianity. When John wrote 666 he did NOT see numerals. They are the sign of the beast. The numbers were mistaken for the arabic language invented about 600 years after the death of John.
      Shoebat studied the writings of John in full context and in original form and said this is not numerals. He explains the writing to mean a banner or tatto exclaiming God is Good. The antichrist is simply the muslim. All muslims are the direct opposite of christians. I believe the only angel who visited Mohammed was ole Belsebub the dark angel Lucifer. sharia law believes women to be 1/2 a person. she is nothing and can be put to death. Children are molested and killed on a regular basis. If you are not the right kind of Muslim you will be put to the sword as well as the rest of the infidels. Look up Taqia, the art of lying until the infidel gets closer and they can cut of their heads. The prez is a perfect muslim practicing taqia. Watch out for Soros also. The perfect nazi. protect your family get food water and ammo. Something wicked this way comes! the rapture will look glorius next to these heathens of the devil!

    7. I really think Nostradamus is a spooky man only because he is on the money. RE: race who care what color he. If the current setting president is to come in contact with the anti-christ it would not matter if he is purple. I love to read about Nostradamus what a mind to see all these things and not understand what he was seeing because in that time there was not all the advance’s we have, so they had to look strange to him. I really like this website and am going to add it to my favs so keep updating

    8. mmm… I am not surprised. The Mayan calendar PROBABLY has ended for non-sinister reasons. Plus Nostradamus was wrong about as quite a few things so I am a skeptic. Maybe the economy is what Nostradamus meant?

      (P.S. I am 11 so I might be wrong.
      P.P.S. I am also in possession of 130 IQ points so I might be right.
      P.P.P.S. Oh forget it. :p)

      :p 😛 😉

      1. It’s refreshing to see a 11 year old who isn’t stuck on an Xbox all day and has made a contribution to society.

    9. From what i have read through various articles and putting 2 and 2 together. If December 21, 2012 does happen, then yes the Mayans were correct it will be The beginning of A New Age but not the end of all life on Earth. From what has been written in other articles about solar flares is that on December 21 huge solar flare(s) with the ability to destroy the majority of Earth’s electromagnetism which means all satellites and much of earth’s electrical currents will not work not even your car’s battery will work. We can say by to all our phones, tvs, ipods, ipads,etc. Afterwards there will be about 3 to 7 days of darkness of Earth and as we all know, people are spontaneous creatures so we all can imagine how much chaos there will be even in 3 days of darkness so now imagine a whole weeks worth plus if the Earth is in complete darkness from the effect of the solar flare(s) the temperature will decrease and it wull get colder thus the beginning of a new age for all life on Earth but not the end. Of course this are the things I can put together from all the articles I have read and of course no one really knows what may lie ahead in the future.

      1. i have read the same thing..2012 will have a big solar flare, people will panic because they don,t understand what is happening. nasa told of it also..we are already getting some effects from it

    10. i read a nostradomus book. he said a black man from africa will rise to be the leader, if you dont do something about it, it will be the begining of the end……so you better listen..he also did not say the end of the world would be in 2012..no man knows when the end will come..he was a religious man

      1. The use of ‘dark’ there is not a description of skin color, it is the same as the prophecy of Daniel concerning “a king understanding dark sentences.”

      2. Look Nostradomus is a man that has predicted all kinds of thangs over the year and that is not true.Remember people God is our creator,he is the beginning and the end.Only God knows when the world will end.I heard this in the 80’s where still here.

    11. If Obama gets re-elected our country will be economically bankrupt. Gov’t controlled 3rd world disaster. Americans need to fight for our country, get this imposter out of office or suffer further decline to civil war or worse destruction by our enemies

    12. Gabriella you have couched your writings in such a way that its hard to imagine any reasonably person giving offensive replies. If they do then theirs is the problem, don’t fret yourself because you can not please everyone. Not even Christ could do that! I would share a thought with you and i hope you will have the courage not to misunderstand me. I do not even think to disparage you. Question: Can you be a little bit pregnant? if you suggest yes is the answer wait 9 months and you will see that answer was inaccurate.The moral of this is to ask you to consider the possibility that if some one has got so many predictions right (Impossible for me I can tell you i cant even get to pick who will win an election) Is it a lack of faith that lets doubt sway one to the point where it denies the commonsense realization that it is those who interpret them who are getting it wrong. He will be right, we, the interpreters are the BLIND mice here. Thank you for sharing this, God bless, peace to your heart g, (L) .

  2. Im truly beliieve in Nostradamus prediction maby because many of stuff what he has predicvted cames truth and im also scared that Obama will become the next president. But i have rode the nostradamus predictions about the next 10 years and there was not such a thing say that there will be the black president or war.Nostradamus spent a lot of sentences describing something about woman president. And i dont know in what to believe but the results who will be the next president will comes out in next month and well see who won. I hope Obama nad Hilary didnt…

    1. hi,

      can you pls send me the nostradamus predictions about the next 10 years on my mail. I would like to read them.


  3. nostradamus had 2 many predictions that came truth however in 2012 the world will seem to end because of the comet that is said to hit.Scientist have said that they had the technology 2 travel to the future because of a alien technology discovery however once they reach the period 2013 their was no life on earth just wanted to inform you o yeah I support ya 100% keep up the good work.

    1. So they have alien technology to time travel but not good enough technology to destroy the comet before it hits us?

      1. If aliens are so far superior to us then why do they need to hide? and if Earth was so ripe for resources why did they just leave? Not saying that they cant be out there but….

  4. Nostradamus and other prophets foretold the rise of a woman in charge of the most powerful nation on earth at the beginning of the 3d millenium. I thought this woman was either Hillary Clinton or Condi Rice, but both of them are out of the picture. Now all the sudden emerges this woman Sarah Palin as McCain’s running mate. Will this be that woman that the prophecies are talking about? Note that the woman who is supposed to rise will be like Athenea the Goddess of War, and Sarah Palin is conservative pro strong military. And she really looks like a goddess: young and gorgeous.

    1. you are a classic u really know how to rub people up the wrong way funny! funny! and funny again. NO wonder u r studying psychology people wake up and read between the lines not vey smart .

  5. I’m not American, I’m Irish, but I read these predictions a few years ago… Americans are already viewed from the outside world badly – mainly as war mongers only seeking to conquer a country for it’s resources despite all the ”good media” they try to encourage.

    I also think that a large majority of the American public are not educated enough to make a sensible vote and will vote based on race, gender or other stupid reasons rather than electing the person most suitable for the job.

    Too late to do anything about it now though, if it happens, it happens.

    1. Everybody in America wants to be Irish on St. Patrick’s Day so we can get drunk, That’s what you folks are most known for but any other day of the year we wouldn’t want one of you Euro-trash stinkin’ drunk screamers living next door ro us. The Irish need more than “good media,” try AA.

      Oh, I almost forgot, the Irish are also well known for backing Hitler, (Hister) in WW11 or if your really English Irish, which is a misnomer (look it up), because you’ll never be Irish, you allowed a known murder dictate your religion. Either way, weak.

      If you were anything but Irish, the crack about American education would have offended me.


      1. here go fuck your self what do you know about irish poeple have you ever been here. america is a breathing ground for red neck scum like you.

        now before you go shouting your mouth off about the irish supporting hilter get your facts straight!!!

        there was politcal party in ireland called the blue shirts ok who were facist. like in every other west european country there was a facist party at that point in time like there was communist partys which by the way stil exist in many countries. now lets finish with this ireland stayed neutral in ww2 which means we did not take eider side you fool our primeminster eoman devalera was leader of fianna fail who are republicans now you do the maths you stupid fuck.now heres a known fact the last president of america george bush’s grandfathers bank was were the nasi money was kept look it up!!!!???!!!

        the whole world hates america because he cant stay fuck out of everyones problems! america created the resession and the all wars in the past 50 years so you shut up dont talk about what you think you know!

      2. JAMES HOCTOR is right….wow…ffirst brain in this site…congrats….”al pan pan al vino vino””” you gave the right name to things….you know what you are talking about….thanks…finally…

    2. i totally agree with you joanna! nice comment! americans are seen as some dumb creatures that know nothing about the world issues! wake up americans! the world is not only america…

      1. James, I hope you realise how ignorant you sound right now. First of all, you challenge Susan’s insults by questioning whether or not she has ever been to Ireland, so the same question must be asked of you: have you ever been to America? What is even sadder is that if you really think that America is just a breeding ground for rednecks, what does that say about the rest of the world? America is still a superpower, and the rest of the world is still negatively affected when our economy slips into a recession. Does it make you proud that a country filled with scum-bag rednecks is wealthier and more powerful than your precious Ireland?

        Secondly, you insult Susan’s intelligence (though you are right about Ireland’s neutrality during WWII), but then you follow that insult with your own stupidity. To say that America is responsible for all wars in the past 50 years is an exorbitant exaggeration, and perhaps you should read a little history before criticising others.

        You therefore, blame America for the following wars, all commencing within the last 50 years:

        the Gulf War (Iraq invaded Kuwait, the UN UNANIMOUSLY reacted), the 1st and 2nd Congo Wars, the Yom Kippur War, the Rwanda Civil War, the Burundi Civil War, the Second Kashmir War, the Bengali War of Independence, the Kargil War, The Sino-Indian War, the Suez War, the Six-Day War, the Israeli-Lebanese Border War, the North Yemon Civil War, the Jordanian Civil War, the Yemeni War, the Angolan Civil War… (do I need to keep going?).

        Hmmm. I guess America instigated all those, right? What I think you are alluding to, when you say we start wars, is the Iraq War. If you had any knowledge about what you are talking about, then you would know that most Americans did not agree with the war and admitted that Bush was in Iraq for monetary reasons – the actions of our leaders cannot be reflected onto the masses who reject those actions (in the same sense that, according to all the polls, the majority of Americans do not want socialized healthcare, but OBama put it into law anyway).

        Before you criticise America and call us all ignorant, perhaps you should take a look at your own intelligence level, because your comments make you sound like an idiot. Maybe you should “shut up [and] don’t talk about what you think you know.”

        By the way, have you ever heard of punctuation, or are you just too drunk to have the punctuation skills higher than that of a 3 year old? Americans are dumb?

      2. It is sad! First off to all of you who are not an American, we are a nation that is a melting pot “we have all nations under one” and I believe in God! I am a mix of many nationalities as most of us are. Also, in most countries you will have mix nationalities. Being born here dose not change the fact that are relatives have come from many other countries. I will agree that we should teach our children more about other nations as well as GOD! We became great because of our mixture of race. As most of us do, I have many including American Indian.

        I feel there is a jealousy around the world of us, just as people in America, we have jealousy too!

        The problem of HATE, of the unknown, who we are is ridiculous. And there is ignorance in every country.

        We all do not walk on streets of gold, and eat lobster and drink the finest wine. There are struggles here in the U.S.A. too! And always has been.

        We are asked most the time to get involved in conflicts in other countries! Do you really think that we want to send our children to fight and die for people who HATE us? NO! Do we want to protect ourselves and our children as everyone does? YES!

        Why are we so hated when we are comprised of so many races? I never understood that!

        It is HATE of the unknown and jealously that has been created too HATE us. And as sad as that is, most Americans care about other nations to this day.

        We don’t vote on things like war as a whole, I think we should be able to. As other nations do, we do, we try to pick the best people possible to represent us as a whole nation. Sometimes we get it right and other times we don’t, but we try. We bleed as anyone else, we cry as others, we hope as others, we pray in many ways, as others. We are as human as others.

        So I am asking, why do you blame us as whole? We don’t blame others, only those who try to hurt us!

    3. We never took a drop of oil during Iraq wars. In fact we saved their field for them. We have funded this war without compensation. Iran wants to take over Iraq for the oil and port and we saved the port of Kuait from Iraq. Ignorance of a left wing newspapers is why you have the wrong idea. But you are not along so does most of our lap poodle news people who lap up Obama bones. the second world war costs us thousands of lives and end the end we made sure every piece of land went back the way it was. this is why we were in Nam. Not oil they wanted their independence from France’s colony before wwll and we let France take back over. Except for the original 13 colonies of North America that saved one helluva lot of Irish and Scotts from starving, we do not gain anything for ourselves. American people are God fearing and loving. Newspaper people are litterally Godless. Palin believes with a whole heart in God and divine providence. That is why the evil ones instantly hate her! I do not know that phrophesey but I will look it up. I am a decendent of the Irish. Also been there and loved it and the people! God Bless you!

      1. These insulting comments are a classic example of why there will be ww 3 and why the world will end.
        People, love each other, be nice to all.
        If people were more positive, humble and respective of each other, than the world would certainly be a better place!
        Yes the Irish are know to enjoy a drink and Americans are know to not be the most intelligent/only have interest in their own country etc etc but this should be laughed at, not taken seriously.

        Let’s all start by being nice to one-another..

        God bless.

        From Australia

      2. So agree, it took many of our country’s men and women. But please, look what madmen do to their own people! I hope that we can leave Iraq soon! He was a sick leader…No other country could have rid it of that evil!

      3. Just to let you all in on some facts especially the religious an racist ones 1) to the religious there are two sides to every coin Satan or any other name he is known by was once an Archangel who sat at gods right hand the two fought and god one therefore Satan was cast out of heaven this in know way tells us that god is not the evil one but that he defeated Satan. How do u know that god was not an evil dictator and Satan was just trying to eradicate that evil for the good of all ??? Think about it History is dictated by those who triumph instead of being brainwashed use your brain apparently your divine creator gave it too you so I’m sure he expects you to use it not just follow blindly the beliefs of others. Also to all of you who go to church you defy the very words of Jesus who you worship who stated Do not worship me in a house of stone but in the open were I may look down upon you….. And just to throw something else at you Jesus and Mary were married it is said they were companions which for the time literally meant husband and wife….. Also religion is the cause for war god allah budah Mohamed who gives a shit who another worships it’s a free world and we are entitled to worship in our own way I don’t try to force my beliefs down your throat so don’t try force yours down mine And so you all know I’m baptized but I made an educated decision to be an Atheist yes I know the bible I choose to disbelieve in it there is a reason it’s called THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD because it’s exactly that a STORY…….

        2) To the racist scum on here please see next post

      4. You touch upon a scenario which is certainly not unique to America when you deride the media and the systemic misinformation they promulgate. Big business runs media, media exposure puts governments in or out of office dependent upon whose pocket they line. One equal vote, a well intentioned myth more likely? Would it be a better world if media only gave truths and stopped inventing facts? Those comments about American rednecks etc apply to practically every country but please Americans don’t take all the moral high ground, others are doing their bit, God recognizes the rest of us so get with the program?

  6. I don’t know, I do believe in the predictions made by Nostradamus and honestly I don’t like Obama. I don’t know I get a bad feeling about the guy. Yes, he may say things that decorates our future beautifully but even so, I don’t believe him. I don’t like McCain either so…I wish Hillary wuold’ve won.

    1. I dont like him either, but out of the two…Obama is the educated and know what he is talking about…Mc Cain mixes the China emperor with prince Charles of England

      1. Well the crap has been exposed and those on here that proclaimed Obama the messiah were mesmerizsed by the devil himself. This guy is evil incarnate he has in two years dismantled America and the world. As I write this Ireland was going broke. We also will go broke. He has 61% of the economy of America beholding to the govt. Sound Nazi to you? Check out George Soros he is a nazi hunting jews and he is trying to back Obama and make us into Nazi land. If we go you all go.

    2. Come on people….where’s the LOVE? Remember, we are all members of the human race. Why don’t you take all that angry energy and put it into learning how to write and spell properly?

  7. Well, first of all, i researched Nostradamus’ TRUE presictions on when the world was going to end, and i distinctly remember 3797.
    I strongly think that 2012 will be a turning point. I do not think it is the end of the world.
    Nostradamus also said that we can change the outcome. If we all come together as one, the world would never truly end (spritually that is).
    All this war crap is stupid. How did we even start hating anybody? Yes, of course we have made mistakes, but come on… We cant continue living this way in utter hate for others.
    Also, i am quite scared that if Obama is elected that he might be assassinated, or MAYBE just maybe be the antichrist, but i honestly hope that is not true. I just hope that people would really take time to look into this sort of thing and try to understand what’s going on around them. Maybe if we looked at our surrounding more often, instead of just looking blankly at a picture and not seeing the true meaning (metaphorically speaking) we might see a little clearer and make better choices.

    1. fact: muslims are entering Europe and the US. they are the antiChrist! Look up shoebat on you tube. Look up their stonings and beheadings. Obama is a curse, and yes 2012 is the end or a turning point. We can come together in prayer and knowledge. You cannot believe the newspaper of any country. They are editied and biased. like the Nazi’s they are propaganda to further the one world government!

  8. whaaaat? why would obama be ‘the one’, i thought it was supposed to be a woman wearing a blue dress.

    anyways after the past 8 years I’m not going to vote out of fear ever again! this time I’m voting based on issues and being rational, and after this mortgage metdown its clear we need a new direction. McCain voted for glass steagall and is responsible for this… no way no how no McCain…and no IRRATIONAL FEAR!!!!

      1. If you think Obama is bad in any way as a president then you are wanting mccain or someone else to win. Right? If that is the case, do you believe that they would not have taken some of the same steps to fix the problems created in the previous presidential cabinet? E.G. Recession, war in middle east for profits to his own family, and much more including the No child left behind act that gives military personnel and recruiters access to students’ contact information.

        I have never really liked people who are so stupid and think they are always right. I vote for the person who tells me the facts straight on and the way they will fix it. One last thing, tell me if Obama has deviated from his proposed plans…no. On another note, the amount of vacation days he has taken compared to president Bush’s is like…1/30 already (bush was on vaction for over 30% of his term):

        If you are republican…you do not like progress, change, and innovation and I have to hand it to people like-minded in that nature because they are so clueless to what is going on around them. They want to live in the middle ages still and not accept the modern world as it is…we all have contributed, all humans throughout history, to what we have today. So enjoy it, the more we continue and the longer we continue living, the more we see, as material evidence, the overall human thought and human nature of all of us.

        Never believe in anything unless you question it.

      2. IDC i knew that who i wanted to win wasn’t going to win, but it would much better strengthen the economy and end the corrupt capitalist ways of the united states

    1. Well your thoughts and ideas are old and outdated. The Socialist Democrats who are commi’s have deliberately caused all of this. Bernatke lied and it had nothing to do with McCain. The newspapers are socialist democrats with the same agenda. take over America and the world.

  9. For real, everything indicates that America is on the verge to elect its firt female vice president. Paralell events in Israel, Chile and Germany where women are being elected heads of state. Looks like the United States is the next. Obama has not been able to attract those Hillary supporters and Bill Clinton is already campaigning for McCain behind the scenes. The American Athenas, the Goddess of War, the woman that the prophecies are talking about is coming.

    1. Hillary and Obama are out of chicago and no good things come out of chicago. So is Oprah. God has to send in Palin as long as she puts him first. she has a better family than Obama. anyman that would stick a scissor in the base of a baby’s skull to kill it at full term obortion is a Hitler act. He voted for this three times. Did I hear the cock crow? He pulled the plug on his grandmother before she could say exactly where he was born and was too busy with the million man march and Luis Farrachan who is a muslim who hates jews and christians to visit his dying mother. His wife and kids are a prop!! He loves no one better than himself. The man in the mirror is evil.

  10. Something just doesn’t sit right with me with him. His lips look dead. He has no real answers… just ideas… I won’t watch anything that has to do with Nostradamas.. it makes me scared.

    I feel safe with McCain… and Palin. I just don’t like something about Obama… He doesn’t sit right with me and Biden is a nut. I think he is scared of Obama.

    Blessed be

    1. Jane. I had vivid nightmares in living color of bloodred before the election. I refused to listen to him and the one time I was at the gym I had to plug into one of three tv sets. The state of the union came on and I asked the Holy Spirit to bring the truth! One second later Joe Wilson said: “You lie!!!” I said thank you God pulled out and never do I listen to the Son of the devil speak!

  11. Hi all my name is michael i am 16 from australia what gets me about this world everyone consentrates to much on the negative side of life why don’t we all justlive in peace and don’t worry about what happens if the world ends it ends. people have said for years the world is going o end like this year with the large hadron collinder if the world was going to end don’t you think nasa would be flying us out of the world to save us all.
    now i love science and i look at both sides of the problem while you are all worring about this we could all be out there having fun of the last 4 years we could have but if you look at nostrdamus predictions it goes past 2012 therefore that must mean there are survivors or in our next life we cross over to heaven or hell or we all wake up to our selfs and stop fighting aginst each other and join hands to rebuild earth and to life in peace when you look at all the global problems most of it is caused by our government anyway from drought in australia which the governments fault for not building enough or bigger dams when it was raining to global warming if the government was so concerned about it why don’t they stop making neuclear war heads to kill people and concentrate more on saving people between australia america and the uk have enough food and resourses to get rid of poverty out of the world but i just think that humanbeings are greedy and care about them selfs in this world. just look if we shared and had no wars we would all be together.
    war is caused by polictians while they send people like you and me to kill other men you do not see them on the front line do you know they don’t want to die
    like the person on the enemy side might want to be your best mate but our government declines us of that because they have a problem with them with them so peolple like you and me have to klll them.
    thats all i have to say take what i have said into consideration it might make you think more

  12. Why would we accept a man who spent 20 years in a racist church. He is friends with racist and radicals. He has no plans just phoney rainbows and chants without substance. I am still waiting for his plans. His poor judgement and lack of character are evident by his associations. He is a liar. But if he is elected I will accept him and support him as my President. We have Congress and the Senate to keep him in check if he does anything insane. We have fought socialism and he is a socialist. High taxes everbody, it comes with Osama bin Binden.

    1. socialism is the only way to strengthen the economy and the country. if we stick to capitalism, we’ll be facist within the next 50 years if we still exist….

  13. I just don’t like what Obama would bring to the table. He doesn’t believe in the contry he is trying to control and from people in his past it doesn’t look like he will care for America if he becomes president. It seems like he wants to be praised for stuff he had nothing to do with.

  14. “He is friends with racist and radicals. ”

    There are more republicans who are racists than racist democrats.

    Sad to say that many Christians are hypocrites and many are Republicans. They preached one thing and do another. For, example, I USED to attend an Assembly of God church in Tucson. I was soo embarrassed for this preacher who stated, “Kill them all”. He was referring to the war in Iraq. Didn’t the Bible state, “Love your neighbor like you love yourself”? I seriously think that you can’t love God without loving others. Jesus preached about compassion and forgiveness but yet Christians practice war and revenge.

    Oh, don’t let me get started on Christianity. I’ve met to many nasty racist and Christians. I’ve also read too many Christian’s blogs. James Dobson makes me cringe. I see evil everytime I see that man. Maybe James Dobson = the REAL anti-christ.

    NO, I’m not a Christian anymore. But I still believe in God. Just not the way Christians do.

    I not black. Just don’t see why many Christians are racists but yet denies it.

    I hate war. War does not nothing but kills innocent people. I hate racism because God creates us all differently and to Him, we are all BEAUTIFUL — or else He would not have continue creating us.

  15. I hope that this post finds you all well.
    This is what I heard on the news 2nite!
    Louis Farrakhan has called Obama the Messiah!
    If you ask me, that is weird/creepy!

    I don’t know what’s gonna happen with the election, however I do know that the most Important thing in one’s life. The only thing that can save your life! The only thing that can fill the void in your heart, is accept and know in your heart that Jesus is Lord. Forget religion!!! That is man made. It’s all about a personal relationship with the Lord. I use to think that people who believed in Jesus as Savior were nuts, but I had a personal experience with the Lord that has changed my life literally. A peace and contentment that no one has, unless he believes. If there is anything that you should ever do once in your life. Just once! I challenge you to ask that the real God reveal Himself to you. Him if he is really real, and really out there, and really cares about you, ask him show you Truth. Show you the way home to the Lord.

    I know this is an extreme email for me to send, but If the end time is near. This is truly the one daring thing you should try at least once. What have you got to lose? Nothing! You will just walk away thinking I’m a wacko if your life does not change…

    Just know, if the end time is really coming, all people who are Christs children will disappear, when the Antichrist comes. Then the Antichrist will rule the earth for 1,000 years. During this time, if you have not accepted Jesus Christ as Lord, you will still have a chance to do so for the next 1,000 years but it will be hard to stick up for your belief. I could go on and on and on.. But just know.. that my ears perked when I heard that Obama was called Messiah!

    I know that I sound like a freak, and I use to think the same, but now I’m on a different level of my Journey in life, and well…. I am so thankful that the Lord has saved my life! & I don’t really care about any response to my message, just getting the word out. I could care less what you all may think of me. Okie.. Hope all is well and I hope our country doesn’t go to crap. I really do hope that the end time is not near. But if it is… I pray for your souls to be saved.

    1. hi L.im D..
      Yes you are truly right and i believed about what you say that..JESUS IS LORD..yes HE really is..and i felt his presence in my life,HIS LOVES to me is real.and he really touched my heart..i read about Notradamus predictions that by 2012 the world will end..will for me i believe that the world will end because its say’s in the BIBLE but no one can tell when the world will end..only GOD-ALL POWERFUL will know it..and people here are starting arguing and fighting,saying bads worlds because of a good and bad comments here until the topics goes to the US President..some believed in god somes are not..some believed in notradamus predictions some are not..my concern here is i would like to tell to everyone here that we are all sisters and brothers..why we shlould fights for nonsense..eventhough we have different parents,and we live in different places,and we have different cultures we are all GOD’S people.GOD LOVE US,and HE DONT WANT US FIGHTING.He want us to love each other..instead of fighting and saying badwords why we can do GOOD things to please GOD..and in that case GOD will save us from hell when HE will come to judge the living and the dead……and for all who dosen’t believe in GOD..BROTHER AND SISTER its time for you to know HIM and read BIBLE before its to late.. I LOVE YOU ALL and GOODS LOVE YOU TOO..DONT LET GOD HURTS by you..remember we are just nothing..nothing..nothing.. and nothing..JUST respect GOD..PEACE BE WITH YOU ALL..

    2. anna m
      Back a little while ago (few years) you wrote something about not believing in “Christianity” (Yet believed in God) and this seems to have been a conclusion heavily influenced by your perception of the hypocrisy of many who professed to be “Christians” with whom you were acquainted.This as a story which sadly is far more frequent within lives than I would wish was true. So much hurting is not within the plan of the “Christ” who is my life’s companion!
      As humans walking with God we have hearts that can be and will be touched by what we experience upon our way. Probably one of the greatest hurts we as Gods children shall feel is that which touches not flesh but our soul, that bond between God and ourselves in our full capacity as “Fully alive and human” within his love.
      Betrayal must surely rank among these great hurts?
      It is a sad fact that a great number of professed “Christians” are “BP” Christians. Burial purposes being the token employed upon the way. If you knew them how could you feel betrayed for they did as you would have expected? Do you suspect that “Christ and his father” were not saddened by the same betrayal? I think they would be!
      Yes you felt betrayed and in shooting the bad messengers perhaps you forgot something more important? There is an old adage “Is it the singer or the song”
      IE: A bad singer may sing a good song and be well received. On the other hand a good singer may sing a bad song and it goes over like a lead balloon? So then perhaps belief in God and Christ song is not found within the voice of “ALL” the singers. Those bad singers betray and distort the message of God’s love. The purity of the message remains regardless of the bad singers inflicted upon us. One should not go to Church because of the priest or minister, indeed it may be one goes to listen to “Gods” word despite the priest or minister. One goes to listen to the SONG not the singer!!!!
      Christ only gave one command “Love one another as I have loved you”
      Bad messengers listened too. A real Christian tries to live to the ideals and teachings of “Christ” which means to rise above man-kinds failings and love despite them. Just as for our own children we do not love them because they are good. We love them because they are there. They may drive us insane, to distraction but we still love them. Do you think that Christ, God? Loves less than us poor souls?
      The operative word in that last passage was “Tries” For despite our best attempts failure will know your name often enough. Yes we all get a chance to put on the mantle of “Hypocrite” You will get your turns? Yet it is the failure to turn back and try again which is the only real failure for Christian love has two hands outstretched one holding the chalice of love and the other the chalice of forgiveness. You can’t have one without the other! You cannot give Christian love unless forgiveness knows your heart nor can you know Christian Forgiveness unless love lives within you. That is God’s gift to a “Christian” his grace touching our souls breathing new love into our lives.
      If we were better Christians perhaps our dictionary would only have one word within it? “LOVE”
      As a works in progress I would be a greater hypocrite if I did not admit my dictionary is bigger.
      Peace to your heart is my prayer for you this day, G Bless, Luke

  16. PS. Sorry for the typos.
    Please take my challenge and ask the Lord to reveal himself to you! If it works, Awesome! If not, then think I’m a wacko, and that’s it.

  17. Hi to everyone,
    I’m happy (well, not really) to read and hear I’m not the only person who feels Obama is trouble for our country. I’ve wondered lately how Americans can be so gullible. Every association Obama has is questionable, to say the least. Consider this, if Obama were applying for a Federal job or a Cabinet position, he would be DENIED based on his associations. In other words, he wouldn’t be able to get security clearance!! Can you believe he could hold the highest position in the world? It’s appalling. Please keep in mind, there are many countries who would love for this to happen. especially those “small little countries that are not a threat to us.”
    Remember Obama first declared he would accept public campaign financing then changed his mind? There’s a good reason for that. If you opt for private campaign financing, as Obama did, you are NOT required to disclose where donations of $200.00+ are generated. How convenient is that? It’s obvious he doesn’t want ANY OF US to know who’s REALLY financing his campaign.
    Conveniently, most of his donations are less than $200.00!!!! No diclosure required. There was a lawsuit filed in New York in Aug. 08, demanding Obama produce his birth certificate. The attorney filing claims he is not a legally naturalized US Citizen. WHAT?
    I hope Americans wake up before it’s too late. I am an Independent but will vote for McCain. Our security is at risk. Please, open your minds and your mouths. We must save our country.
    Peace to all!

  18. These are very unsettling times. Sadly, we as a people from country to country have reacted over and over with Hate and War. I wonder if we will ever find Peace?

    For Americans, in the days ahead leading to the election, it is up to each of us to deeply and sincerely reflect on what each of you believes to be true regarding each candidate running for The United States Presidency…. For myself, I have respect for both… However, there are many things that Barrack Hussein Obama is doing that truly does not sit well with me…. For instance, if you go to any of his sites, it is headed with the Obama Sun? Where is the American Flag? He spent thousands of dollars to re-paint his airplane with that sun…..Why not the American Flag? And his past associations with terrorist type groups should be a very big warning sign for people….. Some people feel the past is the past… I beg to differ on this occasion…. Someone does not grow up in a Muslim enviroment, have the background and documented information that can be found on snopes and others alike, and all of a sudden one day say, I am a changed man..and I am running for the United States Presidency.. It has been documented that he called the “Bible” in one of his speaches the “Koran”! Whether people want to believe it or not this country was built on the foundation of the belief system of GOD! A Christian Belief System not a Muslim Belief System! I have respect for the Senator, however I cannot give him my vote… I believe the predictions of Nostrodomus…… Let’s not forget Obama is married to a very strong woman as well….. and if he is elected…. her influences on this country as a “First Lady” will also be recognized….

  19. Nostradamus clearly said that Mabus will soon die and horrible stuffs is going to happen because people want revenge. I think it is fitting that Obama sounds like Mabus just as Hitler sounds like Hister and Napoleon sounds like Na Pau Lon. Also the name Mabus sounds like a Muslim Middle Eastern name…you know like Abu Abbas Mahammad, ect.. And Barack Hussein Obama IS a middle eastern namae no question about it. So it is fitting for people to associate his name with terrorist, with Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Ladin. And also the end of the world as predicted by the Mayan calender is 2012 and lo and behold, Obama presidential term ends around that time. How fitting? It could his assassination or something to that effect that trigger the end of the world.

    Also Obama’s name add up to 666: Barack Hussein Obama


    3996/6 = 666

    1. ……………………………………………………………………………………………..wow……

      All you did was take every possible arrangements of the numbers from how many letters there are in his name and then take the average…. that doesn’t mean his name adds up to 666…. he name actually adds up 18… you just reached…. and really pathetically too!


    2. I have been impressed with Nostradamus and his predictions since i was young. i have also watched some programs on the Mayan calendar and how accurate they are. From what i understand the Mayan Calendar marks a major change or even that will affect mankind/earth. Even if it is considered and end to a cycle or timeline, it also marks the beginning of a new.
      I didnt vote for Obama, and like many others on here seemed to cut through the BS that he was selling; and saw that there wasn’t much substance. He never answered questions or had a strong belief one way or another… no one knows exactly what he stands for, who he is, what he wants, how hes going to do it, or where he comes from…
      Although i didnt vote for him, i do believe in supporting your President, and i did have it in my mind to give him a fair chance to prove himself. I now feel he is failing miserably and the government (the way our fore fathers intended it to be) and our Nation is seriously in trouble.
      Just a thought – I am familiar with Nostradamus’ close spellings or phonetically spelled names. I dont quite see how Obama sounds like Mabus; but i guess there are some lose associations… but what if you took a 3d mirror image of ‘Mabus’? actually flipping the name around on using b as the axis? it spells ‘sudam’… sounds very similiar to Saddam. From what i understand, doesnt Mabus get killed? didnt Saddam get executed? And from what i remember on a program a while ago it stated after that a Muslim will walk in and take a powerful office/position, which eventually leads the world to or coincides with mass destruction on a global scale.
      I agree and see many things falling into place to have chaos around 12-21-2012.

    3. you my friend are PATHETIC , obama 2012 bitchessss lol 🙂 & some of you Christians sound sick , if you read and study the bible , you know the Antichrist is going to come out of Europe , I’m thinking maybe prince wills or maybe his child whenever him & Kate have one . & you Christians thinking the world is going to end what happened to believing the whole ” jesus will come like a thief in the night ” which is in the bible

    4. My understanding is the end of an era or the end times etc…predicted by the Mayans did not mean the end as many think of it but instead a new beginning.

  20. we need to stop bringing religion in the same boat as politics… look at midevil europe, everything went to crap because religion was directly tied to governnment and politics.. not just midevil europe, but throyughout all of history… antichristt? that sounds soo stupid… you cant shut down a canidate because of some vague prediction by nostradamus.. or because christian fanaticals say he is assosiated with the antichrist… think outside the box..

  21. honestly, the world is in a huge economic crisis right now, and itll be the anti christ who corrects our financial situation and brings peace in the middle east, so he will be a very liked guy. but it GOES DEEPER, judaism, muslim, and christianity all hold the belief that god sees homosexuality as an abomination and vile, so on top of this, obama is backing up homos getting married in a church under christianity!!!!! hes ALLOWING them to step on our toes and spit in our faces, AND if we say ANYTHING bad about this attack on our church, we are looked at as PREJUDICE, which will start the persecution of christians, which if u look into is ALREADY HAPPENING. it IS the END TIMES, and obama whether being the false prophet or the anti christ, IS NOT a true christian and would most definitley NOT condone homosexuality and abortion, i know there are ppl who want to seperate religion and politics, but the fact remains, if u fight so hard for something against the church, your not for it, either you are for god, or you are against him, if you are LUKEWARM, he will SPIT YOU OUT OF HIS MOUTH. we need to look at the FACTS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

  22. How do you explain the fact that Obama has had a connection with almost whole world? i.e Born by an African Father, American Mother, briefly raised in Asia etc.It is because the supreme almighty God wants to connect his people of the whole world as one,through the blessed one(Barack).
    we are filled with so much hatred and suspicion about one another all over the world.
    That is why…Obama is partly African, partly American, partly Asian, Partly Catholic, Partly Muslim and a Protestant.He can connect with everyone, anywhere in the whole world.
    Stop the hate campaign and accept this fact of God, Obama will be the next President of the United States of America.God bless Obama, God bless America!!

    1. how do you explain that everybody in the world is related lol dummie , in fact the only thing religion & scientist can agree on is that we’re all related & all life started in africa . you thought you had something there huh ? lol silly

  23. I find it hilarious that people who claim to see a connection between Obama and Nostradamus can’t point to a single verifiable quatrain that would establish this…

    Oh, sure, I’ve seen plenty of FAKE quatrains used as evidence, but none of them appear in anything Nostradamus actually wrote.

  24. It always amazes me how low a person or party will go to try and discredit a person because they are “afraid” or s/he “does not sit well” or “just something about him is wrong” … GEEZ … this is why we voted a complete BAFOON in office for 8 consectutive years.

    Please folks … step away from your fear … look where it has gotten you: the US/World is in a complete financial mess, 2 US wars in which we got ourselves into one just because the BAFOON wanted us to, housing collaspe, high unemployment rate, devided nation … I guess some folks just like living in fear so they drum up some of the most ridiculous nonsense and then try and make us believe it.

    Are you prepared for the truth? Of course not … but here it is anyway!

    Some things every American should know about Sen. Barack Obama.

    1) Did you know that Barack Obama is a devout Christian?
    2) He has been a member of the same United Church of Christ congregation for 20 years, and was married there to his wife Michelle in 1992.
    3) Did you know that Barack Obama often leads the US Senate in the Pledge of Allegiance?
    4) Did you know that Barack Obama is a strong friend of Israel and has spoken out strongly against anti-Semitism?
    5) Did you know his grandparents from Kansas were part of the “Greatest Generation?. His grandfather served with Patton’s Army during World War II, and his grandmother, a real “Rosy the Riveter”, worked in a bomber assembly plant back home.
    6) Did you know that Barack Obama was opposed to the war in Iraq from day one, before we invaded, even while he was running for the Senate, and knowing his opposition might be politically unpopular?
    “I know that even a successful war against Iraq will require a U.S. occupation of undetermined length, at undetermined cost, with undetermined consequences. I know that an invasion of Iraq without a clear rationale and without strong international support will only fan the flames of the Middle East and encourage the worst, rather than best, impulses of the Arab world and strengthen the recruitment arm of al Qaeda. I am not opposed to all wars. I’m opposed to dumb wars.” –Barack Obama, 2002

    7) Did you know Obama favors transparency over secrecy in our government? Did you know that Obama worked with Republican Senator Tom Coburn to pass one of the strongest government transparency bills since the freedom of information act? He’s calling it Google for Government and you can see the results at http://www.usaspending.gov. Sen. Obama has also released his own tax returns for public review.
    8) Did you know that after graduating with honors from Harvard Law School, Barack practiced civil rights law and also taught Constitutional Law for 10 years at the University of Chicago, one of the nation’s best law schools, where he was consistently rated by his students as one of their best instructors?
    9) Did you also know that he was the first African-American elected president of the prestigious Harvard Law Review?
    10) Did you know that Barack Obama is an outspoken advocate for women’s rights and has been a principled defender of the civil rights of women?
    11) Did you know that despite the grueling schedule of running for President, Senator Obama remains a devoted family man, making time to do things like pick out a Christmas tree with his wife and two young daughters, or hurrying home to spend Valentine’s Day with them?
    12) Did you know he hasn’t missed a single parent-teacher conference while running for President?
    13) Did you know that Barack Obama has a stellar environmental record, including having the highest rating from the League of Conservation Voters (96%) of any Presidential candidate, Democrat or Republican?
    14) Did you know that Barack Obama has been an elected legislator longer than Senator Clinton?
    15) Did you know that Barack is a member of all of these Senate Committees: Foreign Relations; Veteran’s Affairs; Health, Education, Labor & Pensions; Homeland Security and Government Affairs?
    16) Did you know that Senator Obama has sponsored or co-sponsored 15 bills that have become law, and has introduced amendments to 50 bills, of which 16 were adopted since he joined the Senate in 2005?
    17) Did you know that Senator Obama sponsored legislation working together with Indiana Republican Senator Richard Lugar, to keep Americans safe by keeping dangerous weapons out of terrorist hands? The two senators also visited the former Soviet Union to inspect the decommissioning of nuclear weapons. Sen. Lugar said of Sen. Obama, “He does have a sense of idealism and principled leadership, a vision of the future.”
    18) Did you know that Barack Obama is the only candidate running for president who voted against using cluster bombs in Iraq and the only candidate who supports banning the use of landmines?
    19) Did you know that, as an Illinois state senator, Barack Obama succeeded in passing legislation requiring the videotaping of police interrogations, gaining the respect and support not only of fellow legislators but that of the police, who had initially opposed the legislation?
    20) Did you know that Theodore Roosevelt, Grover Cleveland, Ulysses S. Grant, John F. Kennedy, and Bill Clinton were all younger when they took office than Barack Obama will be?

    Remember folks, during election seasons many mistruths are circulated about both candidates. But I refuse to allow more “swift boat” fear tactics hijack this country into voting out of fear and then end up with a President who digs us in a deeper whole.

    I actually liked John McCain until he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. Out of all the highly qualified Republican Women McCain could have chosen to be his running mate … he picks “I gotcha covered America! … wink, wink and smile, Sarah Palin.


    Another thing that has bothered me for 7 years and nobody ever mentions it. On September 12, 2001, the entire world stood behind the US … we were a united human race and US popularity was at an all time high.

    Fast forward 7 years, 2 wars and countless gaffs from our sitting duck President and what do we have? An entire planet who could care less what happens to the US … they hate us!

    What a shame.

    No matter who wins the election on November 4th, that person will inherit more problems then he can imagine. I just hope who ever wins is up for the challenge to clean up the biggest political mess in history.

  25. Thank you web for providing me with access to 20 minutes of fascinating reading material. I am now faced with irrefutable proof that the world is filled with totally unstable individuals. Do you guys manage to tie your shoe-laces by yourselves?


  27. For those of you that believe in Nostradamus’ predictions and want to get a shiver up your spine do a google search for “Ray Mabus”. Nostra mentions Mabus and Ray Mabus just happens to be a Senior Obama Advisor. Do the research people. The recent comment from Biden indicates a major international incident in the first few months of the Obama presidency. Watch the attack on Israel.

    The end is near and half the world has its blinders on……….

  28. Come on people! I have read the book of Nostradamus. First of all, it is absolutely nonsense that Nostradamus predicted the world ends in 2012…his predictions goes millenniums further then that! He does talk about a woman in charge of an imperium. So, any rubbish about Obama meeting the anti-christ is just a hoax. Don’t believe anything you reed. If we truly want to prevent war, we have to stop believing in war as a solution in any case. Wars always have existed out of fear. As long as we are afraid of each other, there will be war. In the middle ages religion was mis-used by putting fear in people’s minds.
    We collectively need to change our way of thinking to rule out wars. That is a very long process. I just hope that people realise they have the power to change things for the better. First step in the right direction is to use common sense and don’t judge before you know all the information. In case of Nostradamus, go and read the book yourself rather then reading all the rubbish presented on internet. Then make up your own mind.

  29. In 1926, Monteiro Lobato, one of the most important brazilian author wrote a book called “the black president” There he told a story of an america election where you had two candidates: a woman and a black man – Evelyn Astor and Jim Roy. The black man wins.
    This book is now reedited and I believe the americans should read it.

  30. well i also truly believe in nostradamus prophecy n m afraid that obama is going to really win the elections n i have also read that december 2012 is the day when comet is going to hit and the world is gonna be destroy so lets wait n watch whats going to happen next ?

  31. dont be so stupid all of you out there dont have aclue about anything of the antichrist if you want to know the truth go to sheik imran hueessain lectures on the the antichrist watch the whole video on utube and you will see and understand better how it started and how it will end

  32. its feels like we know to much about the world and its going to turn back on us. Also it is like this huge puzzle and at the end of every puzzle u mess it up ( so its like we finished the puzzle and the puzzle showed the earth and when we mess it up it is the day on December 2012).

    P.S. if i am wrong comment me back.

  33. Do you also believe in the tooth fairy? Do you believe that if you step on a crack you actually break your mama’s back? Do you believe every fortune cookie you get?

    I was fascinated by that Nostradamus show hosted by Orson Welles – when I was a teenager. Then I did more reading and saw that just about everything he said could be explained with reference to contemporaneous people and events. And sad sad people like you have been grasping at straws for centuries trying to claim that his writings spell impending doom. In the 80s it was supposedly Gaddafi from Libya who was the “man from the east”, then people said Saddam Hussein, then bin Laden.

    Give up.

  34. Notice how everything that Nostradamus “predicted” is revealed AFTER it happens? Also, there are 100 translations by different translators for everything he wrote, not to mention the fact that he was so vague in what he predicted. With those odds, any idiot could have been said to have predicted everything.

    And as for the Mayans, their predictions were based on random astronomical events. Maybe they had something to it, but we can’t lose site of what science has taught us–namely, that there have not been several universes over the past thousands of years, like they believed. In the same vain, there will likely not be a collapse of this universe in 2012.

    There have, however, been several turning points in humanity over the last few thousand years. Whether or not they correspond to the Mayans’ history books we’ll never know, as they were all burned in Spanish bonfires–but this at least this way makes sense. I am more than welcome for a turning point, what about you all?

    1. You need to brush up on the Mayan calander. It was not based on “random astronomical events,” but rather science and advanced mathmatics. The model itself is very complex and does not allude to the destruction and creation of several universes. It represents cycles marked by certain event tendencies connected and connected again with larger pictures.

  35. Well good Sir. It’s rather simple, isn’t it…if u believe the world would “end” in 2012, then make arrangements to get your affairs in order. I wouldn’t mind you willing or giving me all or some of your property. After all, it wouldn’t be much use to you in an ended world. Personally, I think you’re rather simple minded, but that’s just my opinion…you no doubt believe the opposite.

  36. Why would you write crap like this without doing your research first. You do realize the 9/11 prediction was a hoax circulated around the internet. Go google it and find out for yourself

    Secondly, as many people have said, practically everything Nostradamus has said can be interpreted to fit any situation.

  37. Hey asshole,

    if you write that Nostradamus has predicted something you better be able to quote the man and not just say that he did. I am not a fan of Nostradamus predictions, but people like you take all the credibility from him.

    So please quote word for word Nostradamus and tell which part you are refering to so we can actually form an oppinion of the prediciton (and possibly about your idiocy).

    And also if you can’t provide the sources I will take this as a racist attack against Obama.

  38. Let me give my opinion (for what its worth)about 2012. I don’t think it means literally the world will end, but merely the ‘old world’ way will end. I believe there is a new world coming and maybe by 2012 90% of the world will have awakened and there will be a better world. Living green, being at peace with ourselves and each other, and paying it forward on a daily basis will be a part of this new world. I don’t think it means we will die or anything of that nature. I believe its a good thing and we should look forward to this “ascension”. Thanks for listening.

  39. Why Obama want to change the constitution and why he has been influenced by terrorists and america’s haters? Why does he think that we are selfish if we dont pay extra taxes, not patriotic enough, and so forth. It was 250 thousand than 200 thousand, then 150thousand, 120 thousand. lets thighting our belts he says; for who? for others people mistakes? I do enough tighting is going to come to me making less than 200 thousand a year. I would have voted for Colin Powell if you think I am a racist; but not him. It is a prediction that Nostradamus made and it may or may not come true However, Osama bin laden has endorsed him two days ago. he is going to be vendictive and shut the people that do not agree with him. As far as Palin goes, she has more integrity that anyone I know. She has been kicked, punched, and eaten alive, but she is stil standing. She is one of us. A true american success story. I commend her. God help us all.

  40. the 16 year old Michael is the only one that has brains here.shame on all of you ignorant people.Americans live in fear, just the way your government wants you live, ignorant to the rest of the world and fearful.

    the end of the world will come when GOD decides, and nobody knows that day, but him only.

  41. The White House is called so because the building is white. If you think only white people should be in the White House, you have a really scary attitude. What are you, a nazi? Colour is not dangerous, attitudes are. Hatred like that breeds hatred. What are you saying, that Jesus didn’t like black people? Give me a break . Read your Bible. You freak me out. I like McCain and Sarah, but only by reading this blog wants me want to vote Obama. Only thing is I can’t, because I’m Norwegian:)

  42. mmmm ive recently bumped with this blog precisely because i was kind of worried about nostradamus predictions…and the fact that it happened he won, though i am supporting should i say President Obama, it just make me think about it more, but you know what after reading some of this comments i just figure, lets enjoy life…not do anything stupid of course lol, but hey who knows what might happen you might as well say you enjoyed every day,so stop dreading what could happen and just value what really matters and if you dont have it yet,start looking! kisses and good night

  43. Our new president can’t even put his hand over his heart when saying the Pledge of Allegience. He won’t sing our National Anthem. He blantenly refuses. He is MUSLIM! He is AL-Quaida! What are all you ignorant people thinking!! This is just what Al-Quiada wants! They are all sitting around laughing at all the dumb, ignorant Americans, b/c we elected one of their own to run our country! People look at him as the next Messiah!! He surely will bring us change, but it’s not going to be any change that we want. Do we want another 9/11? That was change right? That was just the icing on the cake for all those assholes! We just gave those terrorists keys to unlock a massive doorway to hell!

  44. It has been long known about the 2012, but it was kept away from the public until the beginning of 2007 when the theory started to get more popular. I have read, a very long time ago, about the black president of America, and I don’t remember where and when I read this, but I remember that things will go bad after this happens, and I have been trying to prepare for this. My advice to anyone who reads this.., get ready! Collect vital information for survival, learn skills that will help you survive if you are to be alone in a large ground ares, learn everything you could learn, because you might need it.

    I am working on projects that could help everyone, or at least some people, to pass the dark years, but no promise here, you most likely be on your own.

    We have 5 years! So, get up and get moving, you have things to do!!! Remember, TOGETHER, we are stronger and we can make it trough!!!

    Good luck to you all, and God Bless You

  45. Enlightenment comes from learning.
    There are many websites that seek to translate and explain Nostradamus, without creating a forum for bigots and lunatics. Please do your own resaerch.

    Nostradamus says:
    The Angry Black One opposes the Anti-Christ who comes to power in the east.
    The war begins in the east and spreads west towards europe.
    The comet that eventually hits the earth appears at the time of war.

    The Mayan’s predict this to happen in December 2012.

    The book of Revelations in the Bible expands on these events.

    Barry Warmkessel explains some of the physics.

    Read on.

  46. who ever thinks obama is bad ur fule of shit obama won u all belive in this dumb crap its beacuse u all have nothing better to do god u are retarded mc cain helped goerge bush if u won we wouldnt servive another year we would lose the war we would b slaves sure im scared that obama will be assasinated but its better then our contry falling to the ground the world will not end in 2012 fuck heads u guys are complet nerds the only reson i wrote this is to show u ur all idiots god u must get picked on 24/7 if ur a growen man/women this is pethetick god maby go screw ur wife and have some balls if ur a nerd go get some ass stop with all this shit change ur look b cool god dude this is week well im going so to all u losers out there go jerk of dick cockers peace.

  47. ray, I think you are the one that is a f***ing idiot! Have you pulled out a dictionary lately! It’s uneducated idiots like yourself that voted for Obama, without knowing what he is all about! Do your research! Guess your content with giving a fraction of your paycheck to “the needy, the unemployed, and those who need it more than you!” You’re probably unemployed with your language anyways! Go to school, get an education, learn how to spell, then come on this blog and speak your peace! This has 100% NOTHING to do with the fact that he is black, although I am sure that many will pull the race card, as usual. This has everything to do with the fact that he is Muslim and has terrorist contacts. He can be president of our country, but the FBI would never hire him with his criteria, simply due to his connectins with terrorism! He couldn’t even be a waiter or bartender at Carabbas! We unknowingly educated Al Quaida to learn aircraft flying, procedures, etc…..here we are knowingly handing terrorists rights to our country!! Do the math people!

  48. disbelief, I think that if you are going to bash someone for being uneducated, not doing research, and not knowing how to spell, you should spell ‘Al Qaeda’ properly. “This has everything to do with the fact that he is Muslim and has terrorist contacts.” Why would it matter if he were Muslim (which he is not)? It’s being thrown around as an insult. Surprisingly enough, Muslim does not equate to being a terrorist. Do you see someone walking down the street in a turban and automatically think they have anti-American feelings? If so, you need to check yourself. Meanwhile, we have convicted felons being re-elected to office, and the liberals are the ones that need to learn a few things? I think America made the correct choice this year, and Obama’s Presidency will lead to globalized cooperation after a few years.

  49. hey disbelif shut the fuck up i am in school retard im studying for the medical fild u probly sit at home and jerk off u little bitch im all about peace but i dont take crap from people and i do give to the poor im not an ass like some people iv echeved more than ur bitch ass has so fuck u u fucken cock sucking pussy go fuck ur self and fuck u i can us any language i want its a free country oh ya and bitch u probly dont even get ass i get ass every nigh bitch so dont talk to me about wat i should do ill diside that u cum bag peace out hommo

  50. ray, kudos for being an Obama supporter, but you’re really not doing his supporters any favors using mindless language like that. Come on, take the high road and don’t resort to disgusting name-calling. Don’t make us look bad.

  51. I am laughing my ass off right now. You people are the most uneducated bunch of idiots I have ever come in contact with. Will not waste my time here anymore. LMAO!! I feel so sorry for you ‘ray’ if you are going into, and I quote, “medical fild”, do you mean, medical field? And I also quote, “iv echeved” do you mean, “I’ve achieved?” Quite hard reading your illiteracies. Oh and by the way, I do much more than “probly sit at home and jerk off”

    Tootles idiots!!

  52. I almost agree with the commenter above, however, I don’t believe that typos necessarily indicate ignorance. Clutching onto unverifiable rumors and acting out of fear and nebulous (imagined) scary things about a man based on nothing concrete (at least nothing mentioned here), well it is very sad.

    I hope everyone will take some time to read from a variety of sources and attempt to base actions and opinions on the best evidence available.

    The Nostradamus quatraine many have been associating to Obama, which wasn’t even posted says:

    The great empire will be torn from limb,
    The all-powerful one for more than four hundred years:
    Great power given to the dark one from slaves come,
    The Aryana will not be satisfied thereby

    Obviously the United States has not been a country and the West has not been all-powerful for anywhere near to 400 years. Probably the best explanation for this prediction (if true at all) is that it refers to a future time OR the following observation:

    “I believe the quatrain refers to age of an Empire, not age of a country/region. Babylon fits that age timeframe for there was 400 years of silence between the old and new testament when Babylon reached it’s highest of empire rule until Cyrus demolished it including within the Persian invasion of the Ayrans”

    It is time to stop focusing on differences and to share verifiable information, evidence, dreams and hopes. And beliefs too. But not fear for the sake of fear.

  53. Oh boy! Just passing a few minutes at work (in Australia) looking for comments on the Obama election victory and what do I stumble across?

    …Mayan calendar predictions of world ending in 2012… Nostradamus quatrains naming Obama as anti-christ… undercover agent for Al Qaeda… Obama’s name adds up to 666…

    No wonder America is all fucked up. If you people are representative of your society, the US is crammed full of mentally disturbed dickheads who believe in Tooth Fairies and Peter Pan and Nostradamus etc. etc., and can’t figure that you brought all the current shit down on your own heads!

    The reason why the rest of the world hates you won’t be found in any book of prophecies — it’s because of how you assholes treat everyone outside of the USA. If you don’t like wars… don’t run around always starting them and then try to rationalise it against fictitious Bibles and Quatrains etc., and imagine it was somehow written and that you’ve been specially appointed to fight some holy crusade for an imaginary god against an imaginary satan!

    Pull your heads outta your asses, then try to get a mental hold on reality. Maybe with fewer mentally disturbed people around, the world just MIGHT become a safer place to live in!

  54. War, Economy, power, greed..all of these scare all of us. I hope that truth and peace will prevail in the midst of chaos. May God bless us all.

  55. The “Anti-Christ” is not one individual. It represents the current state of Christian/Western countries. All claim to be Christian nations- they are actually opposite of everything Christ represented. In America, consider the huge gap between the CEOs and the workers. Consider the extreme poverty in third world countries and Saudia Arabia while the west lives in relative comfort? Is this Christ-like? Consider the multi-layered deep and confusing lies that govern western societies. Where does truth begin? It is almost impossible to discern. Gay marriages, abortion, adultery, fornication, drug addiction, child molestation,prostitution, the ills seem to be overtaking these societies. Is a fetus a life? Is there a Creator? What is right? wrong? morality? All of the advertising objectifies women with the constant barrage of sex, sex, etc. Young children are being exposed to all of these powerful messages. We are living in the age of “Anti-Christ” where falsehood is reality. The good things appear bad. While the bad things appear good. There are those working to establish truth to break the grip of “Anti-Christ” ideology to restablish the human race- relationship with the Creator and each other. This is the struggle. The changes are coming- for those who thrive on consumption, materialism, immorality, lies, deception, social unjustice, the world appears to be coming to an end. It is the start of a new beginning when justice will prevail. Humanity will come to know the Unity of God, Unity of Creation & Absolute Justice.

  56. You all are idiots. We (the USA) don’t try to rule the world. If you want to treat your women like crap and those are your rules and laws, we could care less. Even if we don’t think it’s right. What we will stick our noses into is when a country tries to take over another and won’t let them live in peace. Which is what Saddam tried to do to Kuwait. Kuwait asked for our help and we went. We have been attacked by terrorists over and over again and turned the other cheek. They are lucky we didn’t just nuke them and get it over with. They’re still lucky we don’t just nuke them and get it over with! But we realize the civilians in those countries are innocent human beings and it wouldn’t be fair to them if we decided to wipe them all out. What got us into the war we are in now is a combination of things. 1. We were attacked on our homeland. We didn’t appreciate this one bit. We learned not to trust and take for granted it won’t happen again. 2. Russia informed our intelligence that Saddam had plans to attack our homeland. AP press had a news article about it.. and Putin himself admitted they gave us that info. After what happened here on 9-11.. we weren’t going to sit back and wait to get hit again. If Saddam had plans to attack us.. we wanted to know what he had to do it with. He was sanctioned after the first Gulf war and told he could not have anything with a missle range of over 90 miles. He was allowed to have enough to protect his own homeland.. but was to stay within limits. When Bush was informed that Saddam had plans to attack us.. he wasn’t going sit back and do nothing. He went to the United Nations and had them tell Saddam to let the UN inspectors in to see if they had anything they shouldn’t have. Saddam was the one who asked for everything he got when he refused to let inspectors in to do their jobs. He was told to let them in or else. Saddam chose the “or else”. Saddam acted as tho he had something to hide. After 9-11.. we weren’t playing games with anymore towel heads.. especially him. Saddam should have known what we were capable of. We kicked his azz once and we could do it again. We should have taken him out the first time we were over there. He had his chances to behave.. he didn’t want to. So we took him down! He asked for it! And he died over it! Along with his evil sons. Saddam felt the need to obliterate a whole race of people.. he did it and no one did a damn thing about it. We felt threatened by him and had intention of knowing what he had to do it with. If he had nothing to hide he should have let the inspectors in and gotten it over with. To blame only this country is a mistake. Before we attacked we had the okay and backing from 39 countries belonging to the United Nations.. either with troops or monetary help from them. Now we feel some responsibility in staying long enough to help these people get back on their feet. If it were up to me, I’d walk away and let them figure it out for themselves. But the innocents don’t deserve that. If you think we enjoy wasting our time and troops lives to stay over there you are sadly mistaken. Not to mention the cost. Why should we help a nation of people that were brainwashed to hate our guts from grade school on up? Because it’s the right thing to do. And when we do leave.. they’ll still hate our guts. Hopefully, tho.. the children that we have helped over there may see us in a different light and not all will hate us some day. We could care less what religion these people want to believe in. That’s their bizz. They are free to worship as they please.. the same as we do here. Believe or not believe.. their choice. But when any country poses a threat to us or another country.. yes.. we will stick our noses in to help. It’s not about war mongering. We don’t like war anymore than anyone else likes it.. but sometimes it’s a necessary evil. As it was with Saddam. As it was after we were attacked at Pearl Habor. We saved the French at Normandy. We ended the inhumanity to the Jewish from Hitler. We have given many refuge from their war torn countries. We have been attacked in Germany.. we have been attacked in Africa.. we had our USS Cole attacked and did nothing. But when it comes to our homeland.. y’all can kiss our azzes. We’ve stuck our noses into others probs trying to help and when talk didn’t work.. we took action in defense of the little guy that just wants to live in Peace. If you can’t understand that.. then go bury your heads in the sand and keep your mouths shut. Whenever any disaster occurs.. we are there with help. No matter who it is… and they take it.. yet still look at us as the Great Satan. We get asked to stick our noses in to try to stop wrongs.. and it’s because we are the largest country that has the power to do anything about it. Should we just look the other way while you are being attacked?

    We don’t want to tell you or any other country how to live. You have your laws and ways of doing things. If it works for you and you aren’t bothering anyone else while you do it.. we could care less. Live and let live. But attack someone else that doesn’t deserve it.. we will be there if asked. Our tax dollars are wasted thru blackmail from other countries in order to get them to behave. If you stop what you are doing we’ll give you this and help with that. One country gets away with it.. others see it and want, too. So they cause a disturbance or a threat in order to get us to pay them to behave. It’s wrong. Why should we.. the USA.. be responsible to make one country leave another alone? Why should we pay? They should just be honorable enough to behave on their own! We ship daily to feed starving people in other countries. Why should we help them? We could feed our own with all that food and have it cost hardly anything in the stores. Instead we send our grains to other countries so they can eat, too. And then a loaf of bread in this country costs more than it does in those other countries. It’s BS.

    The only reason we have military stations in other countries is to help protect the countries we are in. We’ve been asked for our help. We go because we want people to be able to live in peace. Without threats from other nations. If that’s wrong.. you are not right in the head. We aren’t there to tell them how to live.. just to help them live in peace. It’s also a help to be there if we are needed in a hurry if someone decides to attack us. They could all tell us to go home at any time and we’d leave. No Problem! Our troops would much rather be home with their families than over there, anyway! Iraq doesn’t want us to leave right now. They don’t feel capable of protecting themselves yet. They don’t want us there.. but at the same time they don’t want us to leave. For safety reasons alone.

    Yeah.. we’re the Great Satan. Kiss my butt!

    Without us.. this world would be in worse shambles than it is right now. All in the name of power and one country wanting to kill everyone in another country so they can take it over and run it the way they think it should be run. And kill everyone that disagrees with them.

    I do not understand how Ireland can kill each other in wars over religion between the north and the south. I do not understand why the arabs all want to kill off Isreal.. and can’t let them be. Just because they are Jewish and not Muslim? They are all Arabs.. living in frickin deserts! They all come from the same place! They’re all people! Human beings! Human beings that deserve to live in peace and believe what they want to believe! If they aren’t forcing Jewish beliefs on Muslims.. why should Muslims think they deserve to die? Why can’t one let the other believe and worship as they wish and live in peace? Why should owning a bible get you killed in some parts on this earth? Should a human being not have the right to check out another way of life or belief? Then choose to worship as they please? Whether it’s God or Allah or Buddha.. or whoever else has a different name for the God they believe in. At least it’s a faith in a creator and should be teaching us all to live in peace and try to do the right things.. no matter which God it is.

    And how can a country tell a mother she can’t work to feed her children after her husband was killed defending his country? Are they supposed to sit back and die because he is dead? We send food for these poor women and children and those idiots don’t even bother to give it to them. Saddam kept it all to feed his armys. Then let the women get beat for asking for a hand out.

    People are so wrong on this earth! We may not be perfect.. but we do what we can to help. But they will still look upon us as the Great Satan. Those that would let women and children starve are the Great Satans. They are the evil ones. Not Us.

    I have no fear of Obama. His only connection to the Muslim world is some of his family and it was never his choice to who he was born into. He wasn’t raised a Muslim. He was raised by hard working grandparents in the good ole USA. This is his country as much as it is anyone’s. His wife lives here. His children live here. And I don’t think he has any intention of doing anything to harm this country. Maybe he didn’t put his hand on his heart when the national anthem was being played, but I’ve seen videos of him leading our senate meetings with the pledge of allegience to the flag with his hand over his heart. They are on youtube, if you bother to look you should be able to find them. He is NOT the Anti-Christ. If anyone is an Anti-Christ.. it’s Osama Bin Laden. One evil SOB.

    We, the people.. don’t even need to argue over who’s going to vote for who. We, the people, don’t even get to vote in our president. Only electoral college votes are used to vote in a President. Our vote is only an opinion poll. Our votes only count for every other office in our country. And those we vote in.. are the ones that choose who is the smart one to run this country. Hopefully.. we can depend on them to know better than some of the idiots in this country like the ones who’ve published on this blog that can’t spell and can’t even make a decent paragraph. No puncuation.. blah blah blah…

    If you can’t spell and can’t learn proper English, you only look as dumb as you obviously are and should refrain from showing how stupid you are in public places. The need to cuss and call people super nasty names also shows a lack of intelligence. I’m going to say the owner of this blog isn’t too bright allowing those ugly posts to stay posted. Freedom of Speech is one thing.. but allowing those nasty comments to remain are downright wrong.

    1. Was the execution of Timothy McVeigh turning the cheek? What if he had been pardoned? What if every gun toting slob actually did turn the cheek?

  57. ANTI – TERRORISM !!!

    I the Oriental Chyren (Hindu Leader) who had experienced various events regarding the incidents as depicted by the French Astrologer-cum-clairvoyant, the Fortune Seer as you know the Fortune Teller, the famous French Astrologer Dr. Michael Nostradamus, who discuss about the Hindu Leader & wrote about him. & as relayed by Hindi News Channel “Aaj Tak” & “Discovery Channal” dated 22/12/07. for me as I am as per his predictions and I have experienced those events in my life as the ‘HINDU LEADER”
    Till date America desperately tried that India should not come up as super power with competition world wide. Not only this but other nations of the world also tried this but all in vain. The Islamic Jehadi terrorist devils Musharuff (The king of Terror) and Osama Bin Laden retaliated Jehad by 11/9 incident on World Trade Centre and reprimanded America about Jehad by terrorism which made India’s stunt to drive out & uproot terrorism through out the world tangible.
    The terror Demon Parvej Musharuff when ascended to power in Pakistan and after taking reins of Pakistan in his hands no sooner than 2 year passed the 11/9 incident took place and Parvej Musharaff was one of the ‘Brain Behind Terror’ and so also Dr. Michael Nostradamus has depicted in his prediction about him as ‘The king of Terror’ It is pertinent to note, I was the first to tell all on 24 & 25/01/2007 mentioning in my writings that Musharaff’s power play of terrorisms will be danger and so it is today.
    It is therefore worth and being brought to discussion through this news channel & media, I am needed as the ‘HINDU LEADER’ and INDIA is needed by America in the final stage of IIIrd World War as enemy’s. enemy is friend and as per this view I and my India will ever help America.
    Against Pakistan sponsored terrorist causing bomblast taking toll on numerous innocent lives of citizens , the State Government and also the Central Government failed to take stringent steps to eradicate terrorism & its roots and so terrorisms has grown vehemently stronger & so it is mercilessly needed the terrorists camps to be destroyed & ruined, but the present government finally plays, every policy for gaining VOTE BANK and consequently to be in continuous ‘POWER PLAY’, they do not act to kill terrorism permanently & so apprehension reins in Governments & so they need to be replaced by blessing of Goddesses Mahur, Ambejogai, Tuljapur blessed Power of India needs to be given in my hands to aim eradication & uproot terrorism out of world which I have aimed since April’06 for that first I wrote to the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India to permit The Shri Ram Janam Bhumi Trust to construct and build great monument of Lord Ram and with that their purpose, I observed ‘Guru Charitra Penance’(Parayan) from 14/08/06 to 27/08/2006. Therefore on 16/10/2006, I wrote to eradicate Pakistan sponsored terrorism through Indian Army, Navy & Air Force or else give power in my hands as like in the hands of Man of God (Angel). Time and again this I have mentioned in my writings & therefore on 07/05/2007 and on 09/07/2007 I have twice walked by footstep from Bhiwandi to Siddhivinayak temple, Prabhadevi, Mumbai, in protest of cruel & terror acts of terrorism and endavoured a lot to bring awareness against terrorism but in no vain and today awareness is a ‘pay no need’ topic keeping negligible aware ness level against terrorism and so I m compelled to bring our this all before Media and TV channel, News channel to serve the first step towards eradication & uprooting terrorism.
    Since April 2006 I have come before the world with plea to uproot and end terrorism but really speaking I have commenced this task in 78/79 and with powers of God & Goddesses the happened incidents & events to occur in future are through me as the medium, HINDU LEADER and so I could not resist my desire then to observe penance & fast on every Thursday, and consequently I started visits to Aaudumbar, District Sangli a pious, holy sanctified, pure, blessed place of Datta the Lord for offering prayers & utsav & thereafter observed complete panance of Guru Charitraparayan with a resolution to study the holy hymns of Lord Datta since 28/04/2001 further 12 years all this events and incidents experienced by me and now being experienced are depicted in the compendium Centuries by ‘Dr. Michael Nostradamus’ listening the inner urge within me to uproot terrorism I started my task in which I came across the compendium which fits me in descriptions.
    I appeal all men, society, Castes and creeds, countries and continents and finally the anti terrorism attitude in World to be with me to strike the dagger in the heart of terrorism the most destructive demon. The III rd World War has begun with Sunnis against Siahs, against Christaininty & I aware my entry on the stage of World war, as Hindu Leader to bring ultimate Justice in the Cosmic world as a Hindu. I favor no political party, but also, I m not against any one but I rely on public awareness to fight out & oust terrorism and to erradicate & uproot terrorism not only through Pakistan but all countries sponsoring nurturing terrorism to hoist Saffron Flag of Hinduism on my India to bring back the all expected “Ramarajya”, and I am born for that.
    Those conducting research on CENTURIES and Dr. Micheal Nastradamus note that no other person fits like me as the perfect Hindu Leader as described by the Great Seer, Greatest Clairvoyant of the World, and so everyone to note & be aware, I the Hindu Leader bring out this facts before the World through media news channel and TV channel.
    And finally to verify & testify, I the Hindu Leader urge America to be precautious in near further as destructive danger from Pakistan Iran and Saudi Arabia, which America will experience soon, be aware of terrorism which most destructive demon is creeping in our neighburhood and finally to take toll on you the innocent you!

    Postal Address:
    Deepak Keshav Sashstrabuddhe
    Shridevi Appartment, 3rd Floor, Block No.7,
    “A”wing, NearBhiwandi Talkies, Brahmin Alley,
    Bhiwandi, Dist. Thane, Maharashtra,
    India – 421 302

    Mobile No. : 9975139448 (India)

    Email: deepaksahastrabuddhe@gmail.com

    I am sending information about my work against Anti Terrorism and in you are call or meet me then you will come with translator.

  58. You guys are idiots. If you try you can make any Nostradamus prediction work for anything. Its so vague its ridiculous. The world will not end in 2012 just like it didn’t end in 2000, 1868 and one in the 1940’s there are many otheres look them up. It seems that every generation looks forward to a doomsday because it seems like we are due for it. So I guess we have been due for hundreds of years. All have been wrong. But if something bad happens people will always try to tie it to Nostradamus’ bull and 2012, what will they do after that fails?
    Here’s a prophecy for you from me and its just as vague as his: Sometime within the next 5 years a bomb will blow up a building.
    You heard it first from me ladies and gentlemen!!

    I hope you see how stupid that sounds to predict something so vague, and of course will happen.

    1. this is actually kind of true i didnt read the whole thing but i just remember 2000 all the electonics wont work cause it wont beable to make the transition from 1999 to 2000. Or june 6, 2006 which would be 06/06/06 nothin happened then.

  59. Nostradamus predicts a woman in power who will lead the US in a second cold war against Russia.
    This woman seems to be Sarah Palin. There will be elections in Russia on April , 2012 and Vladimir Putin might run again. By that time Sarah Palin might be on her way to clinch the GOP nomination!
    Nostradamus talks about a “manly woman”. Sarah Palin hunts like a pro.
    This is interesting!

  60. i am soo scared im crying nooooo
    i want to live my life and have kids

    how can we change this!?!?!?
    i LOVE God

    i dont want the world to end
    i dont want
    please everyone get along


    1. dont cry
      we all will die one day.
      physical death is nothing .
      we actually are immortal.
      only GOD knows the time…and he is not going to tell that to anyone.
      if we all die for sure we will go back to our real home means GAME IS OVER, peace and quite back home
      its all good.

  61. Nostradamus was an intelligent man and i respect that but people are looking into 9/1 a little too much.
    people suffered and lost their lives tragically and their families still suffer everyday.
    “In the City of God there will be a great thunder, Two brothers torn apart by Chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb”,
    The third big war will begin when the big city is burning”
    However since when is new york the city of god? Islam,judaism and christianity could be considered brothers as they all descend from prophets like Abraham and we all know what suffering is taking place between these religions. who protects everything?? what has been relentless through time, fighting against injustic,the bad in the world????
    human beings, not human kind because, im ashamed to say we’ve had some evil beings who use their own idealis ms to shape their world. When we allow for this to happen we succumb, we have lost understanding, how can you achieve peace without understanding?? Albert Einstein said peace cannot be kept by force it can only be achieved by understanding ( and he was a smart man =] ). Cease fires arent the solution because no one is communicating..thats why we have two ears and only one mouth.LISTEN TWICE AS MUCH AS YOU SPEAK.
    Have you ever seen the film ”Bruce Almighty?” (great film), well long story short, bruce wants his girlfriend back, after she left him cos he was being and ahsh*&%, he uses all his powers of god to TRY to get her to love him again but she dosent, y’know why?The very cool Morgan freeman aka The big man (god),told him he can do anything he wants but he cant control FREE WILL. She has to love him of her own occord. Of her own free will <—(underline)You cant make anyone do anything they dont want to do, they must decide themselves <——moral of story. take one for the team, what is the best decision for man kind (that mightnt be a great line)
    im not a weird freak/spacer/hippy/self righteous twat, im young but i dont want to grow up in a world that uses war as a band aid……..thats it from me rant over =]
    slán =]

    obama is my hero.
    so is bob dylan.

  62. That comment on all the letters in his name add up to 666 is bullshit.Its like that movie where he makes 23 out of every number..CRAP.
    Nostradamus was a very intelligent man and i respect that completley. im Irish and sometimes i just wonder about America, we dont have a great reputation but id like to think we have a bit of sense.
    People have taken the 9/11 thing WAY too far, people lost their lives and families still suffer everyday from that tragedy.”In the City of God there will be a great thunder, Two brothers torn apart by Chaos, while the fortress endures, the great leader will succumb”,
    The third big war will begin when the big city is burning”
    New york is not the city of god , islam,christianity and judaism all descend from prophets such as Abraham and therefore could be considered brothers. Human beings are the fortress in my opinon, im ashamed to say that the world has had some EVIL human beings using their own idealisms to shape their own selfish tiny worlds. We have to listen to each other, understanding!!! Albert Einstein said peace cannot be achieved by force it can only be achieved by understanding. My last comment was longer but it was deleted. =[
    you have to ears and one mouth.
    moral of story, be the change you want to see in the world.

  63. This is all a bunch of BS. Nostradamus can be interpreted (after the fact) 666 (like that number?) different ways.

  64. everything will be fine cause i see the world change through us we make the call.if we stick together as one world we will see is great for our future ahead. its up to us if we love each other enough to stop this we will accomplish some thing that has never had before in this world.

  65. im saying to all who read this we cannot hate eachother we must give love to one another to stop this 3rd war remeber love is what god our lord wants us to have in our souls to save mankind its up to us,please dont destoy this beautiful world he create for us

  66. in a way i am prepare for it and some part of me knows that something good will change and make us to become one.i will do my best to prevent this provacy to become true and the future of technology will rise to the top and we will see a new world that we all dream to see. the next president will not be obama it will be his partner running mate will become the next president in 2013.

  67. write something with substance and not idiot things. find something better to do with your time. All the hateful comments about Barack Obama are ridiculous. Get a LIFE!!!!!!!

  68. Hmmm Guys stop about all that shit about the Nostradamus prophecies because the end of the world he predicted was July 1999 stop fucking scaring people !!!! look at this article pls and about the mayan calendar it’s just a callendar!!! Think about it we will be talking after 2012 over a beer !! 😛

    The July 1999 End of the World False Prophecy
    Though many of Nostradamus’ prophecies were vague and obscure, at least the following one was exact as to the timing of a major event which was supposed to occur in July 1999:

    In the year 1999, and seven months, from the sky will come the great King of Terror. He will bring back to life the great king of the Mongols. Before and after War reigns happily (PON, p. 417).

    That was understood in 1973 and earlier to mean the following:

    In his gloomy prediction Nostradamus seems to foresee the end of the world at the Millennium, the year 2000. He was greatly influenced in this by medieval thinking which held all millenniums in great dread. From the verse it appears that first we must suffer the Asian antichrist ‘the King of Mongols’ before the advent of this new and terrifying figure. Note that Nostradamus expects war both before and after his coming (PON, p. 417).

    Time is the enemy of false prophets. This is no exception with Nostradamus and his failed prophecy of July 1999. Clearly, Nostradamus was a proven false prophet, and not “the prophet” as Peter Lemesurier calls him (NE, p. 43), because he made at least one false prophecy. But even Lemesurier unwittingly admits to one of Nostradamus’ false prophecies:

    Indeed, the seer predicts that the Pope’s flight from Rome in the year 2000 … will be accompanied by the appearance of just such a comet as this verse seems to describe (NE, p. 152).

    But this prophecy is also false. Nostradamus is further indicted by the facts that he was an occultist who used divination for his prophecies and was himself demon possessed. Regarding the latter and the gift of fortune-telling, please ponder the following Scripture:

    One day, as we were going to the place of prayer, we met a slave-girl who had a spirit of divination and brought her owners a great deal of money by fortune-telling. While she followed Paul and us, she would cry out, “These men are slaves of the Most High God, who proclaim to you a way of salvation.” She kept doing this for many days. But Paul, very much annoyed, turned and said to the spirit, “I order you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her.” And it came out that very hour. But when her owners saw that their hope of making money was gone … (Acts 16:16-19, NRSV).

    From the above Scripture, it should be clear that demon spirits can predict the future to some degree of accuracy or that demon possessed slave girl couldn’t have made a great deal of money for her owners. We should remember this as we evaluate Nostradamus and his predictive powers, which came from spirit beings. Moreover, remember this: a false prophet can make true prophecies (Dt. 13:1-10), but when a false prophecy is made, that person is always a false prophet (Dt. 18:21,22):

    You may say to yourselves, “How can we know when a message has not been spoken by the LORD?” If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the LORD does not take place or come true, that is a message the LORD has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him (Dt. 18:21,22)

    Also, remember that the “prophet” Nostradamus claimed his own revelations were of Divine origin:

    His revelations, he [Nostradamus] constantly claimed, were of Divine, not human, origin let alone the product of mere magic. Indeed, only such Divine revelations, he repeatedly pointed out in his dedicatory letters … could possibly hope to foretell the future (NE, p. 114).

    But Nostradamus was correct about one thing–he himself was hell-bound, as is anyone involved in the occult. Besides Dt. 18:10-12 other Scriptures apply:

    All the counsel you have received has only worn you out! Let your astrologers come forward, those stargazers who make predictions month by month, let them save you from what is coming upon you. Surely they are like stubble; the fire will burn them up. They cannot even save themselves from the power of the flame. Here are no coals to warm anyone; here is no fire to sit by. (Isa 47:13,14)

    But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars–their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death. (Rev 21:8)

    Dear reader, if you or someone you know is involved in the occult, repent from this evil and turn to Jesus Christ. Prove your repentance by your deeds, including the destroying of your sorcery materials (Acts 19:19).

  69. And if you believe in the end of the world christmas december 2012 you should to somethings before the world end’s 😛

    * Kill someone.
    * Eat pie….Lots of pie.
    * Make plans with someone and then break them. This should make you feel important.
    * Pray.
    * Rob a bank.
    * Do three of the five drugs that you’ve told yourself weren’t really so bad.
    * Repeat. Cause it really wasn’t that bad was it?
    * Have an orgasm. Hell have 10.
    * And finally, try cannibalism. Something about forbidden fruit….

  70. I’ve heard Nostradamus used mathematics and astrology to make his predictions. Even he was to have said that nothing is set in stone, we have free will. If any one is the anti christ, it’s the invisible one behind the scenes working with bankers to control corporations, to control politicians, to control media, etc…

    I, personally, would rather stay in the present and help work to stop the war, starting with the only place I have any real power, inside my own mind. Those who really know anything about “God” experienced that it is all bigger than a religion or a holy book or maybe anything our finite minds can understand.

    Maybe I am a more accurate profit than Nostradamus. Maybe we should stop giving our power to “Holy” books and religions.

    Maybe the revelation will not be in a book or betelevised, but happen in the collective unconscious, one mind at a time, like the “Hundredth Monkey” by Lyall Watson.

    Maybe we should all stop worrying about the future and do what we can in the now to make the most gentle transition possible, instead of projecting other people’s scary prophecies out there. Maybe we don’t have to be victims of “God’s Wrath.” and have to suffer such a terrible future. Maybe we could experience……..instead. You fill in the blank. There are infinite other possible realities.


  72. What in the hell does the color of skin have to do with leadership? Who cares about everyone? Especially those who ar’ent wealthy. Do’nt you wealthy guys and gals know that it is the middle class that provides you with that wealth? Wealth doesn’t come from China, It is only a temporary fix. Permanent wealth is made line upon line, precept upon preacept. Let us invest in the U.S. A. where you don”t recieve a temporary dollar, but a permanent dollar. Put tarriffs ofn all products not produced in the U.S. of A. Thank You.

  73. Didn’t the Mayan calendar go further than the 12/21/2012? It is my understanding that there will be a significant change to the world as we know it, not the end completely. Don’t live in fear, just live your lives as is, and act responsibly to fellow men and respect the planet.

    Also, don’t judge me because I’m American. It’s a stupid stereo-type. I do not always share the same thought as my president or neighbor, nor did I ever attack anyone’s country, nor do I believe that everything that happened in America’s past was right. I am not a war monger, I do not like war, and I do not judge anyone else’s culture or religion. I don’t judge as I am not perfect, nor should any of you. I don’t label myself different than someone from Ireland or Austrailia. There are stupid people everywhere, it is not just a geographical affliction.

  74. Hi , reading all these comments made me realise once again how fickle humankind is.
    To follow the teachings of Nostradamus selectively is tantamount to unbelief in his predictions.
    Why are some of his prophecies believed , yet some are not?
    It seems he was and is still being given the opportunity to fool most of the scholars that have read his works……he was and will always be a dramatist – like a few intelligent bloggers have mentioned, his predictions are so wide and ambivalent , they could be used for many situations in history.

    The world is changing dramatically – world governments will own almost every banking institute before the end of the 2009 – with most if not all world leaders asking for a combined effort to deal with the current monetary crisis, there is a concerted effort to bring about a combination currency or one currency to be exacted across the world – it’s inevitable that the once “one world system” which was rubbished by the western powers, have little choice in challenging this almost planetary disaster.

    Men taking their lives along with family members out of sheer desperation from their money woes, companies once so productive and profitable falling into bankruptcy, huge corporations keeping only key staff members, laying off hundreds of thousands of employees……….one could say it was inevitable that with the current and past greed of our non compliance with natural survival, the enormous spending of resources that have dwindled to a few years supply…..we have become our own worst enemy – the nightmare scenarios to follow will to scare the most strongest amongst us.

    Mankind has to change – President Obama said Yes We Can Change – but that change might not exactly be what we are used to in our enormous consumerism society – the rise of re-thinking of the governmental methods of Carl Marx, Joseph Lenin, the teachings of Communism will make a shock return turning once democratic nations to turn to Socialism in a huge way……there is little choice – the starving masses will have to be fed……..they will demand it.
    what will follow will be massive population control and experimentation with the once rich, now poor.

    Governments will be ruled by a few ultra wealthy – they will control the food supplies, fuel supplies, corporations and land – in effect , they will own the population – “slavery” will be touted as a new buzz word but with deadlier rules………………
    ………………to be cont………

  75. Woman President prediction update: We have the release of the book: Sarah Palin poised to become America’s first female president. Governor palin enjoys over 60% of Republicans support for the 2012 GOP nomination. She still enjoys over 63% of Alaska approval ratings.
    It looks like it is going to happen in our life time. America’s first woman president and the most powerful woman in history!

    1. This will get you all thinking, and maybe wondering??? I read tonight that Oprah will run for senate and will be elected. Is this why she has retired from her television career. As predicted ??Black female leader!!!!

  76. Nostradamus predicted the world to last until 3797, not 2012…
    He does speak of Obama, and that anagram would be “Mabus”, but he speaks of an Assassination and a timeframe of economic despair along with a comet, but he didn’t say that a comet would hit the earth, also following he speaks of an ice age.

  77. Oh and It is predicted Muslims would lose in the end and Democracy would be destroyed…
    I didn’t vote this year, no one I liked, but that too is predicted by Nostradamus along with a few others.
    What people don’t understand right now, will by the time Obama is finished…
    Go back and tell Germany before Hitler, they would laugh at you like these people are…
    Obama isn’t the Anti-Christ, but a puppet that could throw us deeper in the hole before it’s all over with.

  78. “How do you explain the fact that Obama has had a connection with almost whole world? i.e Born by an African Father, American Mother, briefly raised in Asia etc.It is because the supreme almighty God wants to connect his people of the whole world as one,through the blessed one(Barack).
    we are filled with so much hatred and suspicion about one another all over the world.
    That is why…Obama is partly African, partly American, partly Asian, Partly Catholic, Partly Muslim and a Protestant.He can connect with everyone, anywhere in the whole world.
    Stop the hate campaign and accept this fact of God, Obama will be the next President of the United States of America.God bless Obama, God bless America!!”

    This was written by Lucy, What will she do if Obama is assassinated as Nostradamus predicts?
    Go insane? She sounds as if she is in love or possessed by him, or has a delusional personality, I would certainly say she is Schizophrenic.

    1. Why do you Americans think everything is about you? There are 194 other countries in this world and “the blessed one” could be from any one of them….stop thinking you are the center of the universe not everything pertains to you!

    1. Yea white power is what got Obama in office monkey brain so Im all for it. You shouldn’t even be allowed to stand on the border of this country saying this racist crap! Go read a book, if you can, Gomer!

  79. Dumbass u are not only one asshole u r ten in one y u think white women go to Africa because they love our huge hard dicks something u white guys only dream to have and I only have to fock u r wife once and she will leave u because i will go so far inside of her i will go places u could only dream to reach lol u dum ass.

    1. how many white girls do you know that like black guys? Not very many and if they do there fat. Its the truth. You do have the rare ones though. But seriously not very many do

  80. “Dumbass u are not only one asshole u r ten in one y u think white women go to Africa because they love our huge hard dicks something u white guys only dream to have and I only have to fock u r wife once and she will leave u because i will go so far inside of her i will go places u could only dream to reach lol u dum ass.”

    White women go to Africa? Lmao! Only if she’s a tramp!
    Yes, Fuck Obama, he’s a puppet!

    1. seriously that fools trippen he**a hard. NO white girls like black guys. But whats ever suites him.haha. And i dont like Obama. Hes a socialist.

  81. HEY CARMELO, WAKE UP!!!!!!






  83. Woman President prediction update!

    Check the news! Sarah Palin just stomped in Indiana. This is a crucial primaries and general elections state. It looks like she will win Indiana in 2012!
    It is coming! Get ready for Madame President! Day by day even with the media constant attacks and left wingers trying to say she is not intelligent, this lady’s popularity grows stronger!

  84. To say who and who will not be the next president is perception only…
    but I don’t see Obama running 2 terms, anything could happen, if he cannot bring jobs back to Michigan, Ohio &c… do you think they will vote for him again under these expectations?
    I don’t think so!

  85. Obama is running on popularity only. He is not running on leadership, job or message. The last president who ran on popularity only was Jimmy Carter and see how he ended up.

  86. There are 12 verses missing from the Nostradamus Manuscript.

    I have a video that was put onto the SABC TV in South Africa regarding these 12 verses and they are about The Omega Book and myself. The people who have the missing verses
    found me in South Africa and told me where my ” birthmark ” was, the name of my old horse and the type of farm that I was brought up on in England, the place of my birth. In this video the names of my Dad and of my cousin are also
    shown. Nostradamus was therefore totally correct about me.
    I was told by these people that when The Omega Book is on the world market, they will release the missing verses which tells the world who I am. Very strange and intriguing.

    I like mysteries but being part of one. Well……

  87. Woman US president prophesy update:

    Gallup polls shows for first time since Gallup started asking questions about abortion, 51% of Americans are PRO LIFE.
    The leading message on life issue by Sarah Palin and her beautiful down syndrome baby Trig might be the reason of this incredible shift!

  88. I, like many others, believe Nostradamus was given the gift of foresight and if we continue to allow the governments to continue on their current course, bad things will happen.
    However, I (like to) believe in the goodness of the human race. Since we have been warned of this impending demise, we may be able to avoid it. If nothing else, the human spirit has always proved to be a force to be reckoned with throughout history, good and bad.
    Is it possible that 2012 may be the end of life “as we know it”? Is it possible that this will be the end of tyranny, destruction and war? Is it possible that the end occurs in order to start a new way of living? Are these things possible? I, for one, believe anything is possible when men walk shoulder to shoulder in common purpose. The future is up to all of us.

  89. I, like many others, believe Nostradamus was given the gift of foresight and if we continue to allow the governments to continue on their current course, bad things will happen.
    However, I (like to) believe in the goodness of the human race. Since we have been warned of this impending demise, we may be able to avoid it. If nothing else, the human spirit has always proved to be a force to be reckoned with throughout history, good and bad.
    Is it possible that 2012 may be the end of life “as we know it”? Is it possible that this will be the end of tyranny, destruction and war? Is it possible that the end occurs in order to start a new way of living? Are these things possible? I, for one, believe anything is possible when men walk shoulder to shoulder in common purpose. The future is up to all of us.

  90. Woman president prophesy update!

    Dispite of her resignation to the governorship of Alaska, Sarah Palin enjoys overwhelming support from Republicans and conservative leaning Democrats. In her more shocking statement yet, she said she will storm for Democrats who shares her views of limited goverment, national security and energy independence.

    Her popularity is still strong. Her SARAPAC have accumulated almost a million dollars in contributions in 6 months!

  91. All this Nostradamus rat poop is for what? no one can definitively home in on a quatrain with a high degree of confidence[even, say, 90% in statistical terms] until the event has come to pass. For future looks I have more confidence in the writings of John McMoneagle who used to be part of the defunct Psychic corps run by the CIA during the cold war and set up as a counter to the earlier Russian out-of-body spy unit. He came upon a block somewhere in mid- 4th millennium.
    My greatest confidence is in a certain Jewish Progressionist who has worked with humans and found that under hypnosis, quite a few have claimed to be ET’s in human bodies ,who have been sent to earth as punishment for one thing or another. In Regressioning he found that Jerry springer was a Medieval knight who was Chief of the castle guard for the inheritor, a lady. he was wounded seriously , but she kept him on pension though he could do no effective work. NOW Springer is wealth beyond avarice and the lady has re-incarnated as his daughter and is hired as a backroom girl at a fantastic salary.
    Howard Stern had a relationship with his former wife who was a powerful aristocrat in ancient Egypt. She had him beheaded for cheating, and ROBIN was the executioner[and was then a man]. Strange how people around us tend to reincarnate at nearly the same time , giving chances to rework issues.
    All this racism thing make as much sense at pigeon droppings. people can be born in any race depending on lessons which have to be learned. As a matter of fact there are NO RACES. Humans are basically Africans , and Homo sapiens originated in africa. Europeans are therefore Africans who trekked north, stayed there ,and adapted to climatic and environmental conditions.
    The sample DNA of every ethnic female group so far tested has been traced back to the African Rift Valley about 200,000 years ago, where the elohim created H.sapiens by fusion and in vitro techniques.
    OK now . on your marks! Getset!!! FLAME!!!

  92. It is indeed possible that human life will be almost totally destroyed on earth ,and the surviving remnant will be worthless mutants. Galactic life will continue without so much as a tear being shed. The only concern will be if the radiation will damage those ET’s now living underground and experimenting with human DNA. Homo sapiens is a very young species indeed, and many lifeforms will not have heard of us as yet. As the human brain stem is the same as reptiles, and rules the mammalian midbrain and cortex, we see reptilian violence and sex dominating human behaviour. History is replete with wars. Hate and violence are key human traits and the only stronger trait is the urge to survive. I would think that Obama , as a non-tyrant would have the better chance of prolonging human life on the planet. But perhaps not!!!

  93. I too believe in this type of stuff. But some of the predictions of nostradmus have been failedl,like the prediction about the earlier third world war.lets hope the prediction on the end of world by 2012 will be wrong.

  94. The prediction of a beautiful aggressive woman the most powerful person on earth might come true in 2012.

  95. First off, Carmelo, dude, take it easy with this female president rap u have going on. It isn’t healthy and you could get hurt. Don’t hate (no offense, that is) just one human concerned for another.

    Second whether you guys like it or not THIS WORLD IS COMING TO AN END! I have this very weird feeling, like you know when you watch say a sink-full of water begin to drain out, at first it seems as if the water is hardly going out of the sink and then near the end everything just sorta gushhes out of the sink altogether, like real fast. That’s how I feel; evrythign seems to be coming to a head, the water is just about gone from the sink. But I don’t profess my opinion based on this weird feeling only (and it might be highly irrelevant). But for a person knowing the ways of the universe in general (this applies to everyone, atheist, agnostic or otherwise) all things do come and do pass. This world of ours is going; first the planet started to REALLY die off, then followed the economy slumping, and let’s not forget that before things got so bad with the economy some so-called experts were making predictions that down-graded the severity of the financial meltdown calling it a minor phase and so on; well about three years after the first signs we are still not at the end of the tunnel. And truly after the economy I believe there is a calamity approaching of such great impact that man will be brought to the dust and hard; just a gut feeling though nothing more but I believe three things make up our physical world: the planet, the economy and man. So it’s like two down one to go, you know and the sooner everyone realises this the better prepared we will be to deal with the aftermath.

    Third, I am not American but I am rather sympathetic to their aims. Yes, agreed they can prove selfish, intolerant and rather ‘over-reachy’ in their works of charity and aid but people the truth is if America stayed quiet on a number of occassions things would probably be crapier than they are now. I have no historical evidence to back this up but even though they eventually tend to over-exert their ‘gratuity’ for services rendered they make me quit proud to be a human because sticking your neck out for a fellow human is beyond all graces and bravery, IT FAR OUT ROCKS! It’s quite obvious they are not perfect but cut them some slack…

    Pax Dei

  96. Don’t know if anyone else has heard but amidst the growing panic caused by a confirmed pandemic and everything else going on I just found out about the ‘glowing-clouds’ showing up in places they oughtn’t to. See what I mean by ‘water in a sink’? Everything seems to be happening all at the same time.

    I would like to bore you guys a little more. I compare a lot of things in life to baking a cake. I am not a desperate cake lover or such but I am an Appraiser in training and my work is linked to the symmetrics of baking a cake. Anu cake afficianado will tell you that to have the perfect cake you must have all the right ingredients and all mixed in the right proportions and added at the right time. No more no less. Many may argue and say stuff like “Well this kinda of stuff has happened before and yet the world is still around; there have been plagues, famine, war, death, etc. and yet we are still here; so what makes this time so different or special?” My answer is simply that the cake is about to be baked and all the ingredients are being assembled one at a time. See, this is no random occurrence of singular events all happening in isolation or far and in between. EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING ALL AT ONCE! Meltdown of the global economy, war, ‘signs in the sun and the moon’ ( Attention:Bible-readers), palnet in peril, pandemic, earthquakes, floods, drastic weather changes (the return of El Nino conditions), and the list goes on and on and on. POINT: I strongly and unequivocally believe THIS IS IT!

    Now I may be wrong and ou may be wrong but my advice to skeptics out there is that as Jesus stated ‘there are signs about coming seasons that are easily predicted’. Therefore when all that is happening around you says ‘Look people better beware’ I think that it is only wise that we beware. Not panic or live in fear but live in conscience so that no matter who turns out to be right in the end YOU WIN!

    Pax Dei

  97. Hey also if anyone is interested in some extra things to worry about, lol. Nasa has concurred to a galactic alignment which is predicted to occur in 2012. now this sounds way out of whack for me, so when I looked it up, I have concluded my findings to be a little too real.

    Galactic alignments have happened in the past, this is simply when our planets are in a line with the center of the Milky Way galaxy, then as we transend along our orbit we come to pass the “equator” of the galaxy center. As we continue our travel past the galaxy, our magnetic field is going to switch automatically due to the pole difference of the milky way north/south ect.

    This freaked me out not only because of the poles switching in our core, but that means our planet will have to adjust to the gravitation! can we say massive techtonic activity, sea levels bombarding into untouched areas and i cannot even imagine what else.. i guess if anyone wants to do thier own little bit of research on the topic, you could just google, Galactic Alignment and see what comes up..

    1. You are sooooo right Amber. I checked it up and loads of documentaries and scientific findings and ancient tradition stuff (especially the Mayan calendar)…long story short, I am officially FREAKED OUT. Ok, perhaps that’s an overstatement but I am quite shocked that many worldwide don’t even seem to be privvy to this info even though it’s all over. And if they ae privvy to it that they can ignore it so effortlessly and continue their daily activities as though the cruise they planned for the year 2015 would still be dead on schedule, no glitches or mishaps, just another insignificant thing in this insignificant world.

      Everyone out there who thinks these are just rumours check the web yourself and you will be rather overwhelmed by the spate of evidence and findings concerning 2012. This is no joke anymore. Something’s coming and it’s just around the corner. Hollywood is about to be put to same by the life soon to be experienced by us all.

      Heed the warnings, know the signs.

      Pax Dei!

  98. Woman President Prophesy Update

    Despite of her resignation to the governorship of Alaska, Sarah Palin’s popularity is still high. 82% of Republicans and Conservatives(the ones that nominates GOP presidential candidates) support her decision.

    Bobby Jindal’s passive and non impressive response to president Obama made him go down in the polls. Mark Sanford’s affair in Argentina made him forget about presidential aspirations.

    But Sarah Palin’s every move make her most popular!

    Another sign that this lady is headed to make history in 2012!

    1. carmelo…. its not palin but oprah… when will you learn, and with the world wide following she has it wouldn’t surprise me.

  99. I have read the readinds of nostradomas and he leaved the future to us, to the people he is holding a blank page symbalizing that we make the calll on which way this goes. The myans do also they drown a chart.So u could say, on one line the people were holdind hand and corn stalk growing very prosperously.The other line the crop were dying and through the drawing u saw that the faith of the people were also.I believe we have a choice and the only thing that can be done is to stand up, everybody has to fight we cant continue to sit back and wait on someone else to do it or just pray for it to happen (which never hurts)but as people of god,and this country that was founded on freedom and liberty we have to fight for that I cant tell anybody how I dont even know how but I do see the general picture if we just keep sitting back we hold the key for prosperity we all just want to sit around and wait in someone else to do it but it has to be everybodies voice in order to be heard nobdy has our best interest in mind execept us so please fight for what u believe,whatever that may be or u will not have the opption to have that belief anymore. only god and us can make this country what we know it can be as people but we have to fight.

  100. Therapisto:

    Michael de Nostredame was born in 1503 which puts him in the 16th century (not the 15th as you stated). The period of time when he grew up could be likened to being in pre WWII Germany as the Inquisition questioned just about anything written, especially if one was of Judean or Israeli descendency. His prophecies actually caught the attention of the Queen of France at the time (by successful prediction of the King’s death) and this had some clout in itself in making the Inquisitors a little more wary. More than likely, if it was not for this relationship he gained with nobility in his lifetime, the book “Centuries” would have been burnt and destroyed.

    It would be much clearer to your readers if you would be specific as to which of the quatrains (4 lined verses) you are referencing in your letter heading.

    The book “Centuries” as we have it today is 10 books of 100 quatrains, except for book VII, which has only 42. There are some apochryphal works attributed to him, an epistle, and some fragmentary quatrains. A popular quatrain pulled out recently concerning Barack Obama has been labeled 243, which would mean Book II, quatrain #43 – it actually is from Book X, #100, the last one in the book “Centuries” proper.

    The third line in the supposed “243” quatrain does not mention a specific “black” person, nor does it specifically mentions “slaves”. A professor Eugene Randell (? – quite possibly someone else claiming it to be him) has opted to change the translation to suit the mulatto component of Mr. Obama’s character.

    There is the teaching that the world will never end, that the dead shall rise – even Nostradamus sunk his teeth into that fact by simply stating, “The year when the dead shall rise.” He was not specific, and did not put us all up in a cloud or damn us to fiery depths. His mixture of knowledge in 4 lined verses (which to some may not constitute prophecy at all) is further testament of the difficulty one had in the late 1400’s and early 1500’s writing anything, and keeping it from being destroyed. To make the writing appear as poetry might serve well to pass inspection.

    I find it fortunate that the book still survives. There are many quatrains which have directly related to events in my life, just as biblical prophecy found much fulfillment in Jesus Christ.

    The part of one I wish to share with you and your readers is from Book VII, #42 – “When he who was buried comes out of the tomb, he shall make the strong one out of the bridge to be bound with chains.” I am the one who comes out of the tomb, yet God revealed this to Nostradamus some 400 years ago.

    I met Mr. Obama in 1983.

    Elias of Jesus

  101. this 2012 bullshit has got to stop, predictions are made one after another, the future holds what it holds, nobody can prevent, there is not enough information leading to all these events, if anything global warming might occur but none of this tsunami/flare bullshit, its a fucking myth made by the mayans 500 freaking years ago, we are the mayans they are us, the seasons and calendars dont tell us anything about the future, draw a birthdaycake on it with your friends name next to it for christs sakes, the media will be proving wrong just like in the past when the world didnt come to an end, its obnoxious and they will see, fuck them bithces.

  102. Just because someone says the world will end in 2012 doesnt mean it will
    they may be over exagerating.
    the world is gunna end may mean in 2012 the world will have such a dramatic change that it will seem as if it has ended.

  103. yea i just wanted to say somethin about the woman you guys were refering to in the blue dress as far as naustradamus predictions and i will have to say janet napalitano is her! i have been following her from arizona to head of homeland security and getting closer and closer to being directly under obama and some so thats just my 2 cents and she seems to be wearing blue cloths more so than not

  104. cheaa,

    if you look closely, you can see that the woman that Nostradamus and other prophets are talking about is Sarah Palin. She is on her way to get the Republican Nomination for president, and she is poised to defeat president Obama in 2012.

  105. If the world ends on 2012 it wont be because of a war or a leader, it will be because of the suns alignment. The alignment that will happen on that date only happens once like every 2500 years or something like that. The alignment will cause the poles to switch like they have before 1000s of years ago and will cause global havoc. Mass climate change and geological shifting.

  106. The world is not going to end in 2012. We still have many things to be fulfilled: woman the most powerfull person on earth(Apocalypse, Nostradamus, etc); the invasion of Iran by China. War between China and Turkey, etc, and the rise of the Anti Christ, all these trhings will not happen in just 3 years.

  107. I believe in God and I am not sure that I can believe on what Nostradamus predicted, God gave us free will but one thing I will tell you Obama does not have love for this great nation, I have only being in this country for 8 years and it kills me that everybody out there does not see how Obama is taking USA away from its roots CHRISTIANITY AND CAPITALISM!!!! I remember Obama having the image of Christ cover before his visit to a Christian University now that’s the ANTICHRIST if you ask me!! America is bleeding badly because everyone wants a piece of it but no one wants to give nothing back! Wake up USA before is too late….

  108. hi, its weird because ive said that obama is the antichrist since i first even saw or heard about him. i dont care of the color of his skin or anything. he just fit the bill for me, and i am afraid that he will be the one that brings every thing into ruin. i said it as a joke but deep down i really feel like hes the next antichrist. now im reading more on nostradamus and the similarities his predictions have to obama and well im kinda scared.

  109. well, some of us will be here, and find out what really happend in 2012 until then why not enjoy what we have and respect our fellow humans and be thankful for what we got, hug your people your family and be happy, like should be.

  110. after reading everyones posts….
    just because obama has ties to every part of the world doesnt mean hes meant to bring everyone together. (in a good way at least)
    from looking at the two previous supposed antichrists, its obvious that they fit their time well. the antichrist is meant to succomb to its time period and blend. at least thats how i percieve it. when they stand out is the prime of their destruction. obama hasnt reached that yet. the prophecies, though i cannot repeat word for word at the moment, discuss something about a major change in 2012. what was obamas main campiagn? yes, hes for change. but who said it was for the better? and little buddy who wants to bone sarah palin, i agree with you. shes come farthest and had more publicity as a woman in politics than anyone else.
    on the other hand, what happened to the year 2000 being the end? someone else above said 1999 someone else above said 3797, and now its 2012. so who can truly say?
    i do believe the 1999 was, after much study, interpreted to be flipped to show sign of 9-11. im not sure how but i believe thats what it was. i actually had never hear of the nostradomas effect/code until three hours ago. and before obama was elected,
    i said several times hed be assassinated
    i said several times he was gonna be the next hitler
    i said several times hes the end

    im not saying im a prophet.
    im saying one of two things….
    anything anyone says can be later seen as a prediction
    its just that obvious to an 18 yr old, such as myself, that this dude is gonna fuck our shit up.

    i dont know.
    guess we’ll find out in a few years.

  111. oh and one more thing.
    could you all please refrain from the term “idiot” in this discussion?
    i dont call you an idiot for anything you believe.
    isnt this page used for combining ideas, understanding other people, futher deciding on your beliefs and sharing your opinions?

    how does that make one an idiot?

    my generation has spoken…..
    [i suggest you listen]

  112. For those of you trying to write about Antichrist, you first need to study the Bible in regards to the references therein about him, as the Bible’s references are the best and true. The Antichrist, with a capital “A”, as opposed to antichrists, with a small “a”, is “a king strengthened, but not by his own force” – the “Antichrist” is made strong by the antichrists. Obama is not the Antichrist. He does not seem to me to be an antichrist. He is an excellent speaker with a brilliant mind who is faced with difficult tasks. If he is going the extra mile to help you, why don’t the rest of you at least take the time to do your reasearch and learn to spell and type accurately?

  113. Woman US president prophesy update!

    Day by day Sarah Palin seems to be positioning herself for a presidential run. He is attacking Obama and she is the Republican with more effective attacks against the messiah.

    1. That is understandable to me. It has become fairly commonplace these days as a matter of convenience, basically since the popularity of texting and acronyms, to use lowercase for everything.

  114. 2012 is a Leap Year!

    Therefore in an Actual Time

    The Number of Days is equal to 366

    If you noticed that 6 is divisible by 3

    and December is the 12 month, which is divisible by 6

    and 21 is divisible by 3 which is 3 is 6 divisible

    and What will you get is the number “666”

    But I have read many article and theories

    containing many of this warnings,

    which more likely a duty of a false prophet

    “Create a great miracles”, on my

    understanding, I believe that

    Leonardo Da Vinci, Nostradamus, Fulcanelli and Kardek

    are connected. “The Message” as well as

    Mosses, Abraham, Jacob. Honestly I’m Confuse, there are

    so many aspects of religions and Here I am not to offend of those, But I got MY own Phrase.

    “I believe what my heart tells the truth, believe not what my mind seek impure”

    Somewhat I have some insights of those warnings that it

    WILL OCCUR, I dunno, No one knows except HIM and

    those who are CHOSEN.

  115. All of this is interesting, but it sure seems no one blogging here has a life. People should take life day by day, minute by minute and remember that life is guaranteed to no one. God can call any and all back whenever He wants and we all have a number that was given to us at birth. When that number is up, that’s it. So why worry.

  116. alot of people have different opinions on these things yada yada yada. . .but i mean its not gonna be the end of the world on 2012. . .its just goin to be the end of mankind. . .if that makes sense to you all? like the earth will never end, its just like any other planet, it wont just stop existing, it will still be here after man kind is long gone, think about it, the dinosaurs, they went extinct now the world and thus a new race was created, homo sapiens, once we die off, a new species will more than likely evolve, so yeah idk. . .kinda trippy huh?

  117. Hey… I really respect your concern for world and your research work but I would really suggest that you enjoy every bit of the remaining 3 years of your life(as predicted by you) and not waste your time in such senseless predictions. World is full of events and if we try to find some connection between these events and nostradomas’s prediction then it can be easily done by our endless imagination.
    So read these predictions as poetry but don’t take them seriously.

  118. I’ll be honest: at first, I did want Obama to win the election. It seemed he was saying all the right things and so on and so forth. Then I start reading all these prophecies saying something about some kind of savior in disguise telling us what we want to hear. And it got me thinking that perhaps Obama COULD be the antichrist. Of course, I don’t want to believe it because it’s a scary thought.

    And about the world ending in 2012, I don’t think it’s literally going to end. I just think maybe we’ll go through some sort of change. Not destruction. But we won’t know until the day comes.

  119. Woman US president prophesy update!

    With excellent reviews(even from left wing leaning media), former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin had the keynote speech at the World Investors Conference in Hong Kong. According to the attendants to the event, Palin talked about everything from energy independence, national security and domestic policy.

    She spoke with intelligence, grace and courage; even shooting some jokes at the packed ballroom. According to some attendants, she spoke mainly from notes and TelePrompTers were not used. Some pundits think this speech was the first one of many speeches aiming to a possible presidential run in 2012.

    This speech also puts down the notion that Palin is not articulate or versed on important national and international issues.

    The young and beautiful conservative lady from Alaska does it again! She sent her political critics and adversaries back to the strategy room scratching their heads!

      1. thanx for that, I actually wondered about that but according to wikipedia at the time it stated Nostradamus was born in the 15th century in the year 1503.

  120. I myself believe that the earth and the beings in it will change drumatically in the year 2012, is obama the antichrist?… i dont know for sure, apart of me really doesnt trust him much at all, although these feelings im having are not based on any kind of fact, but lets keep in mind that he has only been in office for 7 months now, we have no idea what is to come of these next 3 years. all im saying is that lets keep our eyes and minds open to what might happen. whether or not the world will end, or obama is the antichrist, lets all just be prepared for it. where will you be when it happens? will you be prepared spiritully, will you be prepared with food, water, seeds, books, family or friends or survival skills? i will be, and if nothing happens then i will be prepared for my everyday life anyways, i wont feel stupid, but relieved, if it does happen i will live , while others who were not prepared at all because of their ignorance will die off quickly. but anyways i think we all can agree the that world we live in today needs to change, and i think its to late for humans to do it, most people still deny it, so i believe that change has do come from GOD! and it will.

  121. Obama- Chicago, IL. 606060
    Ray Mabus – Obama’s Secretary of the Navy
    Mabus – Obama’s campaign manager

    If Mabus dies (which could be on a destroyer), while visiting a group of sailors, could this in fact constitute what Nostradamus was referring to? An attack on a Navy Destoyer could start World War III….
    World War III begins when Mabus dies a sudden death.

    Mabus then will soon die, there will come
    Of people and beasts a horrible rout:
    Then suddenly one will see vengeance,
    Hundred, hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.
    Century II, Quatrain 62

    Naval battle night will be overcome,
    Fire in the ships to the West ruin:
    New trick, the great ship colored,
    Anger to the vanquished, and victory in a drizzle.
    Century IX, Quatrain 100

    Ever since I read Quatrain 100..I have had a sick gut feeling about the Sec. of the Navy Ray Mabus

  122. I have one more thought:

    Out of the country of Greater Arabia
    Shall be born a strong master of Mohammed…
    He will enter Europe wearing a blue turban.
    He will be the terror of mankind.
    Never more horror.

    Greater Arabia? to include Africa
    Master of Mohammed? His father and step-father were Muslim. He can quote the Koran backwards and forwards.
    Could the blue turban have any connection to the blue states of America (Democrats), and the turban meaning muslim heritage?
    He has already had his European Tour.

    He is systematically destroying the United States. Afghanistan, no jobs, forclosures….he is bringing America to her knees. If he is allowed to continue on this track…we will all be completely dependant on the government for our food and shelter.

  123. Woman US president prophesy update!

    Associated Press just announced that former Alaska governor Sarah Palin finished her memoir that has the enticing title : “Going rogue: an American life”.

    The title of this book is another clear indication that Sarah Palin is the “masculine woman” Nostradamus is referring to in Quatrain 8: 15.

    “Towards Russia great efforts by a masculine woman,Nearly all of Europe and the universe vexed,The two eclipses (US and Russia) will put all to such pursuit,And for the Pannonians (Yugoslavs, and Hungarians)life and death will be reinforced.”

    A woman “going rogue” indicates a woman with man like attitude or a “masculine woman”!

    Day by day and before our own eyes, the prophesies of a woman that will become the most powerful person on earth is getting closer to be fulfilled!

  124. ok um. the world will for sure not end in 2012 i think that it will me hundreds of yrs of like nostradamus says 3797 but in 2012 i do belive there will be a great dramatic change in the our world.

  125. Yes I recall the man was a Dr. and studying to be a preist…….maybe Nos. had the gift of future visions….Obama obama Obama….. The Nation of Obama or the Obamination hence The obamination of Desolation, spoken by the prophet Daniel in Chapter 8-King James Version Bible……aproximately 61/2 years after one of the 2 beasts sits on the throne in the holy land of Isreal……That is the Obanination of Desolation……The beast gets only (aproximately)6 years and some change, then the real Jesus comes (in all his Glory from God) from the east in the sky with his Angels……Glory to Jesus….Glory to the Trinity and glory (or worship to no other man or wanna be false prophets) God Bless Joebthunder

  126. Yes I recall the man was a Dr. and studying to be a preist…….maybe Nos. had the gift of future visions….Obama obama Obama….. The Nation of Obama or the Obamination hence The obamination of Desolation, spoken by the prophet Daniel in Chapter 8-King James Version Bible……aproximately 61/2 years after one of the 2 beasts sits on the throne in the holy land of Isreal……That is the Obanination of Desolation……The beast gets only (aproximately)6 years and some change, then the real Jesus comes (in all his Glory from God) from the east in the sky with his Angels……Glory to Jesus….Glory to the Trinity………glory (or worship) to no other man or wanna be false prophets…….. God Bless- Joebthunder-Esquire

  127. you are all bumbling idiots
    why would some lunatic making predictions in cryptic language about things thousands of years in the future have any bearing at all here?
    how come he never mentioned the internet? or any of the modern technology we have? if he knew?
    you know why?
    cuz he didnt know
    he made broad generalizations using what he knew of his own time far into the future so no one would ever fact check him

  128. hello everyone –

    i’m not sure why i’m commenting on this post, to be called an idiot or a racist or unpatriotic. but i think its closed minded people, like that, who destroy this world. i didn’t vote for barack and i didn’t vote for anyone. call me a fool, but i didn’t like the choices america was giving me. and that’s my point. someone above barack or palin or mccain or bush runs this country, they make the decisions for us. they tell us to watch, what to wear, how to spend our money, who to root for. the meida (tv and internet) gives us our enemies and heroes. they say you can’t believe everything on tv, why do you?

    maybe the world ends in 2012, maybe it ends tomorrow, who knows? who cares? we can’t change that and barack can’t change that either. but we need to remember what we were taught as children “treat other’s the way you want to be treated.” it doesn’t get much more simple than that.

    america and the world is messed up if you can’t see that then you’re an idiot. we don’t need iphones or twitter or mcdonalds. we need to be humans again. we need to learn and love and be active.

    i do believe in the conspiracies. i don’t however believe in adding and subtracting and then dividing someones age and home address and the factor of that is 666. i don’t think finding some kind of “evil” requires math, just common sense.

    don’t believe me, don’t believe anything. but check it out for yourself. if you’re so smart and you’re a patriot check it out. what harm can it do?

    – i think 9-11 was a scam.
    – how come only good presidents/people (people with good hearts) get assassinated?
    – many of the people working with barack also worked with bush.
    – the federal reserve.
    – plus more, do some research.

    there are millions of facts and opinions out there. do some research. but i’m not going to be ok with america until they can supply me with an answer from 9-11. i mean, it’s been long enough, plenty of time to conjure up a lie.

    and i was pro-war after 9-11. i joined the army, 88-mike was my job, but there are too many facts out there proving what we were told was wrong.

    and if you’re only response against what i’m saying is i spelled a word wrong, then you should be a 7th grade english teacher. and i passed 7th grade years ago.

    seriously, do some research. this isn’t 7th grade history either, this is today’s world we’re talking about. take charge.

  129. Woman president Prophesy update

    Sarah Palin just endorsed a conservative candidate for the New York 23 Congressional district Doug Hoffman. Hoffman, who was behind the polls have gained momentum lately because of Palin endorsement. If Hoffman wins, see how Palin gets credit for that. Even if he does not wins but gets close it will be big news for Palin towards 2012.
    It looks like Hoffman might win this.

  130. In my opinion, predicting actual dates for the end of the world is a futile effort. In the words of Jesus Christ, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words shall not pass away. But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.”
    – Mathew 24:35-36


    Pray and love as much as you can
    We’ll only pass this earth once, be the best of who you are

  131. Religion itself is a man made device to control the weak and small minded into conforming into a mass social structure.

    The so called predictions of Nostrdaumus are just another way of grabbing those who feel the need to belive there is somthing more powerful going on that dont find conventional religions appealing.

    In reality to follow such belief structures will impact your life in the same way advertising a brand name would do, it just alters your perceptions to make you behave, believe or do somthing that somone else wants you to.

    Anyone who disagrees is, as stated, weak minded and obviously easily lead. If this is you …… get somone to look after you you clearly can’t help yourself!

      1. “God” did not make religion! You, Moronic, Fool.
        Religion, is a distorted combination of many ‘Man-Made’ ideas that try to find a purpose in an all together chaotic existence.

        The fact alone that three major religions are all based around the same god but fight about each other because each thinks their versionis correct and in each of those religions there are diferent denominations is a clear sign that religion has been made to control people by people!

      1. ah yes the samer god who is the cause and reason for 9/11 the suicide bombings and all the dead and dying soldiers all cause and effect of god and religion. and if it god’s will it must be good . because god is good right?

  132. the ideas do seem crazy but recently i read a that notradamus said that the antichrist is the first black being to enter the white palace and upon his departure will destroy the world… bush led us into this war and obama has not done much to get us out yet. and the weirder thing is that notradamus predicted the name of the antichrist is MABUS… obaMABUSh. i also love Obama but the way all these pieces do connect is very sketchy

  133. Nostradomus diddnt know jack crap about the end of time noone knows when that is oh and obama is going to mess up america

    1. u know what i dont care about 2012 right now and i wont care either…all i know is that im going to enjoy the rest of my life while i can….and im not bothered about this politics either …as long as obama doesnt do anything stupid im straight

  134. this isnt about politics if u truely didnt believe any of this then u wouldnt waste ur time. but the fact that notradomus made all of the other predictions with pretty accurate disscriptions should have ppl at least a lil worried not to mention u can put some of the pieces together and t hasnt even happend yet. the world is suppose to end in a firey blaze. there is enough nukes in the world to make that happen

  135. You don’t know what you are talking about in reguards to 2012! Most every one knows of the 2012 predictions. You have nothing intellegent or new to say on the matter. “Hope I didn’t scare ya, but…” “Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…” We’ve all heard!!!!! Why do you even have a web sight…?! There are thousands of people that know centuries more than you (respectible intelligent scholars and most of all Mayans and American Indians) that could give you a profound insight and knowledge of the truth as they know it! As was passed down to them by and as the keepers; which they have now so graciously shared with the world. You are disappointing at best.

  136. MmMAaAHhHDdDIiI will come soon

    He Will Rescue The World

    He Release From The Asia

    Az Nostrdaumus said

    it will not be the end of the world but the end of any antichrists

  137. Arent we already in two wars started by Geo.Bush? And if the world were to end in 2012 would not the Anti Christ faction of born agains who believe in rapture be positively raptured? You are so silly. We are all Christs in our way. Do we act that way. No we pick one man say he is the next Anti Christ then see if we can get him killed by an asassin by spreading all these false doctrines. We are so sad as humans we progressed little. This kind of web mis information is just more proof of the same.

  138. Woman US President prophesy update!

    Sarah Palin’s book “Going Rogue” is on its second printing of 1.5 millions!
    Thousands gather to see her at every signing event. Even in Michigan, thousands came to see her.
    She will take Michigan primary from Romney becoming America’s first female presidential nominee!

  139. The World will end when it does and there is nothing that can be done to stop it, It doesnt matter what part of the world you live in your all dead when it happens, and as for the Irish fool who claims that we are weak, at least we have the right to vote and are not being dictated by some woman on a power trip

  140. And the Mayans didnt predict the world would end in 2012 thats just when the calender stops, no one can predict the actual end of anything, because the future is changed every second, so there for no ones predictions are true or false, the future is what we make it, and I plan to make the best of mine with my kids and family and I suggest you all do the same instead of worrying about this crap………………………..

  141. Day by day Sarah Palin gets more popular. Thousands defy cold and freezing temperature to see her. The Woman most powerfull person on earth prophesy is near to be fulfilled!

  142. Well, first of all lets see from the ancient civilization, like maya, aztech, atlantis, and the history of P NOA AND HIS ARK,ETC what we can can believe in their history the fact that people at this time have great knowledge of different field ,they have study the stars movement of the planet, way of living, especially record of their past, we people of the 19 century have chances to study to understand like the bible say …………. and the muslim book hmm.
    normally religious book show us how the past and the future was and will be…… the bible and the quran now scientist are searching for proof and record and its not a simple task. To understand…………..

    the time after 1000 y
    nostradamus, einstein,napoloen, cesar,hitler,newton,etc

    the time before 1000 or2000 bc or …..


    knowledge have been passing generation to generation

    if anything should happen after 2011 to 2012 acording to historical record the world is not going to end … even 2036……..

    my pt of view according to bible and quran especially the muslim people. They should only know the term ***THERE IS NO GOD except god***its for
    the older person.. THEN THE world will come to its end.Like we can view on utube 2012 end clips.
    when people still have knowledge of the bible ,quran and historical record there is no fear…….2012 is not the end

    but might be the chances of technology can took place ….way people think fear ,happiness, sadness…. and possible war between jew and muslim.. or lots of death …… or new cure for lots of dangerous illness, ……..

    but my pt of view historical record have proof of what is happening now.

    we should take care of the elder as knowledge is power ,
    anger is war , peace is only for the poor , evil is for the one one who do not believe in death and life after,


  143. Well, first of all lets see from the ancient civilization, like maya, aztech, atlantis, and the history of P NOA AND HIS ARK,ETC what we can can believe in their history the fact that people at this time have great knowledge of different field ,they have study the stars movement of the planet, way of living, especially record of their past, we people of the 19 century have chances to study to understand like the bible say …………. and the muslim book hmm.
    normally religious book show us how the past and the future was and will be…… the bible and the quran now scientist are searching for proof and record and its not a simple task. To understand…………..

    the time after 1000 y
    nostradamus, einstein,napoloen, cesar,hitler,newton,etc

    the time before 1000 or2000 bc or …..


    knowledge have been passing generation to generation

    if anything should happen after 2011 to 2012 acording to historical record the world is not going to end … even 2036……..

    my pt of view according to bible and quran especially the muslim people. They should only know the term ***THERE IS NO GOD except god***its for
    the older person.. THEN THE world will come to its end.Like we can view on utube 2012 end clips.
    when people still have knowledge of the bible ,quran and historical record there is no fear…….2012 is not the end

    but might be the chances of technology can took place ….way people think fear ,happiness, sadness…. and possible war between jew and muslim.. or lots of death …… or new cure for lots of dangerous illness, ……..

    but my pt of view historical record have proof of what is happening now.

    we should take care of the elder as knowledge is power ,
    anger is war , peace is only for the poor , evil is for the one one who do not believe in death and life after,




  144. Woman US president 2012 prophesy update!

    Latest Rasmussen Poll shows Sarah Palin with better approval ratings than Obama!



  147. There is only one to fear, and it’s not Nostradomus or whatever incarnate Obama becomes. Fear God, If he can create, he can destroy. Gods Angels win against the Hells Angels in the end.
    chiasmus:Good is God, God is Good

  148. Hey! anon omus
    Get it right. No one knows the exact time or day of (Jesus coming back to earth in the sky with his Angels), the KJV Bible teaches that.
    Jesus did speak about knowing when the end is near by seeing the signs of the times. I would rather beleive Jesus Christ the Isreali from Bethleham than Nostradomus, or think that Mr. Obama is any greater, (or special) than you or I. Jesus Christ is greater because he is part of the Holy Trinity.

  149. Correction; Only God Knows when.
    Signs of the times: Mathew 24th chpt
    Only fear God: book of Proverbs
    Whats healthy to eat: Leviticus 11th chpt
    Saturday in Spanish: Sabado (the real and genuine Sabbath) 7th Day without a day forgotten: God made sure of that. After all he did create everything. I choose to give God the credit for everything created great in this world.
    Only worship God with no in between parties (or statues): the Lords Prayer, and numerous other KJV bible verses.
    The ten commandments will always be more important than any other additional rules that governments can make.
    Do not mock the word of God, especialy the sermon on the mount. Finally;Rev 22:18, 19

  150. No1 predicted that the world would end in 2012, Nostradamus, predicted that a Major disaster would occur, now in the United Kingdom is 2012, its the olimpic game, champions league final at wembly, the euro cup in Saudi Arabia, it wont b the end but i asusre something will happen

  151. i am not sure if i really give into Nostradomus’s predictions. Yes many of them were true but no one really knows when the end of the world will come. Jesus stated that. Also it is scary to think about the world ending, yet if you believe within your heart that jesus christ is our savior you have nothing to worry about. No one has answers just predictions…

  152. The citizens of Gardner, KS are currently working to recall two members of their City Council. The recall is tied up in the courts at the moment, but it should go to a vote in March of 2010.

  153. This is a KKK site, to scare people into not voting for Obama, because he’s black. The election already happened, and the mess that bush left has already more then half been cleaned up. Obama will bring the end of the world? No no no. If you people really think that you are fools.

    1. Yea, agreed! Obama is more then proving himself.
      I commend him on his swift response to Haiti! And I think we will see a lot more good things from him

  154. Well according to political pundits Obama is definite one- term prez. Not to mention his ratings falling to earth at the speed of light.His koolaid- drunks supporters are finally in rehab so the streets are safe from obamania!!!!!

  155. What a difference a day makes – That free wielding Obama has now become so inflated with his power that he wants to control the internet.As they say ‘shit happens’ to the best of us.

  156. Just to leave my 2 cents. A few things most of you are all missing. Nostradamus predicted this anti-christ will have 7 leaders pave the way for his demonic entrance. He will be in Asia not in Europe again. Following the havoc, poverty, famine, and natural destruction seen today, it is safe to say these 7 leaders are among us, and the 3rd anti-christ is yet to come. My personal translation of his prophecies lead me to beleive 2012 is the year this new era of bloodshed will begin. Whether it be war or natural, the world will be in chaos. This cues this anti-christ, masked as a messiah to begin his reign or take power. Having learned from the mistakes of his predeceasors this man will undertake a 27 year war. All the translations that have been made are most likely false in some way. However i think one of the most staggering peices of evidence is that Nostradamus predicted vengeance to one of these 7 leaders when loosely translated. It states that on this night a comet will pass. The day Sudam Hussien was hung for his war crimes, the brightest comet in 60 years began its pass of earth. Obama is not your anti-christ he is one of the 7 leaders. He will not be evil. Obama will come in contact with this false messiah and possibly usher him in. Be aware that 2012 is not the end, it is the beginning of a horrible, bloody new age to come.

    1. Bear :

      You seem to be writing about Book V, quatrain #2. It just so happens, when I was a little Antichrist, someone shot me in the forehead. Details of what I was informed just prior to the shooting by a third party are sketchy to me. The third party is still alive today. The shooter died this past October.

      Something which was said to me just before I began goading, was followed by the thought, understanding and feeling that I had had enough of guns and weaponry.
      I remember saying something like “Go ahead, shoot me. I can take it.” My yelling so had the intent of expending all rounds so that no one would ever be shot again. Apparently, what was said to me was that no matter what, I was going to be shot, in the head, I might add. At that point in time, it would not have been the first time, and this was not only known to me, but to the speaker as well. I am not sure if the shooter had known I was previously shot.

      There are writers today who try to take the “seven kings” and the “eighth” as referring to specific personalities of the 20th-21st centuries. This is purely fictional opinion on the part of these writers. The Book of Revelation has been a source of hope for hundreds of years, almost thousands of years. It is not a ‘secret code’ book only for the 20th-21st centuries. Though Nostradamus does indeed seem to be expounding upon that very passage in the Book of Revelation with respect to the 27 year war.

  157. I don’t see the reason why people find iit difficult to believe what Nostradamus said or wrote. If some of the predictions he has mase came to pass it means that God is using him to give everyone in the world a message

  158. i hope you guuyys get what i mean because Nostradamuus can’t just wake up one morning and write down false issues. Is he stupid?????????????????????????????????????????
    I mean that we should see issues alike with him. Even if we don’t believe we have to try and live a very good livge. Sometime in the year 2008, A womman gave birth to a baby in a hospital at ../………………… when the baby’s hand opened it read: Jesus is coming soon”. Few hours later the baby died. Why do you think this baby was actually born?? Don’t you think it was in order to give messawge to everyonu in the world. I REALLY THINK WE HAVE TO THINK ABOUT THIS NOSTRADAMUS ISUE TWQICE BEFORE WRITING WATEVER IN THE INTERNET……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

    1. hi,i have strong feeling about the ending of the world beacuase i read it in the bible.But only The Lord our God can tell when,not you,not him,not me,no one in the earth cant tell.i tell you something bothers me,by 2008 i dreamed more often about world ending sounds weird for me coz its only a dreamed,and dream is a dream..do you believe in dreams?? i dont beleive in dreams but during that year 2008 forward i always dreamed bout ending of the world again,i saw floods,tidal waves,wars,lightning in the sky and the sky turns to dark, i saw earthquakes,people die and i saw numbers, i saw churhes floating in the water and also idols floating in the water,i dont want to give meaning on my dreams,can you give meaning on my dream what does its mean?..i dreamed about God,i saw him with a long white robe,im following him on his back,I am also wearing white long dress..and in my dreamed he said to me”I WILL COME SOON..sounds scary,what God wants me to know?Is God wants to say something or leave a message tru my dreams or what?? i read the bible and God said in there that He “will coming soon”and God also said that He will appear in vision and in dreams,it makes me think that maybe my dreams will happen when Jesus come..i dont know..i really dont know.. And even 2009 until now i always dreamed bout ending of the world.Do i need to tell it to the people?peolpe will laught at me for sure,lots of people doesnt believe in dreams and doesnt believe in God..Last mOnth 2010 i dreamed that i was walking in the long field,when look in the mountain i saw a huge of water coming from me,tru the feild where i walked..i was crying and shouting to all the people who lives in the feild to go run fast to the hill top because the huge water almost coming to our way..i cried and cried,im looking to my family,my father and brothers,id run to our native home to save them,,but i couldnt find them where they are..when i was standing in the high hills,i saw the water covered all over the place..i was cried,in my dreamed i cant see anybody, i guess i am the only one who survived,i cried louder and louder,when i heard voices,saying DONT BE AFRAID,DONT BE CRY,IM WITH YOU tHE LORD YOUR GOD…You’ll be fine.this words touch my heart so much when i woke on that morning..my dreams sound real,i can felt its like real happen..i hope i could find someone who had dreamed like mine,hope i could find some who have a better understanding about dreams and explain to me what it mean..i dont know nothing..:(…..;/(…

  159. Barck Obama will be a one term president.
    Sarah Palin will be elected. She will be the Athenea Nostradamus and other seers are talking about.

  160. first of all the Mayans are the ones who predicted the world would end in 2012, not Nostradamus. In fact the Mayans didn’t even predict the world would end, thats just when their long count calendar ends.

    Second of all, he didn’t really predict an end time. In fact his predictions go way farther than 2012, I believe all the way up to 3792 and this wasn’t a prediction for the end of the world, rather a statement about how far his predictions would go. Nostradamus specifically said in one of his letters that he does not predict the end of the world. He also stated that his prophesies extend out several thousand years, which is far beyond the present age

    And third, his predictions are so vague that its impossible to get something accurate out of it. They have just been interpreted by people to fit events in history. Also he doesn’t always get the correct dates, for example the so called twin towers prediction he made was 2 years too early but then again it probably wasn’t talking about the twin towers at all.

    And might i add that throughout history there have been many predictions of the worlds end which none of them have happened.

  161. wtf god made humans on the 7th day right adam and eve but i thought dinosaurs were before us lol and if god really made earth why does he wanna destory it ? why did he make more than one galaxie why did he make pluto iits know as a small rock so many questions no anwsers -_-

  162. i believe this guy, this world will com 2 an end scary 2 say and believe..but we gta face the truth and people gotta start thinking of ways 2 survive this shit, cuz i sure dont wna die yet or fucking starve i got a baby 2 worry about she will be 3 by then and i want my child 2 live a full life.

  163. is anyone goin to build undergrounds for us???? i strongly believe in Nostradamus and the Mayan calander. did anyone see the last image on the calender??, its like a huge dragon, with water gushing out of his mouth…..which prbly means we all goin to drown 😦 over the years i have never believed that the world would end, even if it was on the front of the newspaper, but der is something about it dis time, there are 3 different explanations given if u look it up. Nostradamu is one, Mayan calender is two and wat about NASA??, they said they found a planet and its already heading to earth!! 😦

    1. Don’t worry. You can buy an underground shelter! (some people are just too lazy to build their own..)

      if you are worried about the world ending go ahead and check out this website. http://www.terravivos.com/

      you can buy yourself a share of an underground shelter. Each one can house 200 people for up to a year.

  164. Woman most powerful person on earth(US President) prophesy update!

    As a clear indication that she intends to run for president, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin answered Chris Wallace that she “would” run.

    Recent polls shows the young mother of five leading all possible 2012 GOP candidates.

    She addressed the first ever Tea party convention and delivered her defacto first 2012 campaign speech blasting Obama and his policies. And she did it as a Republican putting down rumors of a third party run!

    The woman US president prophesy takes a step forward after these news!!!

  165. If Christ were to be living among us today and read all the post that many of those claiming to be christians wrote here, he will be ASHAME!!!!!! and send you directly to hell .

    You are using religion as an excuse and to hide the thruth about who you really are behind the mask. To hide the real reason PREJUDICE!!!!!
    If someone destroyed this country that was G W BUSH …a Republican……Is odd that now the Republican party wants
    to portrait themselves as saviors …..

    Had we really become so Dumb and Blind in this country?
    Had we allowed that people with distorted minds take control using religion as an excuse ????

    By the way

    Barack Hussein Obama name is not 6+6+6 as someone wrote early on

    Barack have 6 letters
    Hussein have 7 Letters
    Obama have 5 letters ……that is 6+7+5
    By the way Barack Zip in Chicago was 60615 not 60606

    Please at least learn your numbers ….and stop the lies,
    but most of all stop distorting Jesus word for your demonic purpose …..

  166. This is not the end. this is begining of a new yuga (Age in hindi) the Satyuga (age of gods) read about this on Google.com and search Nostradamus Predictions about India and Hiduism.

  167. If our going to post something make sure you research it before you spout off about something you are uneducated on. The prediction, the one of Nostradamus, States that a comet planet, Nibiru, will be visible to the earth for seven days prior to its devestating effects. This comet planet, which passes every 3600 years has very destructive potential. The difference in this years passin however is the closer possitioning to mars. The prophecy states that Nibiru will pass through the asteroid belt between jupiter and mars. This will cause either imapct with earth or a near passing that will cause the asteroid belt, pulled in by the gravity of Nibiru, to strike the earth. Britain will be the first land to fall and china will finally wage war with all nations

    1. What book and quatrain of Nostradamus are you basing this on, Cotton? It seems to me you have bit off more than you can chew.

  168. ur just one of them that was blinded of foolishness of mankind.what thus the bible says!when his apostle ask him when was the time of his coming and the time of end, JESUS REPLIED UNTO THEM IN SAID.all this things MAY COME!!!AND PASS,BUT THE END IS NOT YET TO COME!!!!!.and some passage of the book of Matthew say.no,not even the angels Know the time of of CHRIST return in his glory to this earth.no not one.only the son of man Jesus Christ Knoweth.so dont be a fool,u there. who is NOTRADAMUS then?he is just a mortal man like u.he is not the prophet of GOD.but the prophet of the DEVIL.SON OF PERDITION!!!

    1. Dale :

      Jesus Christ died so that not a single soul would perish. Even though Christ spoke using the parable of sheep and goats, that was so we could grasp the magnamity of His power.

      Happy Easter!

  169. theres no way for me to believe,to this idiocy,if MR.NOTRADAMUS not a CHRISTIAN.i mean does not receive CHRIST JESUS as here personal LORD and SAVIOR.mark my word im 100% that now his tormented in HELL fire.

  170. Woman US President prophesy update!

    Sarah Palin is fired up and ready to fight Democrats in Congress. The woman US president prophesy is getting closer to be fulfilled.

  171. Nostradamus is really out of his mind. Is he God. And who a hell does he think he was. Drunkard and a madman in writing…….I am really pissed with this bullshit, because he seems to be challenging God….His world has ended long along, and can not dictate for we the children of God when the world is going to end, for only God knowns that………..Read your bible my fellow believer……

    Uche from Lagos, Nigeria.

  172. Come on, I have read all of your posts, and found out that people commenting on this thread, are about Nostradamus and U.S. Presidents. You wanna talk about this, create your own lifeless thread. So you can argue until you are voted to debate with the President himself.

    For a more straight-to-the-point version of this meaningful summary,



  174. Woman US President Prophesy update!

    Stomping for fellow Republican conservative woman Michelle Bachman, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin drew over 10,000 people at a rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One more sign that the incredible prophesy of pastor William Branham of a beautiful woman “rising in great power in America” is about to be fulfilled. The incredible match of Branham prophesy comes to light as most of the almost 11,000 people at the rally were women! Pastor Branham prophesied that the woman he saw as rising in great power in America(maybe President) does it in part for the overwhelming support of women votes!
    As additional note about this amazing prophesy, Michelle Bachman, referring to her fellow Republican, called her “dead gorgeous” at the cheering of the crowd.

  175. time will explain it …dont bother ur self thinking too much
    enjoy the life ……………………………………….so much to do
    im sure we pass 2013 and nothing happens.

  176. Whether people want to believe this or not the end of the world is coming! all of you know that this is true, also don’t say the lord would be ashamed because im sure you dont know how or what he thinks. This is the end of the world its coming. How could nostadamous predict all those unholy thing and all of them come true? jackasses

    1. preacher :

      Then, how do you account for the illumination found in the prayer, “world without end”, and still not be a jackass yourself?

  177. haha damn you all are ridiculous. Nobody knows what is true, especially you religious fanatics. Taking the word of man about “God”….you’ve been brainwashed. All this talk of Obama being bad, you’re just a flat out modern day racist. You don’t dislike him because of his presidential direction. You dislike him because his skin tone. Regardless if he’s mixed or not, his darker skin tone represents that of what a racist hates most. So you choose to say that you’d rather see people in office that represent what other countries see the U.S. as?

    Racists, war-mongers, power hungry, greedy, and self centered.

    You know it better than I, just wont admit it.
    Republican = Racist
    no “ifs” “ands” or “buts” about it.

  178. Guys, if you think that the world will end on 2012, don’t you want to at least have fun on the rest of your lives, not sit in front of a computer and read an essay/comments about what a person thinks gonna happen? I don’t think the world is gonna end so fast(at least for me) cauz i wanna live my life to the fullest.

  179. real quick… Nostradamus did not predict the world was going to end in 2012… in none of his writings does he say that. on top of that his predictions date to 2070…. if the world was going to end in 2012 he would not be predicting WWIII to end in 2070

  180. I believe President Barack Obama is the last of our problems ladies and gentalmen I did a little rain check on our dooms day senario. Information from space.com:

    Apophis was discovered in the year of 2004 and is named after a snakelike Egyptian god of darkness and chaos. The name is appropriate. For a brief period of time last winter, scientists had given Apophis, then known as 2004 MN4, a 1-in-40 chance of colliding with Earth in 2029.

    Additional observations ruled out the 2029 impact, and scientists now predict there is about a 1-in-10,000 chance that the asteroid will hit Earth in 2036, on yet another of its trips around the Sun on a course that crosses the orbit of Earth.

    A large part of the uncertainty surrounding Apophis’ movements is due something called the Yarkovsky Effect. When rotating bodies like asteroids pass through our solar system, they absorb solar radiation from the Sun that they then re-radiate.

    The miniscule but persistent pressure from this re-radiation can cause a rock to speed up or slow down and change its flight path.

    In many ways, the hubbub surrounding Apophis stems from an unusual confluence of events as the detection of near-Earth objects coincides roughly with humanity’s demonstrated ability to meet them. Emboldened by the success of recent missions like Stardust and Deep Impact, some scientists think it prudent to launch a space mission to determine whether Apophis poses a significant threat.

    Most Astro researchers will continue to track this asteroid in 2014 when it makes a fly by pass near earth.
    This should be able to conclude with 99.8 percent accuracy whether a future impact scenario can be ruled out. this information is credited to http://www.space.com and keep your eyes to the heavens. later

  181. Use the google star map software and select Apophis 99942 put this date in April 13, 2029 and April 13, 2036 time 10:45am-11:11am and see where it go’s. Try it out when you have the time.

  182. I go against obama (aka osama)he might put amarica Hell!the land of the sad.If u go against this,Please spread the word allover the universe!!!vote for the right leader!if you r a kid,go 2 kidsvotenoworg!P.s i challange you to try 2 tell 100 (or much more)peaple 2 vote him out with out being violent or cruel about opinion or race.Thanks


  184. To those of you who have stated this is the begining of new age…
    That is exactly right. Nostradomus has predicted events that lead up until 2070. This date will mark the begining of a new age. Although I believe this date will be a large part of WWIII. Plus look at what Nostradomus has predicted of Obama’s presidency. He stated that Obama will somehow come into contact with an anti-christ and plunging us all into war. Well look at this already, Obama stated during his presidential running that he would bring all our troops home from war and start the peace but he has done the exact opposite. He has sent a large number of more troops over seas and has caused a bigger mess. I do have bias against Obama because I told everyone this was going to be a mess and that is because I know the predictions of this by Nostradomus are true and I believe every word of it. But even someone who does not have the bias can look at this and say “Damn, He was right all along” And to Felix, it is a big possibility that he is the last black leader of the world. He has made a larger mess of the war in Iraq and Iran and seems to be meeting his Anti-Christ right now. All we need to remember is what our fore father’s said: “America will not be brought down by an outside country or war, the only way america will be brought down is from the people on the inside.” So lets all stick together and Protest/Over throw if we need to. And I’m serious and about ready to start the protest right now. We have the right to do so and cannot be brought down by anyone for this.

  185. so if this is true it will be a great revelation and a big issue on this.thus obama have such greatest responsibility on 2012.because base on my studies it is true dat the will end on dec 21 2012

  186. Chers amis,

    Depuis mon enfance j’ai toujours ressenti au plus profond de mon âme une différence entre moi et mes camarades, j’ai mis du temps pour en comprendre les raisons, ce qui me paraissait acquis et naturel ne l’était pas nécessairement pour mes proches.

    Au fil des années, j’ai compris que Dieu m’avait transmis un don, le don de clairvoyance.

    J’ai hésité avant de décider de publier mes visions dans ce blog. Une des raisons est que je n’avais pas foi en moi étant donné qu’en peut trouver de nombreuses prophéties ou visions à travers le monde.Ces prophéties sont généralement cryptées, obscures ou se sont tout simplement avérées fausses. Je tacherai par conséquent de vous décrire mes visions le plus clairement possible, je m’engage de les ajouter à fur et à mesure.

    Bref, voilà mes visions :

    Guerre au Moyen Orient entre Israël et les nations de Mahomed, cette guerre débutera entre juin et novembre 2010, l’origine de la 3 Guerre Mondiale.
    Alliance économique et militaire entre les rouges (Russie & Chine) et les nations mohamediennes.
    Révolutions et heurts sociaux en Europe, aux Etats-Unis et dans de nombreux pays.
    L’église sera mise à rude épreuve et sa transcendance.
    La troisième guerre mondiale et l’Antéchrist.
    L’effondrement de l’empire américain et de l’occident.
    La victoire de la chrétienté sur les forces de l’islam.
    La paix et l’instauration d’un gouvernement mondial après la grande guerre.
    Le retour du christ et le jour du jugement dernier.
    L’âge d’or et la conquête spatiale.
    Je reste bien évidemment à votre disposition, mes chers amis, pour tout renseignement complémentaire de votre part.

    Sincères salutations.


    Source : http://orvaillant.wordpress.com/

  187. Sarah Palin continues to endorse WOMEN for congresional and governatorial races and they are winning. Could this be the prophetic sign that a woman will become the most powerful person on earth by the support of women?

  188. I am a very open minded middle class young lady in the south trying to make it, do the right thing, and always eager to learn. I’m not one for debate because, quite frankly, whats going to happen is going to happen, our actions is just a determent as to what could happen. One of my major concerns are, if this was such an issue or even close to being true, why haven’t we seen it in the media, why wasn’t it stated during election to either party, why aren’t they telling us to get prepared?? We prepare for natural disasters. I don’t know much about Nostradomus and im not into politics as much as i could be, but i’ve read articles that makes me wonder could the things i was reading be true.I become curious to these accusations that could have an affect on not just my future, but the world as we know it’s future. Attaining information about the predictions of Nostradamus is very intersting for me viewing this site and the one below. Just thought it would be great to have someone’s aspect put into view who doesn’t believe in the aspirations of a man who some came to believe made prophecies extremely far in his future but in a past that we’re still living in, which is mind boggling in itself. So please, take a look at this link and im not on either side of the fence. In my own judging of it all, conspiracy is what i feel best to call it. Our future is all we have and whether its 2012, 2013, 3337, 3372 or 3797, who are we to say when the world will end?? Hell,we don’t even know how we got here needless to say when we will leave!! The word WE is including everyone in the past because they made us who we are. That being said, Nostradamus should have no affect because the same way he predicted his future and it just so happen came true,u can too,AND IT COULD COME TRUE!!


  189. I will shamelessly plug my other writing on Nostradamus:


    Until someone says: “Nostradamus said X, so that is going to happen”, and THEN it does, I’ll listen.

    But all that has happened so far is people say (endlessly): “Nostradamus said X was going to happen and a little while ago it did”.
    That is not prediction.
    That is postdiction.

    Nostradamus has never predicted anything. Not once.

    All that happens is people endlessly, tirelessly, relentlessly, continuously, try to fit his writings to the past!

    Stop already. Don’t you have anything better to do?

  190. there is a beginning and an end for everything. But i don’t believe in the exact date. Only GOD knows. He is the Alpha and the Omega. The beginning and the end.

  191. Woman US Prophecy update!

    The amazing conservative women following of Sarah Palin whom she calls “Mama Grizlies” might be another big sign of the prophetic message of pastor Branham.

    You might be saying Madam President sooner than you think!

  192. obama was supposed to become president in the first place. do you really believe that the people of the united states actually get to choose the president? its all fixed!

  193. Nostradamus has predicted a nuclear attack on the New City (New York). If fulfilled, this would augur a third world war which I suspect would cross over to the year 2012. Thus, the NEW AGE, which the MAYANS forecast. Their date is 12/21/2012. This NEW AGE might constitue new geo-political changes in europe and our continent. End of civilisation? NO, Nostradamus forecasts a lively planet up to the year 3500. But our world in the next five years may be a very different place in five years.

  194. If you really want to know all about Nostradamus and what he was really trying to do with his life and legacy read the novel, “The Nostradamus Seed”, which can be found on Amazon.com. Or email me and I will send you a autographed copy.

  195. My out look is that obama is black and of Araic or some kind of westen descent. Which in the Bible as the for comer of the anti christ.He denouced God and America during his inaguratin he refused to wear the In God we Trust Pin and the American Flag pin.Which now he wear the American Flaf Pin in a mockery that he has fooled us all
    The American Indian at any time up to the invention oof the Cobalt Revolver(1938)could have wiped out any and all colonist at any tme.An Indian could hoot six arrows or run 150 yards against the Muzzle load weapons which not real accurate,and road the fastes horses in the world.They all Believed that one God in which they worshiped.But they were never tout that Jesus Died for our sins and the invaders to their land did know you have to accept christ as their personl savoir.Which proves the power of of the spread of the word of god and the power he has of God fearing people
    Now The word is spread world wide,and 2012 predictions might very well could be a warning of his coming even though many believe no one can tell.But i beleive obama maybe a horrible for coming of the Bible.My faith lies in the lord not obama.

  196. Annonymous. You are the idiot. Thay is why you are a Annonymous chickenshit. Although Mr. Dunn needs to spend some time at a nuthouse and see a seriosly good psychiatrist. His rant on Obama is totally delusional and ignorant.

  197. Day by Day, Sarah palin seems to be closer to fulfill a long awaited prophecy. She will be the most powerful woman in History in 2 years!

    1. You are mentally deranged! What prophecy is your imagination fantasy trying to make some kind of reality?
      Sarah Palin is misinformed, uneducated, continues to stick her foot in her mouth, sponsors candidates for election who lose more than win. She speaks for a very angry, rowdy and foolishly brainwashed minority who do not have the power to put her in political office. She would never get elected. In fact, McCain probably would have won the last presidential election if had chosen Romney for his running mate instead of the entertaining, brain dead Palin!

      1. I would Sarah Palin over that Obozo guy any day. And I am a Democrat. Obama is a total loser. Listen to the woman. If you can listen to Obama day in and day out and listen to his lies and distortions and sticking his foot in his mouth weekly and not call HIM misinformed and an idiot, then you are listening to the truth. You hate palin and refuse to open your ears or eyes. SHE MAKES SENSE. OBAMA MAKES NO SENSE. Get the wax or crud out of your ears!!!

    2. Carmelo,
      I like what you are trying to do. You are doing a study of some sort on the behavior of others by your posts. Good job getting your data.

  198. I do not know if god exists, honestly I don’t care. I highly doubt the world will end but if it does, I am prepared. Stop worrying so much about everyone else’s beliefs. what matters now is that you live your life the way you believe is best. Embrace your friends and family and welcome a new age. If the world is going to end it will be because the human race is so naturally selfish that we cannot find peace within ourselves. Just be happy with all the many things you have a remember this is a beautiful world. There has never been a better time for the Era of Peace. I believe if we could all just learn to get along and coexist, we will be fine. Anyway, the world will not be destroyed. If anything our race will simply be knocked out because we became far too powerful. Remember what happened to the Dinosaurs?

    By the way, the mayan calender ended in december just as your very own calender does. but, it begins again the following year.. Just as the one in your kitchen does.

    The Number One rule I have always lived by has gotten me to the very best places in life. I just want to share it with you all:

    It doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks. DO WHAT YOU WANT. Do what YOU want!! It’s so simple! You, yourself are the only one that knows if your beliefs are true or not. Go with the flow. And, try to remember everyone is right in his/her own beliefs. STOP PUSHING YOURS SO CARELESSLY ONTO OTHERS! people will believe in whatever they want to. end of story.

  199. I doubt with all the wax between your ears you can come up with an specific examples in your small brain. Why do you think McCain lost to Obama? Because he had Palin as his running mate. If McCain would have chosen Romney as his running mate than Obama would have lost the election to McCain. Duh!

  200. i guess nostradamus wasent such a bad guy ….his most of the prediction came true and it doesent mean we should start believing him as our PROPHET …..we should listen what our GOD and his messengers has said . . . .
    regarding 2012 …so i would like to say world wouldent be endind by som1s predictions….its not a joke..doesent matters what mayan calender says …
    regarding this matter we should try to concern BIBLE as well as QURAN …..and after going through these two books 1s mind would be fully cleared …and no doubt is going to be left behind …m sure

    and those who dont believe in GOD ,they may see there clear way to hell…sry to say
    there is stil much time to to improve …GOD have given u mind the study the truth….not to freking around ..

  201. It is us,you and me who are the antichrist,why becouse we still follow, believe, trust,live and die by the word of gods,we the people of this earth are the gods,we make and brake laws,we kill and maim each other in the name of allah or jesus,we use the names to tell ourselvs its ok,the world will just carry on in a steady progresion and will move forward slowly as it has for the last few hundred years untill we all dismiss these mythical beings,2012 will come and go,and we will still kill each other,the divide will still be rich and poor,and we will still look to the gods to convince ourselves its ok,armageddon is us,its not the mythical gods destroying this planet its us,make no mind to the scaremongers telling you about the likes of nostradamus and the end of the world its rubbish,we are the end of the world,you and me now at this time,why becouse this is our time,we choose to kill we polute we waste and we turn our backs on the hungry we allow our rich and powerfull to this in our name,thats you and me,we are armageddon,you only get one go round in this theame park make the most.ps please exscuse the spelling(i am dyslexic)i blame the gods.

    1. That is a fairly decent summary of events, quorum. The prophecy that “there shall be war to the end” (found in the Book of Daniel) is quite foreboding.

      But Jesus Christ has raised me from the dead, and the eloquence of the Holy Spirit comes through in quatrain #24 in Book VII of Centuries by Michel de Notre Dame (Nostradamus) concerning His doing so.

      The eternal bliss I now enjoy is deserved reward from being obedient to Jesus Christ.

  202. I have been a searcher of mysteries for my personal reasons for 40 years and the signs I have put together from various sources I deem interesting to credible have led me to a recent source most interesting that covers UFOs,aliens,2012 and our relationship to it all….This information will twist your mind because it will repel you initially and then you will be hooked. I refer to the writings of a 76 year old regression hypnotist named Dolores Cannon who does seminars all over the world promoting her writtings especially the latest series called,”The Convoluted Universe books I-III. Her clients or subjects reveal things under hypnosis which she has recorded that paint a picture about ourselves and our purpose on earth that trancends religion to give us our relationship with our creator and our important purpose towards each other. 2012 is a milestone in our universe that will reset our relationship with ourselves and our creator in a new civilization.Check her out on Amazon.com. I have met her and believe she is the real deal.

  203. Woman US president prophesy Update!

    After being the star speaker at the “Restoring Honor” rally with Glen Beck, Sarah Palin is headed to Iowa for a fund raising event that Iowans republicans hope get them tons of donations. Another big step of Palin towards running for and winning the presidency in 2012 becoming the most famous woman in history!

    The prophecies of Nostradamus and Pastor Branaham take a step closer to be fulfilled!

  204. Well we can all be sure as to what is going to happen… I have to admit that I’m drawn into the predictions of Nostradamus just because he’s got a lot of them right so far! None the less people, all of us have our own beliefs and religions, and you should remember to not force your religion or be obnoxious about it. Until 2012, we do not know, if we all work together, hopefully we can all ‘Live’ in peace 🙂

  205. Woman US President Prophecy update!

    Speaking in front of a crowd of over 1000 people in Iowa, Sarah Palin signals she will run for President in 2012. She will be America’s first female president.

  206. To talk about the world ending in 2012 is melodramatic, and is not supported by Nostradamus. He says in his letter to his son, Caesar Nostradamus, “I am the greatest sinner of the world subject to all human afflictions. But being surprised sometimes by a prophetical mood, and by a long calculation, pleasing myself in my study, I have made Books of Prophecies, each one containing a hundred Astronomical Stanzas, which I have joined obscurely, and are perpetual prophecies from this year to the year 3797, at which some perhaps will frown, seeing so large an extension of time, and that I treat of everything under the Moon.” So as others here have said, if he talks about prophecies going on to 3797 he cannot be of the view that the world will end in 2012. I believe he says somewhere else that time goes on much further than the 3797, but I can’t find the reference.

  207. I love God and God loves me. HE KNOWS WHAT WILL HAPPEN. ONLY HE. you dont know and i dont know. if the world does end in 2012 then let it be its all up to God he has a plan for all of us even you non believers. im not gonna worry about it because i know that im a Christian and i have God on my side. He has a plan. his plan is better than any mans plan

    1. all Christians need to read Matthew-24 Jesus tells the disciples of things to come after his death. a false prophet will come and lead nations against nations to war on the christians.570yrs after his death came a prophet named Mohammed and he had grate powers like Jesus said and thay like to kill christians.

  208. Why do people keep mentioning God, what rational and conclusive evidence do you have to prove the existance of God? His plan? He knows what will happen? There is no way on earth you can be so sure about such things. There is no preacher no teacher that could confirm the existance of a God. The only one good thing to come from religon is the moral rules/guides by which are built into our existance, i.e. “thou shalt not kill” without that the majority if you religous nuts could not cope and there would be anarchy, but a plan? be real.

  209. This writer, like many, many, many others, did not check his facts before he started trying to sound like he knew something. The Mayan calendar does NOT predict the end of the world in 2012. It predicts a time of great upheaval and change. It does not END on 2012, it begins a new 5125-year cycle.
    Also, as for Nastrsdamas, his verses are SO vague, that they are very, very open to interpretation. Anyone who puts a lot of belief into them is very deluded.

    The Solstice on December 21, 2012—precisely at 11:11 AM Universal Time—marks the completion of the 5,125 year Great Cycle of the Ancient Maya Long Count Calendar.

    Rather than being a linear end-point, this cycle that is closing is naturally followed by the start of a new cycle. What this new cycle has in store for humanity is a mystery that has yet to unfold.

    Read below what a well-educated person, trained in Mayan culture says:

    Carlos Barrios, who was trained as an Ajq’ij in the Maya tradition, has this to share in regards to 2012:

    “Our planet can be renewed or ravaged. Now is the time to awaken and take action… The prophesized changes are going to happen, but our attitude and actions determine how harsh or mild they are.

    “This is a crucially important moment for humanity and for earth. Each person is important. If you have incarnated into this era, you have spiritual work to do balancing the planet…The greatest wisdom is in simplicity. Love, respect, tolerance, sharing, gratitude, forgiveness. It’s not complex or elaborate. The real knowledge is free. It’s encoded in your DNA. All you need is within you. Great teachers have said that from the beginning. Find your heart, and you will find your way.”

  210. All this stuff freaks me out…my question is, what does the president think of all this? I have to say after researching all this information from the Hopi Indians, the Mayans, Nostradamus, EDGAR CACEY, and you know a few others…something nasty appears to be brewing itself up. I do not know about all you people, but I live in rural America, pretty much in the woods. I tell you what I will be even deeper in the woods when this stuff happens. I am already studying how to live in a self sustaining environment. I think the only way to make this a positive event, is we all need to cut the crap and take care of the mother Earth that we live on. I believe In God, yes. But I also don’t think that people should push it on you and tell you to read the bible or you go to hell. I believe as long as you believe in whats good and live your life in an appropriate way and give respect to the higher power that keeps us all breathing and the world that gives us our air to breathe as well as our food we eat, than your all good. I believe in God but I don’t think I need to go to church and give them my money to get into heaven. As long as you live abundantly and soundly and try to be nice to everyone and respect the Earth you walk on and give your thanks people…….it is sad what we do to this planet. Even while saying this I throw things away in the trash. I dislike throwing trash in the trash, it sucks., Unfortunately it is hard to not throw things away. with all our plastic and such. I think it would be great to live like they did in the “olden days” with better medical care of course. It would be a positive change. no more gas, no more, plastic, no more CRAP! JUST FAMILY< FRIENDS< COMMUNITY<LOVE< Sounds great? I know. Lets all focus on this, not destruction. picture a better world, it is all we have. THE LAW OF ATTRACTION PEOPLE! LETS HARNESS IT TOGETHER! Just think, a better world. no more nuclear bombs! LETS DISARM THEM< No more gas! no more oil!!! Lets live the natural way. we can all do something to make our economic footprint on this Earth smaller than it is, do not buy useless things that just get tossed, even try not to use baby wipes as much. try not to leave the faucet running, conserve water. even if it is a small step, just try and do one thing at least! If something does go down, we should come together, not against one another for what we got. maybe we should set up a community thing and we should all get together during this week, just in case. We would be stronger as a unit. Because the people out there that do not care will be bad…..shoot someone for toilet paper. Marshall Law will be in forced. You already know the gangs will take over in the urban areas. They are smart in a way, they are already together!!!!! This whole thngs sucks. I am a mother of two small children. I have bad dreams ,,,they all tell me to save food and I have survival dreams, In my dreams I have two small kids I am alone and I am hiding and trying to keep my kids alive. Very scary. I know if I was alone I would be all set. Can you imagine how I feel? it sucks. My daughter will be 7 my son will be 2! In 2012…….SO LETS HOPE FOR A NEW BEGINNING! NOT DEATH AND DESTRUCTION. HASN'T THIS EARTH STARTED OVER LIKE TIMES??? it could very well be a new beginning but with us? or another race of people?? AHHHHH!!!!!! THIS SUCKS!!!!!!

  211. It is suppose to say….hasn’t this world started over like 4 times?
    And I like the comments before mine, you are very very right….just live good, no killing, no bad stuff. lets all be family.

  212. Woman US President prophecy update!

    In a clear indication that Sarah Palin intends to run for president and fulfill the long awaited prophecy, she answered to Barbara Walters that she(Palin) could beat Obama.
    Stay tuned because this prophecy, the election of a beautiful woman that will become the most powerful person in the world(and the most powerful woman in history), is going to be fulfilled!

  213. I do agree with on almost everything accept one thing… If u are interested in his predictions the world is not gonna end in 2012. New era will start on that day… And he mentioned a woman president taking us to a war not man!

  214. Also according to the bible no one not even angels know the actual date of the end… Only god!!! Ppl are so afraid they think everything is the end… I remember year 2000 when ppl thought that would be the end and nothing happened…1989 nasterdamus prediction which ppl thought was the end but was begining of global warming!!!!

  215. I agree with Larry Clarke. The lack of good English and proper spelling reinforces that the commentary is drivel. Concerning the comment that Nostradamus is a Satanist – well, this is a narrow-minded ignorant statement. Nostradamus spend most of his life trying to better humanity. He saved thousands of lives as a medical healer, using sterile medical tools and ignoring the blood-letting practice of physicians of his day. His quatrains were basically a warning for humanity to mind its ways. Read the book “The Nostradamus Seed: The Descendant” coming out in bookstores around the country in Febuary for some great insight.

  216. Get the book, “The Nostradamus Seed: The Descendant”, published by Strategic Books. It will be coming out in bookstores in February. It will enlighgten a lot of you with its research and story. It is a cross-genre novel that is a fun read too. It goes like this:

    French astrophysicist Pierre Damus travels the world on a mission to expose two powerful secret societies before they can set off a global apocalypse. With the help of an unusual private investigator, a beautiful university student, a psychic night auditor, and mysterious spiritual avatars he proceeds on his mission.

    Damus, a direct descendent of Nostradamus, bewilders everyone he encounters with his mental powers as he gathers proof for his mission, revealing answers to mysteries that have befuddled mankind for centuries. Dodging assassins throughout his journey, the story of the Nostradamus Seed becomes an inspirational testament to our humanity.

  217. I cannot believe how people still believe that the Bible is real. ITS NOT!!!! It was written by dozens of different MEN and WOMEN over hundreds of years and then translated a dozen different times by MEN and WOMEN, its not even the same writing anymore, So where in the HELL does the word of God come from??????Answer me this you morons.

    1. That is the power of speaking in tongues and the gift of interpretation, both of which you apparently have underlooked.

  218. Just a couple of thoughts…1. when a large portion of the content of a comment includes the f–k word or h–l or d–n it shows the illiteracy of the contributor and, for me, pretty much invalidates whatever he/she has said. 2. When simple words are misspelled…like ‘stil’ instead of ‘still’- same thing. 3. Unless a contributor is a prophet him/her-self, the comment made is pure conjecture, because nobody knows of future events except the prophets. 4. In accordance with #4. I would begin to look for a person or an organization who has or claims to have a or various ‘prophets’ and pay attention to their instruction and advice for each of us in the future. 4. Nostradamus, the Mayans, the Aztecs and any other person/people who have lived on this earth who predict that certain events will occur in the future are beneficial to me in that they remind me that maybe I need to prepare myself better for the future. Physically, spiritually, emotionally…you name it.

  219. i believe that 2012 is the end of “life as we no it” not the literal meaning of life. what i mean is a change in life, meaning a cataclismic event such as nucular war or destruction in some other way could take away the life you live today and the things you do. anything along those lines sounds resonable to happen going along with Nostradarum’s recent predictions becoming somewhat true, which we cannot argue against, coincidence or not.

  220. i just simply think that were bringing the world down and after december 21 at 11 am 2012 its not that the world is ending because thats where the calendar ends but its saying its in our hands now to write the next chapter and if we want to see writing on that page then we have to do something about it. we, are own people are going to end the world ourselves if we dont start taking care of the place that allowes us to live. global warming our fault causeing natural disasters but also becuase of us not taking care of our planet.we as people start having to make healthy choices or were going to destroy everything we ever worked for since jesus times. its either a new page to the next chapter wriiten by us giving it something new and fresh or the beginning of the end. just maybe alittle warning if we dont change then maybe theres nothing to write anymore. did we come as far as we could go or is there no more nothing can change as of this point. we have been told everything and we end up on the oppisit side and ignoring all the hints and it got us nowhere thats the blank page.and it got us nowhere because religion and because of that it wont ever work out. middle east,jews,catholics,all of them with out religion no battles in history would have happend and ones that r ging on now. dont think it make sence but it does. without so much faith we probably as a world could have came up with our faith of life and humanity. we destroyed our world with alot.

  221. to much thoughts on this i think that didnt make any sence. sorry guys about my lieracy. i just start typing what im thinking.

  222. i hope the world doesnt end at all i wanna live my life and grow up…..im only 12….and i dont wanna die:( ………imma cry but i dont think it will happen they said the same thing about the world ending in 1999 but it never happend…..im just tryin to do a research project….u wanna make me cry?…..i just hope it dosent happen

  223. Embrace the world if it does end 2012, the sooner the better, the earth has cancer and it is called humanity. WE as people take from it, but what do we give back? AZQA

  224. I’m just so afraid for my kids… What will they have? I am grown, but they are just starting life. I believe in God and I believe that something is going to happen, I can feel it don’t know what it is icould be the start of trials and tribulations or If China will attach or if the other things mentioned will happen. I do know it’s something …deep down something keeps telling me to be ready, be ready to run and hide.

  225. Well, how come you guys who believe in Nostradamus, think that the world will end in 2012 while his predictions are not done yet by Muslim controlling invasion ? To people who don’t believe in his expectations, how everything he said took place in the world before and still till now and on ???!!! notice : this guy is not a prophet, he is just some guy found some old books which where stolen from either Baghdad or Andalusia and wrote it down over but with deep thinking, gained a lot from his death prediction which was set up to prove to the world that all his predictions not somebody else, he didn’t write any sources on his book as an evidence, yet still an intelligent man in dark ages though !!!

  226. The only thing I want to say is…this website provides information for all, it’s up to the reader to believe or not, each to their own, but please writer, I ask you to be MINDFUL of the children (under 18yrs) who can get on this website and read your posts, they are getting scared and frightful.
    I suggest you add to your website a provision where upon entering it, readers must click ’18 years and over’ to be able to continue or something like that.

  227. you guys all make me laugh, you believe in this so called future teller, but cant believe in an all mighty God? you believe that he just could tell the future? and he knew exactly when it was going to end ? it makes me laugh, and i can see how hurt god would feel knowing you would believe in a man telling us when were going to end and not when god says

    1. God showed Nostradamus the future and instructed him to write it down for all man to see. Just like god instructed Noah to biuld the ark.

  228. okay so wait? I’m reading all the things everyone has said. What about the dawn of a new age? Age of Aquarius? I dont think we are going to die. In a literal sense 2012. And uh,… Why does Nostradamus have to be Satanic? Yes, to say you believe in the devil would mean that u believe in God all my little atheists out there. Also, why couldn’t he just be a messenger sent here to warn us? Such as the coming of a savior was. Jesus(if u believe) was spoken of before he actually arrived. People are naturally inclined with these gift, prophecies and such. Clear ur mind and freakin transcend.(The Beatles). We live in a world in which everything coincides. True about the solar flare. You never get to see it coming you just get to see it go. Yea and why are people so credible today with the things they forsee like(solar flares) because they have technology? The Mayan and Aztec civilizations had no technology and yet we built a basis of time and calenders from their teachings. Come on ppl. Get it together. Nobody knows anything for sure. Only that death is certain. Go with wat u know. And stop buying this BS they selling you. Waisting ur money.

  229. Woman US President Prophecy Update!

    Sarah Palin has just hired a Chief of Staff. Another big hint she intends to run for president. No private citizen with no intentions to run for president would hire a political campaigns veteran as her “Chief of Staff”.

    The prophecies of a woman the most powerful person in the world getting closer to be fulfilled!

  230. ive read all these coments, most of you are concerned who will be in charge of the usa…..there wont be any life form on earth to take charge of,, the myans, greeks, nostadamus and everyone inbetween has the same set date..dec 21 2012.. the world as we know it is different.so are you 3hours in the sun. multiply that by a solar flare,3d form,SPIRITS,GHOSTS,that is what human life is transformed to when we die… killing the ozone is killing the earth.. why cant the earth split in half. there is enouth nuclar posion to cover the earth.What happened to the dinosaurs. What disease is burried under the ice.. it doesnt matter how I (maybe even you) look at it the earth will end …. PS do you think richard bransan smiles because he is RICH or because he is rich enouth to build a SPACE SHIP and watch the BIG SHOW FROM ABOVE.. non god normal ozy guy.

  231. You guys should read the bible & stop believing in predictions from nostradamus, for all i care as long as you read the bible you’re on the right path…

  232. Assasination attempts on four leaders in progress and fullfilled prophecies. Lech Kaczinski dead

    Baba Vanga prophet

    Hamas leader Mahmúd al-Mabhouh killed in Dubai on January 19, 2010 (assasination)

    Polish leader Lech Kaczynski dead – April 10, 2010 (under suspicious circumstances)
    Prophecy made in 1980 : At the turn of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water, and the whole world will be weeping over it. Kursk was the Russian nuclear submarine K-141, it sank in the barents sea on August 12th 2000, the Nato name was Oscar II.

    Prophecy made in 1989 : “Horror, horror”! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing. On 9/11 or September 11, 2001 planes hit the World Trade Center.
    List of upcoming Baba Vanga predictions

    2008 – Assassination attempts on four heads of states. Conflict in Indonesia. That becomes one of the causes for the start of WWIII.

    2010 – The start of WWIII. The war will begin in November of 2010 and will end in October of 2014. Will start as a normal war, then will include usage of nuclear and chemical weapons.

    2011 – Due to the radioactive showers in Northern Hemisphere – no animals or plants will be left. Muslims will begin chemical war against Europeans who are still alive.

    2014 – Most of the people in this world will have skin cancer and skin related diseases. (as a result of chemical wars).

    2016 – Europe is almost empty

    2018 – China becomes the new world power.

    2023 – Earth’s orbit will change slightly

    2025 – Europe is still barely populated

    2028 – Development of a new energy source. (Probably controller thermonuclear reaction) Hunger slowly stops being a problem. Piloted spaceship to Venus deploys.

    2033 – Polar ice caps melt. World ocean levels rise.

    2043 – World economy is prosperous. Muslims are running Europe.

    2046 – Any organs can be mass produced. Exchange of body organs becomes the favorite method of treatment.

    2066 – During it’s attack on Rome (which is under control of the Muslims) U.S.A. uses a new method of weapons – has to do with climate change. Sharp freezing.

    2076 – No class society (communism)

    2084 – The rebirth of the nature.

    2088 – New disease. – People are getting old in few seconds.

    2097 – This disease is cured.
    Baba Vanga’s predictions for years 22nd century

    2100 – Man made Sun is lighting up the dark side of the planet Earth.

    2111 – People become robots.

    2123 – Wars between small countries. Big countries don’t get evolved.

    2125 – In Hungary the signals from Space are received. (People will be reminded of Vanga again)

    2130 – Colonies under water (advices from aliens)

    2154 – Animals become half-humans.

    2167 – New religion

    2170 – Big drought.

    2183 – Collony on Mars becomes nuclear nation and is asking for independence from the Earth. (same way as U.S. did from England)

    2187 – Successfully two volcano eruptions are stopped.

    2195 – Sea colonies are fully supplied with energy and food.

    2196 – Full mixture between Asians and Europeans.

    2201 – Thermonuclear reactions on the Sun slow down. Temperatures Drop.

    2221 – In the search of Alien life, human beings engage with something very freighting.

    2256 – Spaceship brings a freighting new disease into Earth.

    2262 – Orbits of planets start to change progressively. Mars is under a threat of being hit by a comet.

    2271 – Physic properties are calculated over, since they changed.

    2273 – Mix of yellow, white, and black race. New race.

    2279 – Energy out of nothing (probably from vacuum or black holes)

    2288 – Travel through time. New contacts with the aliens.

    2291 – Sun cools. Attempts to fire it up again are taken.

    2296 – Bright flashes on the Sun. Force of gravity changes. Old space stations and satellites begin to fall

    2299 – In France, there is a partisan uprising against Islam.

    2302 – New important new laws and mysteries about the universe are uncovered.

    2304 – The mystery of the Moon is uncovered.

    2341 – Something frightening is closing in with Earth from the space.

    2354 – Accident on one of the man made suns, will result in drought.

    2371 – Mighty hunger.

    2378 – New and fast growing race.

    2480 – Two man made suns will collide. Earth is in the dark.

    3005 – War on Mars. Trajectory of planets changes.

    3010 – Comet will ram into the Moon. Around Earth there is a belt of rocks and dust.
    Ultimate end of the world in 3797?

    3797 – By this time, everything living on Earth dies. But Baba Vanga predicts, humans are able to put in the essentials for the beginning of a new life in a new star system.
    Fabz ..

  233. Assasination attempts on four leaders in progress and fullfilled prophecies. Lech Kaczinski dead

    Baba Vanga prophet

    Hamas leader Mahmúd al-Mabhouh killed in Dubai on January 19, 2010 (assasination)

    Polish leader Lech Kaczynski dead – April 10, 2010 (under suspicious circumstances)
    Prophecy made in 1980 : At the turn of the century, in August of 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be covered with water, and the whole world will be weeping over it. Kursk was the Russian nuclear submarine K-141, it sank in the barents sea on August 12th 2000, the Nato name was Oscar II.

    Prophecy made in 1989 : “Horror, horror”! The American brethren will fall after being attacked by the steel birds. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing. On 9/11 or September 11, 2001 planes hit the World Trade Center.
    List of upcoming Baba Vanga predictions

    2008 – Assassination attempts on four heads of states. Conflict in Indonesia. That becomes one of the causes for the start of WWIII.

    2010 – The start of WWIII. The war will begin in November of 2010 and will end in October of 2014. Will start as a normal war, then will include usage of nuclear and chemical weapons.

    2011 – Due to the radioactive showers in Northern Hemisphere – no animals or plants will be left. Muslims will begin chemical war against Europeans who are still alive.

    2014 – Most of the people in this world will have skin cancer and skin related diseases. (as a result of chemical wars).

    2016 – Europe is almost empty

    2018 – China becomes the new world power.

    2023 – Earth’s orbit will change slightly

    2025 – Europe is still barely populated

    2028 – Development of a new energy source. (Probably controller thermonuclear reaction) Hunger slowly stops being a problem. Piloted spaceship to Venus deploys.

    2033 – Polar ice caps melt. World ocean levels rise.

    2043 – World economy is prosperous. Muslims are running Europe.

    2046 – Any organs can be mass produced. Exchange of body organs becomes the favorite method of treatment.

    2066 – During it’s attack on Rome (which is under control of the Muslims) U.S.A. uses a new method of weapons – has to do with climate change. Sharp freezing.

    2076 – No class society (communism)

    2084 – The rebirth of the nature.

    2088 – New disease. – People are getting old in few seconds.

    2097 – This disease is cured.
    Baba Vanga’s predictions for years 22nd century

    2100 – Man made Sun is lighting up the dark side of the planet Earth.

    2111 – People become robots.

    2123 – Wars between small countries. Big countries don’t get evolved.

    2125 – In Hungary the signals from Space are received. (People will be reminded of Vanga again)

    2130 – Colonies under water (advices from aliens)

    2154 – Animals become half-humans.

    2167 – New religion

    2170 – Big drought.

    2183 – Collony on Mars becomes nuclear nation and is asking for independence from the Earth. (same way as U.S. did from England)

    2187 – Successfully two volcano eruptions are stopped.

    2195 – Sea colonies are fully supplied with energy and food.

    2196 – Full mixture between Asians and Europeans.

    2201 – Thermonuclear reactions on the Sun slow down. Temperatures Drop.

    2221 – In the search of Alien life, human beings engage with something very freighting.

    2256 – Spaceship brings a freighting new disease into Earth.

    2262 – Orbits of planets start to change progressively. Mars is under a threat of being hit by a comet.

    2271 – Physic properties are calculated over, since they changed.

    2273 – Mix of yellow, white, and black race. New race.

    2279 – Energy out of nothing (probably from vacuum or black holes)

    2288 – Travel through time. New contacts with the aliens.

    2291 – Sun cools. Attempts to fire it up again are taken.

    2296 – Bright flashes on the Sun. Force of gravity changes. Old space stations and satellites begin to fall

    2299 – In France, there is a partisan uprising against Islam.

    2302 – New important new laws and mysteries about the universe are uncovered.

    2304 – The mystery of the Moon is uncovered.

    2341 – Something frightening is closing in with Earth from the space.

    2354 – Accident on one of the man made suns, will result in drought.

    2371 – Mighty hunger.

    2378 – New and fast growing race.

    2480 – Two man made suns will collide. Earth is in the dark.

    3005 – War on Mars. Trajectory of planets changes.

    3010 – Comet will ram into the Moon. Around Earth there is a belt of rocks and dust.
    Ultimate end of the world in 3797?

    3797 – By this time, everything living on Earth dies. But Baba Vanga predicts, humans are able to put in the essentials for the beginning of a new life in a new star system.
    Fabz ..

      1. Pay attention to prophecies and you will see the signs. Nostradamus, Pastor Branham, Edgar Cage, Bay Side, Lourdes, Fatima, etc.

  234. I will comment on 22nd DEC 2010 . if i am unable to comment or u r unable to read my comment …we will know the truth anyhow. why worry now ?

  235. The History channel has been saying all of this too.I think it’s nonsense. So what if a calender ends on 2012. They ran out of space, who knows. What I do know is that I have 100% faith in God,ONLY GOD KNOWS what is going to happen and his followers are on the right path. Have faith in God and do not worry. As long as you believe and have faith,there is NOTHING TO FEAR!!!!

  236. if you follow or listen to what we know about a person who has been correct on his perdictions then once ww3 is over the world is supossed to know peace of 1000 years

  237. I have always believed in these types of predictions and BLIEVE IN GOD more than that. The way all this stuff is happening (Earth quakes, crime everywhere, politics and so much…it is the proof that world will end eventually BUT not completely. Everyone has to die one day for sure then why not die together…
    I just want to share this why I mention crime : The culture I am from had always taught that respect the earth wherever you live…There was a time when people use to think that earth is a mother for all of us because she gives us place where we can grow a food for us, drink water, live…All the facilities that are important for one person to live and people (in old era) use to have respect, trust, care and love for each other…less crime. Now…everything is with money.
    I not sure who will agree with this, but it is true. Thanks 

  238. okaay ; so im only 17 years old and in year 11. i may not know much but this is what i think.

    i am christian myself and i dont believe in Nostradamus’ predictions very much at all. they are mere coincidences. and the world will most likely not end in 2012 as predicted as God is the only one who shall know when it is to happen, not even the angels know. Now Nostradamus predicted many things like the world wars and the assassination of JFK, but who are we to say that Nostradamus had a leaker. someone possibly in his family who were to take this information with them and to pass it along the generations?
    i dont know for sure, but there are definitely predictions furthan in life than 2012.
    Obama, as many people have been commenting, may be the anti-christ, but he may also be the deliverer of evil. if in the 2012 elections, obama was to lose to palin, most of the world and his supporters will get very upset.
    and the WWIII predictions. i have seen 2 different ones now. With the Christians and the Muslims, that they would fight and countries would be torn apart. and secondly that Isral and America would go to war because of indifferences.
    And as for this huge ball of fire from the sun. what about us humans and the ozone layer? we are destroying it more and more each day. and this is no doubt the cause of all the natural disasters lately.
    the floods in Australia,the earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan, the tsunamis all over the world from the past few years. as well as the prediction of the birds and fish falling out of the sky, being a sign of the end of the world?
    you could place it all together if you would wish to, but in my mind, God ha done this all for a purpose. to see who would believe in him and his word. trust in him that you would be safe.
    or go ahead and believe that Obama may be the coming satan? that he has come to destroy our world.?

    i may not know much but it all fits together in some places.
    and dont leave hate ❤

  239. Woman US president prophesy update!

    Is Sarah Palin’s trip to India and Israel when a “super moon” phenomenum is expected to occur(19 March 2011) a sign that in fact this young lady is on her path to become the most powerful woman(moon) in history?

    1. Carmelo,
      I like what you are trying to do. You are doing a study of some sort on the behavior of others by your posts. Good job getting your data.

      1. Now there is Michelle Bachmann, a congresswoman from Minnesota with no executive experience, foreign travel or qualifications to be president attempting to lure Palin supporters is running for president!

  240. Religeous people called christ the devil (they did this because he didn’t fit their idea of a saviour). Today they call obama the antichrist. Anyone who wants to do good is shot down in flames. Anyone who wants to do evil is often exonerated. Satan was an angel of light, very beautiful. Everything was very ‘right’ about him, but, he ended up being the most evil creature ever created. The antichrist will be very beautiful, enticing, emmiting words that please all, pleasant to the eyes.
    This is the work of babylon and the antichrist (for by their deeds we shall know them),they come as angels of light (nothing dark about them at first appearences) but they decieve, they steal, they take and they destroy. They bring good but they also bring evil. Most countries that have ever existed in the world are and have been like ‘beasts’ including some of the greatest countries existing in the world today. Their primary policy is ‘economic rationalism’ (people are secondary to money). They devour (destroy)much flesh. Try not paying your mortgage and see if they still love you.
    People today look for a saviour, but no saviour will be given from among men or women because no one is capable. Not obama, not sarah palin, not hitler, or, mahutma gandi, or, micky mouse, or superman, or batman. The antichrist (when he comes) may appear to have some answers, and, perhaps many of us will be entranced by his wisdom and beauty, but, once again we’ll all be suckers for what is pleasing to the eyes, soothing to the ears and easy on our pockets.
    I believe that all people and all religeons have some truth, however, i believe that not one of us has the entire Truth. None of us should deliberately attempt to decieve others, or, to harm others for not believing what we do. All of us should be slow to speak quick to listen.
    I saw a saying written in a paper the other day, perhaps we should carry it with us always. It said this,
    “Don’t look down on anyone unless your trying to help them up”.
    No, it wasn’t written in any religeous book, but, it could have been. And we don’t have to be religeous to do the right thing. Many wars have been fought in the name of a religeon. If any of us believe in anything then let us believe in the santity of life.
    So what if we’re wrong; big disaster. Do we still have our lives? Is there still a roof over our heads and food on our tables. Do our children still laugh. Do we no longer have to send our sons and daughters off to die in foreign lands? etc, etc.
    To all those in favour of Peace; I pay homage to you, for, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called sons of God” Matt. 5 v 9. (sorry for quoting so much of the bible but it does have some great ideas and sayings in it).

  241. I just want to notify the bible spewing ignoramuses out there that nowhere did anyone say and or prove that Nostradamus was a satanist. Secondly the bible can not be trusted. If you must put your trust in some religious book put it in the Torah. The bible has been smeared and tainted so badly over the years it’s hard to distinguish religion from propaganda and lies.

  242. I just want to make sure everyone knows the facts about 2012. All the planets will align. This hasn’t happened for over 500 million years. The notion is that the earth will change its axis. If it does than there can be a huge problem with major disasters. This will happen, it is coming. We just don’t know what will happen.

  243. I am a spiritual person and believe in a god, not a religion. I do have some questions about the bible, like Noah’s Ark. First, how did he get all the animals around the world to one spot in weeks. That means that animals only native to America would have to swim the Atlantic to get to the ark. Second, in those times they thought the earth was flat. The earth wasn’t known to be round for hundreds of years after, so when they say the earth was flooded, to them a 1000 miles was the earth. Now I do not ever say anything bad about a religion and it is wrong to do so. I just haven’t picked one because how do you know which one is correct. I do not want to get to heaven and then be told, oops you picked the wrong one. I believe in science and spirituality. And if anyone thinks that I am a hippie liberal, think again. I am more of a conservative Republican than anyone on this site. I just believe I need to do the right things in life and I hope to be rewarded, it can’t hurt to believe. Just don’t push beliefs on me.

    1. You write that there is something special in 2012 about planets and 500M years, yet can’t figure out Noah and the Ark. (Christ and His Church)

      The Brahm’s 3rd Symphony is going to be played in 2012 on April 29th.

      1. Christ’s Angel,
        Do you believe in global warming? Because if you do, then you are believing in mans honesty. I just can’t figure it out, that’s all. Man is human and wrote the bible. I never said the bible is phony, just that the history of man has not always been honest about history. If you believe in the bible, why not the Koran? It was written by prophets, supposedly. Or how about the Book of Mormon? I just stated that those two things do not make sense. The only way you can answer me is by stating, because God said so in the bible. Well I have said many things also, would you believe everything I have said not knowing who I really am. Try not to be so narrow minded when having a debate, this is why I have questions because no one has a definitive answer that they can say, see here it is other than what a human said at one moment in history. This is also why people have a problem with Christianity, because people like you have no intelligent answers. Just because you say something doesn’t make me say okay that makes sense, it just makes me ask more questions about the faith. I still believe in God, just have many questions that, you, with your last answer can’t be civil. When your religion says to “walk in the spirit” Gelatine 5:22-26. See I have read it twice from cover to cover. How about you?

      2. By the way, if the planets do align as predicted, it will be by God’s hand. So why be against it? Can’t do anything about it. Why the hate when talking about planets and space? I didn’t say anything about Nostradamus, or astrology.

      3. Where I’ve been living, global warming is rather obvious. The Holy Bible substantiates this. (Both the Koran and Book of Mormon are related to the Holy Bible).

        I don’t agree with your assessment of hatred in my reply to what you wrote, though I’ll admit to having seen quite a fill of things relating to the Mayan calendar ending (which even to the Mayans is also a beginning of another cycle). It really doesn’t make sense for one to consider science and then ignore Theology.

        The difference in interpolation of your example, viz. you and God, is that I saw Jesus Christ, face-to-face. It is sin which obscures our vision. It was Christ who brought me back. The “Constitution on Divine Revelation” instructs that private revelation needn’t be believed, but public revelation must be believed. The sending of Christ’s angel is public revelation, “Elias indeed comes first”. That’s the bottom line.

        St. Thomas Aquinas, to many the greatest theologian, wrote in response to refutes of the tenets of Christianity, “I say . . .” Even if we don’t believe, the Holy Spirit gives witness to Jesus Christ, who was raised from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit. All sciences, excluding Theology, cannot explain this, but Theology, when included, explains it better.

  244. Christ’s Angel,
    That sounds just like what the wacko’s said to me from the Westboro Baptist Church. Are you a part of that church? Weird, so do you hate soldiers and wish they would die? So if a science agrees with you then it is a good science? I brought up the other books because they do in a sense involve the bible. Joseph, the Mormon, is a christian. The Koran is the exact opposite of the bible, so it does in a sense have something to do with your beliefs. Read them both before acting so ignorant, if I had an enemy I would want to learn more about them so I could protect myself better. You have to be one of the craziest religious people I have ever met. By the way, Global Warming was proven to untrue. Bible was wrong again. And were you are living, why it is hot is because you live in hell. It seems like I am your only friend, so I will stop responding so that you may leave us people that are in the real world alone.

    1. The only thing I have seen about Westboro, if my memory serves me correct, is a prophetess attempting to rebuke evils of civil authority while an interviewer was rude and abrasive.

      Sounds to me like you’re in Texas. I actually think it a great evil that children of the States were sent to the war in Iraq. For all the destruction from 9/11, the devastation was only multiplied.

      But, Apple7, whom I’ve met on the net does an excellent job of interpreting and teaching the Koran, and as I understand it, he is from Texas, as well. Every one should famaliarize themselves with such teaching.

      Theology contains strong support for the other sciences in such a verse as “Try me in this.” – a virtual invitation to apply the scientific method.

      Why would I have soldiers and wish them death?

  245. Woman US president propheecy update:

    Michelle Bachmann, the 2 and a half(5 years) congresswoman from Minnesota is on the verge to officilally throw herself into the 2012 presidential race.
    It looks like Bachmann wants to get some attention for herself and cut into Sarah Palin’s appeal with conservatives.

    These are interesting events as Bachmann is not considered a serious contender with no executive experience and lack of national and international expossure.

    It could be a fight of two women for the GOP presidential nomination: a true and solid conservative woman(Palin) and a last minute spoiler(Bachmann).

    The gloves will come out in the next 4 months!

  246. mabus=OBA(MA) +(B)ARAK + H(US)SEIN the words in braces clearly spells mabus. Why do you think in slow motion?



    ANTI CHRIST…………WHO THE F@*K IS HE/SHE????????………..








  248. Apparently, Obama will come into contact with an anti-Christ, somehow plunging us all into war. If this is going to happen, I am not looking forward to it.

    “Donald Trump”

    is gonna run for president

  249. jefff,

    Thank you……..but no i looked at it and it just the same shite trying to get us to believe something different yet again………..there is no truth on anything its what we are told and what is dictated to us to Make us believe in what ever that we are told…..think about it……if we are not told anything and just live our lives and believe in what we see,feel,smell & touch would that not make more sense than reading what we cannot see!….and that to me is reality not all this that is drummed into our mind in a sense like brainwashing…..but each to there own…:)

  250. I think the world will end cuz it isnt a coincidents that Nostradamus and the Mayans and the Aztects said the same thing but the world ended before and Noah saved the world and started the world all over again and the same thing will happen in 2012

  251. coincidence…hmmmm 2021 i think not…..meaning that two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance of it happening……please…..there is no such thing as coincidence.

  252. coincidence…hmmmm 2012 i think not…..meaning that two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance of it happening……please…..there is no such thing as coincidence.

  253. Really! coincidence…hmmmm 2012 i think not…..meaning that two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance of it happening……please…..there is no such thing as coincidence.

  254. I have actually spent a lot of time researching his predictions, and never once saw him predict the end coming in 2012. Although some of his predictions were right, many were wrong as well. As far as the “end” goes, I saw a prediction of his stating it would happen in 2070 after the end of world war 3. It also says “the angels come down and mate with humans to create a super race”, which has been interpreted as aliens.

    1. Then it shouldn’t be too hard for you to cite which quatrains from which books you have ascertained such conclusion. Would you mind sharing that information?

  255. Why the hell did the United States published such fake pictures of dead body of asama in the internet?

  256. Gabriella,
    I suggest you keep your day job for a while. I make a prediction: your “writing” won’t get you anywhere. I can promise you that with certainty. Sorry, the truth hurts.

  257. Just wait:
    “a beautiful woman “rising in great power in America”…
    It won’t be the shrivelling dumb Bachman or the moose hunter.
    Just wait until Kate Middleton makes her first official trip to the US, or her sister Pippa… that’ll be the end of male power in this land…. Hahahahahahah echoes…..

  258. I notice that some people really get upset about this prediction on this blog. On the other hand, I don’t believe any of the end. First, if you are a person who is a Judeo-Christian you must obey what Yeshua taught and one of the things he taught is “rumors of war and the end,” but ONLY the FATHER knows the end of his body. The earth is part of the Creator Universal’s body. Just like we are the insects that colonize and create pollen for it. Yes, the world is moving and causing so many earthquakes, hurricanes, and other turmoils, but, we cannot predict that the world will end in 2012. However, I do believe by researching that Obama was predicted and he is evil, he is part of Roman 1 verse 26-32 that warn “the elected body” of G-d to watch for. He will try to change the values of the world. Imagine a President having a Transgender summit. Imagine a President allowing the teaching of condoms to first graders. Imagine a President to lust after his own sex when he was young. He is not clean but he is what darkness has brought because of what we reaped and sowed. The “elected body” of who is of clean mind is watching this man and fighting him with Trumpets by blogging, by educating and by alerting others to his deceit. Hopefully, in 2012, the trumpet will be so loud that even the supposed capture of Bin Laden will not stop the children of G-d to remove him from our whitehouse.

  259. Myself and many others I know have had paranormal experiences in our lives. So what Im saying is there is life after death and everyone has a soul. So maybe nostradmus was able to unlock a part of the mind to see through time as we see it. My opinion is Obama was amazing when he ran but I thought to myself this either will be great or all bullshit. I mean really what has really changed? I thought at least something would have been completed by now.

  260. I admit that a lot of Nostradamus’ predictions have come to pass, but no one knows when the world will end, but the maker of all things. Not even the angels, nor the Son, but just the Father knows.

  261. I don’t think anyone has realised yet that everyone started on about this 2012 crap since the film: IT’S OBVIOUSLY A PUBLICITY STUNT! People have claimed that Nostradamus has predicted the end of the world at least twice in MY life time. And the whole thing with the Mayans and the Aztecs…the calenders are based on circular motions and circles are infinite; there is no beginning or end to a circle so therefore there is no end to their calenders. The world will move into a new chapter in its life, as we all do at some point.
    I believe the only time to worry is when the Temple on the Mount is destroyed and King Solomons Temple is re-built. There may be an Anti-Christ. The only ways the world will end are:
    1. The Yellowstone super volcano erupts.
    2. The asteroid known as DA 1954 hits the earth (it’s about 6 kilometers in diameter)
    3. Through our own stupidity and ignorance.
    People shouldn’t use Nostradamus’ name to predict their own “predictions”. It’s dishonourable.

  262. p.s the whole thing about Obama meeting the Anti Christ is a load of bull, loads of people considered Osama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein to be the Anti Christ: not much chance of them all meeting NOW is there?

  263. We all have strong views on Race, religion and politics. These views have causes so may wars and hatred in our world. If we were all honest with each other then we would admit that GREED is what blinds us all. The almighty Dollar and the need to own everything to gain ultimate power. If all the world leaders were to lead by example and share knowledge and help one another in times of need, the world would certainly be a way better place to live in. The middle east have the oil.,China has an army of 2 million troops, Japan have the technology, Russia and USA have space covered. the list goes on… Imagine if they all put their heads together and worked as a team, the possibilities would be endless. There would be no poverty, No third world countries, and no war!! I think Nostradamus is telling us all to change our mindset and ultimitley to change our ways as the world will come to an end if we continue to mistreat it and each other the way we do. I think John Lennon had a perfect view of the world when he wrote the song ‘Imagine’. There will always be people out there filled with hate for themselves and other races. If we make them the minority and the rest of us who give a damn were the majority, the world would be a amazing place to live in.

      1. How easy to rise to righteous anger with such a topic.Perhaps it is appropriate to note that it seems we have always had such evil people within our community. As a society we have developed laws to combat this for known offences. Which is perhaps just as well for anger has a way of making otherwise reasonable people into judge and jury and on that alter the chances of innocent people being hurt is more like;y than actually getting to the perpetrator. such laws are there to protect the righteous in such times from striking out in their grief. Perhaps the anger evoked would help to achieve better outcomes if it were part of a constructive motion to make bodies, churches, institutions, companies etc accountable. That clergy are in some places at law excluded from being able to be prosecuted. This when coupled with a systemic and institutionalized denial and avoidance of responsibility by them for heinous actions is a compounding of the betrayal those entrusted to guard us have so often and for too long wrecked upon humanity.The Irish have gone through this and the result has been a botched up job where the perpetrators were more than willing to admit their crimes to the inquiry for it had no ability to prosecute and all information given could not at law be submitted in any subsequent proceeding. Result not a single member of the clergy has ever been held accountable at law in Ireland. The righteous anger spoken of earlier was very much present in Ireland. IT DID NOT HELP. In Victoria Australia moves are underway to bring in new laws that will prevent clergy from being at law exempt from prosecution and to make it a crime to withhold knowledge of such crimes from authorities. To hark back to the spiritual component of the umbrage mentioned. Cars have never killed anyone. Right? If you did not use the car it is perfectly safe. It is always the loose nut behind the wheel that is the problem! I would suggest it is similar with religion. Love one another is betrayed by those who have other agendas. There is a famous story of a commander in one of the world wars who told some one to get the message back of “Send reinforcements we are going to advance” by the time it got back the message received actually was ” Send three and four pence we are going to a dance” As it seems so often even when the message is good there are messengers who rise to the challenge and manage to stuff it up. I look at my garden and see not all things are going as i would have expected. I tend the garden and it responds to my love by getting better. Even if nobody tells you or you hear the wrong messengers it does not change the fact that you are loved,so be at peace with what you can manage even if it seems so little. We will overcome as long as we do NOT let the evil people destroy the love within ourselves! Love conquers all, Luke. . .

  264. Ye of little faith… and even smaller understanding, No the world is not going to end.in dec 2012. The myan calendar stopped abruptly for 2 reasons, 1: at the end of a invasion upon the myan people only 30-100 odd myans actually survived their race was practically wiped out , 2: the wall /stone they were making the calendar on simp;y ran out of space .
    The reason God cant / Dont intervene If you read the Bible you would know … it a battle for the human soul, it was agreed between God an Satan, Satan would have 1000 yrs to roam the earth,to trick, deceive, lie,to the human race in what ever way he could, tossing blame onto God, / we blame god for letting bad stuff happen thus loosing our faith in god. When really it Satan, .God cant intervene YET, not till judgement day , the day we account for our FREE WILL, who did we really choose who did we really follow on earth to get to heaven ? …

  265. how many people have been killed in the name of GOD millions ! America has that bunch of RATBAGS that picket Funerals of slain troops also calling nations FAG nations .If that is what god isall about then deal me out ! Im an AUSSIE and proud of it So to all you Bible Bashers Look back in history and ask your self is religion that good? ROB

  266. I’ve read many of the prophecies as well and it saddens me that the world could end, but life is all about perspective. I think December 21, 2012 is the Rapture happens and life here on earth ends for those who believe. This is followed by the arrival of the anti-Christ, the mark of the Beast, the Tribulation, Armageddon and finally 1000 of peace.

    Last night I went to a seminar with a former Muslim who came to America for Jihead. He said the Muslims are completing mosques and/or Islam Centers every 5.5 days in America. We think these are religious centers, but these mosques and centers are Parliaments of Islam. Their are 9 million Muslims in America now and they plan to start their war against us in 2013 and completely conquer America by 2020. Seven years – seven years of Tribulation. Just a thought, but thanks for sharing you insights with us.

  267. After the Killing of Osama Bin Laden on May 2, most of the political analysts are unanimous in their opinion that Barack Obama has a much better chance to win the second term. But, I am now of the opinion that Obama needs a much better safety measures. On January 1, 2011 I wrote in my blog:-
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  268. instead of fretting about the future, live your the present to the fullest..
    stop cribbing over 2012.. first let 2011 get over… who knows.. these predictions were done by humans…and humans make mistakes…how much ever great they are…well of course even iam scared about the end and stuff…but first live today and thank god for that day and pray for the next…..and not ..ohh plssss save me.!! save me!!!